In game of errors, Rams beat Redskins

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Two good young quarterbacks played good games on Sunday in St. Louis, but the Rams’ 31-28 win over the Redskins will be remembered more for mental errors.

Redskins rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III had another strong outing in his second professional start, and the Rams’ Sam Bradford was even better. And yet neither Griffin nor Bradford was the story of this game.

No, the story was that after Griffin hit receiver Josh Morgan with less than two minutes left to get the Redskins into range for a game-tying field goal, Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan pushed Morgan, Morgan responded by throwing the ball at Finnegan, and the officials flagged Morgan (but not Finnegan) for unsportsmanlike conduct, moving the Redskins back 15 yards. Instead of a 47-yard game-tying field goal attempt, the Redskins had a 62-yard game-tying field goal attempt, and it was no good.

There were plenty of other mental mistakes before that. Rams running back Steven Jackson was benched by head coach Jeff Fisher after he picked up a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct policy stemming from Jackson spiking the ball in frustration when he thought he had scored a touchdown but the officials ruled he hadn’t. Rookie Daryl Richardson came on in Jackson’s place and played very well, at least until late in the game, when Redskins linebacker London Fletcher knocked the ball out of Richardson’s hand while Richardson was attempting to run out the clock.

Morgan deserved his unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, but what has to be frustrating for the Redskins is how many times throughout the game players on both teams were getting away with pushing and shoving and not getting flagged. Morgan got flagged at the worst possible time.

And that overshadowed a 300-yard passing game for Bradford, who calmly and effectively ran the offense, and led the Rams to their first win under Fisher. The Rams played well, but this game will be remembered mostly for the fact that neither team played smart.

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  1. It’s just one game. 14 more to go. We’ll be fine. Haters can celebrate the night away though…this will only make RGIII stronger and the Redskins will still win the NFC East and go to the playoffs.

    PS : Leave Josh Morgan in St.Louis…I never want to see him play with my team ever again.

  2. voiceofreason: how does the best team in the history of the world lose to the Rams?

    Cue the excuses:
    The sun was in their eyes
    The dog ate their playbook
    They thought it was preseason

  3. That was a dumb play by Josh Morgan.Why would you throw the football at someone when the ref is standing right in front of you ?Just because they are replacement refs does not mean that they will take it easy one you.

  4. Rams deserved the win, there is no doubt, but the Chuck Cecil influence on their defense is noticeable. Rams are dirty, but it worked for them today.

    Griffin had his share of rookie moments today, but the kid continues to look like the real deal. As a Skins fan I am still on cloud nine.

    Josh Morgan needs to be cut. No room for a player who is weak mentally. Let that tool Finnegan bait him into a 15 yard penalty.

    Scab Refs were horrible. Lost control of this game from the moment it started.

  5. The Lions win over the ‘lowly’ Rams looks a bit better now! After watching them last week, I thought they’d win some games this year! Bradford took a beating last week and kept getting up. Tough kid, great coach, and awesome future! Oh, and I think St. Louis is fine with Bradford over RG3, especially with all thoe picks coming too. They kinda just helped improve their own pick next year, heh?

  6. How about that Voiceofreason? Your sorry Skins got beaten by the Rams. You can blame the refs all you want but good teams overcome adversity to win.

    I can’t wait until RG3 gets to come play the Eagles defense it’s going to be a real fun thing to see. Their defense is for real and Ryans, DRC, and Nate Allen all have been spectacular and that’s not even mentioning the D-Line.

  7. Unacceptable Morgan, what a joke. I would fire you and send a message to you and all other numb skull, selfish players. Your team lost because of you. Dumb ass.

  8. Stephen Jackson, THE St Louis Ram who has wasted his brilliant career on some of the worst teams in history gets benched for spiking the ball out of anger on a bad call?…………………FOR THE ENTIRE GAME?

    That’s ridiculous to do that to Jackson, absolutely insane.

    1 series benched, maybe, but the rest of the game?

    Serves you right Fisher for that rookie coughing it up almost costing you the game so you can prove a point to a guy that doesn’t need an example made out of him.

  9. If the Redskins ever want to contend, they would cut Morgan. He’s as expendable as they come and cutting him sets an example for Robinson and Hankerson. Morgan’s “talent” doesn’t outweigh his stupidity.

  10. Another game in which the replacement officials are challenged by players who take cheap illegal shots after the whistle. These officials are afraid to make a mistake most of the time and generally call offsetting fouls. In this case they miss the first punch and basically get the call wrong. The officials need to take control of these games in the first quarter and let players know that they will be tossed. Once that happens we will see a lot less shoving and punching after the play is completed.

  11. How was there no flag for hitting a defenseless receiver on the next-to-last skin’s drive? Almost as bad as missing the blindside block near the end of the Seahawk/Cowboy game. Replacements are terrible.

  12. You guys that are complaining about the “replacement” refs are not seeing the same games that I am.. Poor calls never happened last year. Right?

  13. Two mental mistakes – by Shanahan and Morgan cost the ‘Skins this game, which in any case the Rams deserved to win.

  14. The refs took two TDs away from the Rams on bad calls, the second of which led to Jackson’s unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, which took him out of the game. The Rams were getting the worse end of the deal throughout the game until the end when they got away with a cheap shot on Fletcher.

    As far as the game-changing play went, Finnegan pushed Morgan like both teams had been doing all game. So there should have been no call on him (unless they were calling that stuff consistently through the whole game, and they weren’t). Morgan’s unsportsmanlike conduct was warranted because throwing a football at someone will get you a flag 10 times out of 10.

    Both teams played dirty, the officials were terrible, but in the end, the team that played better won the game…

  15. Within field goal range? This is Billy Cundiff we’re talking about…47 yes is an adventure for him, nowhere near a lock. Of course, idiot play by Morgan made it a non-factor…

  16. Morgan really screwed us. How are you gonna throw the ball in the defenders face when we just got 2nd and 1 on a game winning drive? It just boggles the mind. Next week we come home though. RGIII is still a stud and a playmaker. Morgan should be cut but we won’t since we lack the depth.

  17. The fact that coaches can’t challenge a turnover is a stupid rule. If the automatic booth review is missing incorrect calls there has to be a way to force them to actually go under the hood and fix the error.

  18. This game was lost when Shanahan called a timeout on a Rams missed FG. They then turned around and made it. That’s the difference in this game. Morgan was an idiot, but he didn’t cost them the game.

  19. Seen the Rams twice now and they look much improved. Hope they have a decent season for a change. They’ve got talent.

  20. If you are going to keep your flags in your pocket after watching the dirty play from the Rams the entire game. You cant start pulling them out when the other team starts to retaliate. 0 penalty flags on the rams in the second half speaks volumes. I was on the replacement refs bandwagon until I watched this game.

  21. Loved this game – I called it for the Rams and specifically as a 3-pt loss due to Cundiff missing the FG – though, admittedly I didn’t expect it to be a 62-yd attempt, but I suspect he would have missed at 47 yards too.

  22. Let’s see, let’s talk about Jackson’s TD that didn’t count cause the ref screwed it up, and the late hit call on rgtrece that would of been 4th down. Say what u want Rams overcame what they normally make excuses for. And there D, call them dirty, I don’t care. They are hitting and scrapy as hell. We haven’t had that for at least a decade. Loving Fishes Rams!!!!!!!!!

  23. If Morgan was going to get a 15 yard penalty anyway, he should have gone ahead and given that punk Finnegan a Andre Johnson-style beatdown. Seriously, that’s what Cortland does…cheap-shots and pushes all game long to bait opponents. So, if you’re going to retaliate…do it up right.

  24. Two young teams developing their persona.

    Redskins need to revamp their punt team. Never seen a team have a punt blocked two weeks.

    Never seen so many penalties on a Shanahan coached team. Two weeks in a row with double digit penalties. Not a very disaplined team thus far.

    RG III by all accounts is special. Great trade for both teams.

  25. I’m not surprised by this game. I’m partial to the Skins, but this was not a great matchup for the Skins. The Rams defense is … almost underrated. There’s a lot of talent on that defense, with a strong DL, good, athletic LB’s, and 2 CB’s with good talent.

    The question was whether or not the Rams offense could do enough, and Brian Schotteinheimer came up with a great gameplan that took advantage of the Skins one area of concern on that defense – their secondary. They did quick passes to lessen the chance of the Skins pressure working.

    The Refs were bad in this game. Just brutal. This should be Exhibit A for why they need the full-time refs back. But at the end of the day, give the Rams credit. Excellent gameplan, and enough execution.

  26. I’m going to remember the game more for the awful officiating than I am those few mistakes. The play that SJax spiked the ball and got benched for the remainder of the game WAS a touchdown and it wasn’t called one. However, because it was a potential scoring play, it couldn’t be challenged by Fisher and had to be challenged from the booth but it wasnt.

    P.S., it shows how comfortable Fisher is that no matter what he won’t be fired. I don’t think any other coach besides maybe BB or the Harbough’s would’ve benched their best player for the entire game in the first quarter.

  27. As bad as the refs were, as bad as the pushing and shoving was, the Skins lost this game and there really isnt an excuse needed. They didnt get crushed, and St. Louis has shown in 2 weeks they are not last years team. Nearly beating Detroit in Detroit and now beating a solid Skins team. But no, we wont make the playoffs and if your expecting that your most likely gonna be disappointed. Or you can do what we do and just enjoy the Skins for what they are, a 7-9 to 8-8 team.

  28. What josh Morgan did was very stupid and cost his team to potentially tie or chance to win. Reality is the skins are not gonna cut him, emotions were running high for both teams and sometimes it get the best of you. Let’s not forget, a lot of players done stupid things that may have cost their teams to lose, doesn’t always lead to releases unless they continue to repeat their mistakes. What I’ll do if I was the skins, bench Morgan the next game and hope he’ll learn.learn to control his temper

  29. This game was terribly officiated on both sides. Rams came out on top. Thats the bottom line

    You can’t deny RGIII is a beast though. As advertised.


  30. Worst called game I ever saw, that goes for both teams. We really need the real refs back soon.
    Both teams played hard. Bradford played great, and like wethog66 said I’m still on cloud nine that we have RGIII.

    On a side note,
    I love all my fellow skins fans, no matter what size bus they ride, but voiceofreason has been mentioned more then RGIII of Bradford so far…
    Their something to be said about that.

  31. here’s the deal…

    you can’t trust the guy (morgan) on the football field… so he can’t be on the field for you. period.

    is his talent irreplaceable?… no… he’s not ochocinco, T.O., randy moss, or desean jackson… that kind of talent, you take the good with the bad… no, this is josh morgan… journeyman receiver, and now we know why…

    cut by tuesday…send the message…this is not the old redskins shanny.

  32. I never considered the Rams a cheap and dirty team, but that game was ridiculous. Rams got away with a lot of unsportsmanlike like conduct violations, like the hit on RG3 out of bounds while calling Fletcher for forcing Amindola out of bounds. It’s sad went ever the local Fox crew is wondering why calls are not being made. Refs were horrible, Morgan needs to be cut, and Finnigan is a punk but we all knew that already.

  33. Fisher didn’t just bench Jackson due to behavior. He pulled a hamstring. And it WAS a TD. Best team won today. You never know who’s gonna show up to play.

  34. Aldrick Robinson your lucky I’m not Mike Shanahan, I would’ve walked on the field and cut you right there after that perfect pass you dropped. Griffin showed his accuratcy and arm strength off. It’s ok Morgan, it was a chippy game and the refs were ridiculous. No excuses, Rams played good though.

  35. Just wait til the Skins get home. 1-1 start on the road is a good start which was the expectation for this team albeit in reverse order. The plan is go 4-4 on the road and 6-2 at home. Still on track. HTTR!!

  36. RG3 played very well, wasn’t his fault the Skins lost. Skins offense looked good except for that dropped bomb by Robinson. Not having Garcon or Orakpo (for 2nd half) didn’t help. Skins D-line and linebackers played well, the secondary was garbage. Lucky win for the Rams. Redskins will rebound strong, I’m not worried. Playoff team if the secondary can improve.

  37. whattherockiscookin says:
    Sep 16, 2012 7:42 PM
    The Deadskins got their kandy a$$es handed to them. IF you smell whet the rock is cookin.

     Hey DUANE, (I can’t even type that without laughing) Hulk Hogan is looking for you. Says he is gonna kick your steroid depleted testicles up into your neck like dice in a yahtzee cup.
    The Claim

  38. A Redskin loss can not be blamed on Josh Morgan ball flip or Al Robinson dropping a ball that hit him right on his sternum! Jim Haslett’s inability to adjust his defense absolutely cost Redskins the game. You rush four men max, have your DBs give 10 and 12 yard cushions, play a prevent type D pretty much the entire game, against a Ram O-line with a starter and a half playing,protecting a stationary pocket passer, and you don’t ramp up blitz packages? Haslett’s totally stunad. That’s why Bradford looked like VanBrocklin and Warner…ZERO pressure. D coordinators will send every one at Bradford rest of year knowing he wont have time to go over top of defense.You give up 31 pts to the Rams offense? Rams wont see 30 pts again all year.

  39. A 62 yd field goal on 4th and 15 Shanahan? Better odds to see if RG3 can create n make something happen. Rams on field fake tough guy iimmaturity(Fisher,Cecil,Finnegan) will cost them games later

  40. First off, great and exciting game from both teams. I haven’t felt this type of excitement in a log time for my skins. STL has a solid team…when their healthy. I wouldn’t look pass any team this year. There are 3 things that lost this game for the skins.

    1. Defense. Skins were ahead by 2 positions and gave up deep passes in the secondary (it felt funny.. typing that). Get it together please.

    2. Rocca…2 games already.His performance is unacceptable.

    3. Josh Morgan…bonehead rookie move.

  41. People can try to blame bad officiating and stupid mistakes by coaches etc for the Skins lost but it jut comes down to one rreally stupid mistake and that was throwing the football at a player because he shoved you. I have been a redskins fan since the days of Sonny Jergenson. I’ve seen them come and go but RGIII had brought back some of the spark of years past and you have a Receiver make such a stupid mistake and cause everything that RGIII did today to be nullified. I would hate to be Number 15 on that plane ride home.

  42. Sam Bradford — playing with a Rams team not even half as good as Washington’s — thoroughly outplayed the RGIII Public Relations Super Duper Hype Machine™.

    Any QB in football could look good against the sorry Rams defense.

    Really, the desperate need to anoint this guy in Washington as the second coming is really getting ridiculous.

  43. Im impressed with the Rams and 2nd runner up the Rookie of the year Rg3, Luck is gonna win it hands down!!!!!!!

  44. I am a Redskins fan, here are my thoughts.

    1. Griffin had a good game, he isn’t going to have the same game as Week 1 every week. He is a rookie, and I thought that he still played with great poise. This really gives us something to look forward to.

    2. Bradford had a great game, he found what worked against the defense and used it well against the Skins.

    3. The officiating was bad, but it was bad for both sides. More to the point, it wasn’t what cost the Redskins the game. They should’ve controlled the game better, however they didn’t. That being stated, I think that each week they are improving in certain places. There was complaints last year about bad officiating. They aren’t better than the regs, however both make mistakes. Hopefully the issue gets resolved and I would like to see some of the replacements stay and get put into some of the reg crews so that we have better refs over all.

    4. Something needs to be done with Morgan, I like him as a receiver but that particular penalty was horrible. Those things happen, but when the game is on the line you have to look past them. I don’t know the best penalty, but something needs to be done.

    5. So the Skins lost the game, we lost 11 last year, so what. We are building towards something better, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Let’s keep working and we will improve, but for today “Good Job, Rams!”, we will see you next year.

  45. No question RG3 is the real deal. This loss was not on him. It should show the Nutcase Nation that this is a Team game. Usually not won or lost by 1 player. Morgan didnt lose the game. There were several plays thoughout the game that determined the outcome. Get used to it as it will happen again. Its called football.

  46. “Just one game”???

    Well that “just one game” might have cost you Carricker for the year and maybe Orakpo for most of it.

    Take a look at their remaining schedule… brutal. Turns out the win over the Saints wasn’t as hot (after they got dominated by Carolina) only to turn around and get outplayed by the Rams.

  47. Worst officiating in the history of the NFL. 2 ST. Louis touchdowns not allowed nor reviewed. The play prior to Jackson being given an “unsportsmanlike” penalty was a Rams TD.

    RGIII is just a poor man’s version of Michael Vick.

    Rams’ defense was vastly improved over prior years. Redskins started the game “chippy” and paid for it.

    This Rams team is much improved and is going to cause some problems for other teams.

  48. Man this thread is rife with stupidity from both sets of fans.

    1. SJ’s left elbow was down long before he reached out with the ball for the endzone. It was most definitely NOT a touchdown…go actually watch it on slow mo. The refs got that call absolutely correct.

    2. Josh Morgan in no way shape or form lost that game. Haslett’s inability to use press coverage or bump a 175lb 5’8″ kid at the line is what killed this team. The TOP tells you all you need to know. Also Finnegan hit JM in the head and got his fingers in Morgan’s facemask when they were standing up, Morgan’s response although illegal was absolutely consistent with the cheap shot by Finnegan (who also should have been called for at least 3 other late hit/unsportsmanlike conducts in the game).

    3. I’ve never seen so many uncalled holding calls in one game in my life. A couple of Washington’s big plays should have been nullified and on Bradford’s TD bomb Kerrigan was absolutely mauled on the key block that protected Bradford. No holding and SB goes down in a heap with a loss instead of the TD.

    Oh and Bradford thoroughly outplayed RG3? Hah! Pass me some of what you were on during the game. RG3 had 2 passing, 2 running TD’s, was as dynamic and clutch as last week and was one dropped Robinson pass away from beating the Rams. Bradford had a nice game and is a fine QB but the Redskins made out like bandits in that trade. The Rams should have asked for more. This kid is legit.

  49. There were alot of missed calls on both sides.

    However, the penalties did not cost the Redskins the game.

    Yes, they missed the defenseless receiver call for Davis, yes they missed the late hit on Fletcher, and yes they missed alot of calls on Finnegan. And they really blew that late hit by Fletcher call.

    However, the also missed the late on Griffin out of bounds, they took away 2 touchdowns from the Rams, that reception in the 1st was a TD.

    Both teams got jobbed, the key element that the replacements need to remember is to control the game, the player conduct on both sides was ridiculous, sooner or later it was going to bite a team and unfortunately it bit the Skins.

    Something to think about when bashing the replacements. The more you bash them, the longer it will take to get rid of them. The regular refs aren’t smart enough to realize that this doesn’t give them leverage. The NFL won’t deal from a position of weakness, they were willing to play chicken for a season with the players, who are almost as important as the owners. What chance do the refs have? Especially when they are busy criticizing the replacements BUT REFUSE to allow an evaluation system to be put in place for themselves.

  50. I am a fan of neither team and will give you my unbiased opinion:

    Morgan is a moron. Finnegan gave him a nudge but it wasn’t blatant and is the kind you see on 80% of NFL plays. I think Morgan was more upset with the foolish decision to cut back and around and got stuffed when he already had been at the 1st down line, than he was Finnegan’s push. For him to make that stupid of a decision to throw the ball at Finnegan right in front of the ref, at that point in the game, is inexcusable.

    I agree with the opions above that he should be cut to set an example for a young team.

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