Jim Harbaugh says Lions are a “chippy bunch” and a “late-hit bunch”

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While the two men engaged in a forced-smile video-op before the game, tension remains between 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

Harbaugh told Michele Tafoya of Sunday Night Football that the Lions are a “chippy bunch” and a “late-hit bunch.”

Per Tafoya, Harbaugh has warned his team to keep their heads on a swivel and not retaliate.

It’s easier said than done, especially with the replacement officials apparently allowing guys to be a little chippier than usual.

Or, as the case may be, a lot.

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  1. Last night, I was stuck listening to a woman who…just..would…not…stop…talking. I almost used a line from “Crossing Delancey” that would apply to both her and Coach Harbaugh–

    “Give your tongue a rest, your mouth will thank you.”

  2. When he played I thought Harbaugh was an arrogant a-hole. Now as a coach he is an even bigger arrogant A-hole.

  3. Harbaugh is a whiner …niners should change their colors from red and gold to pink n gold w hairball wearing a skirt

  4. Wow! This guy is the undisputed biggest punk in the league. All players and coaches included.
    I can’t wait to see the Lions serve these clowns so we can all watch him throw one of his famous little girl temper tantrums.
    It’s on. Niners are doomed. Go Lions!!!

  5. Go figure. The guy cries all week about the media fabricating stories, then the first chance he gets to say something where he doesn’t have to worry about the other team putting it on the bulletin board, and he jumps at it. Let the Bonehead Bowl commence!

  6. Lions barely win again the rams, so they will probally beat the niners. Problem is they will still have the most overrated QB in the league which will always make inconsistent, and unable to win it all.

  7. Sounds like harbaugh will be on the sidelines looking like my 6 year old daughter when she didnt get her easy bake oven again.

  8. So are the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks.

    Anyone catch these games today? They were CONSTANTLY giving their opponents the business. The Rams got the better of Morgan who popped up off the ground and threw the ball at one of their Defenders.

    Jennings I think it was gave one of our guys the biz right in front of the Refs.

    This is my only issue with Replacement Refs. Players intentionally push to see where the Refs will make the right call. I think the League should be fining this extracurricular activity. If you start it and get away with it on the field, you should see a Fed Ex Envelope in your locker with a fine for every exchange that you were a part of. This should happen whether or not there are Replacement officials. It’s straight up Punk to take cheap shots at Players regardless of how little the offense is.

  9. Where is voiceofreason/hulkhogan now…we know your just waiting to troll on the niners site but are probably to busy crying after the lambs beat your rookie savior..looser….

  10. And Schwartz says Harbaugh is whiny and something that rhymes with itchy.

    Mind you, its not as if Harbaugh is wrong in his comments.

  11. Harbaugh is doing a good job to get haters on him even though he’s not the one that’s playing the game. Keep up the good work coach, stay competitive and tough.

  12. And it isn’t like Harbaugh was lying anyway. Lions have a reputation of playing dirty. Schwartz himself has even endorsed it as “better than losing”

  13. Niners played great – we got spanked. But this comment by Harbaugh was pretty low-class and lame.

    Was it just me, or did the refs really stink in this game? It went both ways – both teams dealt with the same poor officiating missing calls and making errors. Can’t blame the Lions loss on the refs, but I think its important to note that they were spectacularly bad.

    The biggest screwup was probably when they gave the Niners an extra play after the end of the first quarter. Smith and Stafford both took hits after they slid.

    When both teams are dealing with the same idiots it’s basically fair, but I’d rather have the real refs back on the field.

  14. its hard to be humble when all i hear from lions fan are excuses and talking smack…the first win against the lions felt good, but this second win against the lion feels 100 times better hahaha…GO NINERS!!!

  15. Look everyone can say what they want this was a greatgame. Between 2 playoffteams and it lk ed like it ..this was a grind it out smash mouth game…but i thought Stafford was very shakey

  16. The 49ers should have won. The Lions didn’t have their two best running backs and their whole starting secondary is out hurt. AND the 49ers were playing at home. But the Lions made a game of it. I thought Hairbough was going to cry when the Lions had a shot at the onside kick at the end of the game. He was so scared I think he shat his pants.

  17. Harbaugh saying lions were a tough physical football team and crediting individual players was suprising but classy and handshake was classy by both coaches but this game could have went Lions way in second quarter..i thought Alex smith took the next step

  18. Alex Boon an undrafted free agent kicked Endomican Suh’s (the league’s dirtiest player) ass all night long. What could Harbaugh be talking about, maybe a stomp to the throat after the play.

  19. Harbaugh called it right.. And the fact that the refs let the lions get away with so much is very frustrating.. The PI in the 1st qt, the pick play on brown they did in the last drive that gave them a 50 yard play.. the late hit on smith when he was sliding.. i could go on and on.. the refs are horrible!

  20. mjkelly77 says: Sep 17, 2012 12:24 AM

    The 49ers should have won. The Lions didn’t have their two best running backs and their whole starting secondary is out hurt. AND the 49ers were playing at home. But the Lions made a game of it. I thought Hairbough was going to cry when the Lions had a shot at the onside kick at the end of the game. He was so scared I think he shat his pants.
    1. We beat the Lions in Detroit last year. That’s no excuse.
    2. If I’m not mistaking but isn’t Kevin Smith the best RB you have? I certainly didn’t see anyone else in that backfield put up the numbers he did towards the end of last year.
    3. Just like last week…the Niners had the lead the whole game.

    Your secondary is banged up but that’s what depth is for

  21. The Lions are lucky this game was played at Candlestick, where the 49ers have a tendency to get complacent behind the home crowd.

    If this game was played in Detroit, San Francisco would have won by three touchdowns. Woe to Minnesota next weekend.

  22. Everybody wishes they had Harbaugh as a coach. He turned the Niners into a top team and the kids he recruited at Stanford best USC on Saturday.

  23. mblade says:
    Sep 16, 2012 11:41 PM
    Niners won of course and Alex Smith played great. Sorry you haters.
    Wow, the word “great” sure gets thrown around easily nowadays.

    Honestly, 20/31 226 yards 2 TD’s 0 Int’s is a “great” game to you?

  24. It doesn’t look like the excuses were necessary (to 1st poster).
    Detroit has several years to go until the Matt Millen cancer is completely in remission.

  25. He’s done a heck of a job turning that team around, but it sure is hard to cheer for a guy that takes complaining and whining to a whole new level.

  26. Has anyone informed Harbaugh that he’s in the NFL?? That’s NFL football. But then again, he was a QB so I’m sure he’s still used to being a pansy.

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