NFLPA still concerned about replacement officials


Though the NFL likely will continue to circle the wagons, more arrows are flying toward the Conestogas.

Apart from high-profile players like Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco pointing out the deficiencies of the replacement officials, the NFL Players Association remains concerned about the quality of the officiating, both as it relates to the integrity of the game and the health and safety of the players.

An NFLPA source tells PFT that the union noticed “a lot more pushing and shoving and the play,” and that in the assessment of the union the officials “almost lost control of a few games today.”

The union, we’re told, has asked the individual player representatives to provide a brief report regarding the performance of the replacements, including any obvious health and safety issues.

The NFLPA previously asked for comprehensive background information regarding the replacements.  They’ve received some information, and the union is in the process of digesting it.

“To us,” the source said, “this is still about a basic and dangerous union-busting agenda.  They are hurting the game and hurting the NFL brand, in our view.”

More and more players and fans seem to be sharing that view.  But the wagons keep on circling.

53 responses to “NFLPA still concerned about replacement officials

  1. I am totally shocked at this revelation. The so called regular officials never made any errors. Right…

  2. Well if the NFLPA wanted to help the union refs maybe honoring their picket line and not playing would have settled this thing !

  3. Officiating is about more than getting calls right. You have to keep the peace and keep rhythm in the game. These guys struggle at both. Basic calls take three times as long to announce and walk off. In depth calls…who knows! Hope they get this figured out…the real NFL officials certainly miss calls too, but they always keep flow to the game.

  4. Eagles ravens game was gettin testy but it was far from out of control. Do you really think the union would say anything nice about the replacements that are taking over their own jobs?

  5. The NFLPA should be worried cause these guys are making too many BIG MISTAKES an they are shaping the playoffs now.. The Best football teams are not nessasarily winning these games cause LIKE IT OR NOT THE REPLACEMENT REFS ARE HURTING THE GAME. The fans know the game better than these guys

  6. It is getting worse. The players are getting frustrated and it is getting very chippy in all games. The replacements cannot control the game. It is too fast for them and they look lost.

  7. Of course the fake refs are causing an issue. It’s not their fault. They have no experience at this level at all – it’s an entire set of rookie officials. What do you expect?

    But to many people who comment on PFT, the fight about the refs is just a proxy war for the political issue of unions versus management. This is why some people will never admit how badly the replacement refs stink. They are part of a union and therefore they should be put in their place, no matter what the consequences are to the quality of the game of football.

    I could care less about the politics and the union stuff. But it’s so clear that something’s gotta give here. If you honestly think the replacement refs are doing a good job, you probably either are related to them or you work for Goodell. It’s pathetic.

  8. Sounds like the NFLPA needs to control their players better. I mean, to have a self-fulfilling prophecy by having players pushing and shoving during the game, then complaining about pushing and shoving…

  9. Several missed/poor calls by Replacement Refs at today’s Titans @ Chargers game. Charger player runs into Titans punter (slightly, no ball) and nothing is called. Charger receiver catches ball in end zone, ruling on field is Incomplete, which forces Norv to throw Challenge flag (calling it a touchdown means auto-review). Receiver had hand under ball, still ruled incomplete. Very late flag thrown for P.I. on uncatchable ball (overruled). Ref’s out of position when punt goes out of bounds, had to guess on where to spot the ball (more than once).

  10. I hope the “real” referees, if they ever return, get this much coverage and scrutiny for all their mistakes.

  11. The reality is, more and more fans are not sharing Florio’s view. While Mike uses nice wordplay about circling the wagons, I don’t see an increase in the amount of fans concerned with the replacement’s performance. His sources are from the NFLPA, which has already weighed in on the side of the old officials. Pushing and shoving isn’t anything a few more flags won’t calm down. Of course there will be mistakes, but it has been nowhere near the level needed to give the old officials any significant leverage against the league. Week by week, we, the fans, get used to the new officials.

  12. An NFLPA source tells PFT that the union noticed “a lot more pushing and shoving”

    Maybe they can just tell their members to stop pushing and shoving.

  13. the Refs were TERRIBLE today…. crazy bad…

    Refs will be the headline tomorrow… and not in a good way

  14. Stop it. It is one union looking out for another, that’s all. If they are so worried about player safety, they should make sure their members aren’t using the situation to hurt other members of their union.

  15. The biggest issue is that the calls are inconsistent. The players are used to the way the officials have called the games for years, and now they are being called differently.

  16. More and more players and fans seem to be sharing that view. But the wagons keep on circling.


    Which fans are you talking to because none of the fans in my area share that view?

    Also, do any of the group which “share your view” have a practical solution to the perceived problem besides unconditional surrender by the NFL?

    Players like Jared Allen dislike the new refs because in his own words regarding the old refs :
    “I think I’ve got a rapport with the other refs. They might have given me some leniency and let me get away with a tight call.”

    They miss getting the star treatment, special consideration.

  17. SCABS They are SCABS plain and simple. Look in Webster. This type of labor movement is driving wages even lower. It’s happening to all pay scales high and low. Your job could be next.

  18. While the entire Redskins Rams game was completely out of control, and all those scab refs should be dismissed immediately, the uncalled helmet to helmet from Janoris Jenkins on Fred Davis was totally unacceptable. If you want to turn the NFL into the XFL, that’s your decision, I’m not in charge here, just don’t expect me to watch.

    To be fair, it was similarly unacceptable for the Redskins training staff not to sit him after the hit, he almost too concussed to walk, let alone play.

  19. I plead that both sides come into some sort of agreement before someone gets hurt. Players, coaches and fans are putting way too much on these officials. No matter what they call its disputing the flow of the game. Bad call NFL, get the real refs back ASAP!

  20. while i believe they need to get the regulars back itd kind of a hypocritical statement for the nflpa when its there members that are doing the post play pushing and shoving

  21. Commissioner Roger Goodell is a puppet of the owners, when the owners have a response to ‘integrity of the game” he will release a memo, that’s all for now.

  22. Outside of the rare penalty flag to the eye, officials do not endanger the safety of players…other players do. If they notice ““a lot more pushing and shoving …” the NFLPA’s beef is with its own membership and not the officials. The union’s complaint is purely about the perception of union busting and has nothing to do with the integrity of the game or safety concerns.

  23. You people that bad mouth unions really have no clue! None at all! How, as an everyday hard working American( sounds like an oxymoron I know) can side with a billion dollar business baffles the hell outta me. Just like working on a construction site on a prevailing wage job listening to how happy the non union guys are that they are making that money. The only reason you scabs are making that money is because of unions, don’t you get it?? Everyone better start opening there eyes, unions set the pay scale!! So the more you drones keep voting in money hungry people who want the unions gone, the more everyday hard working americans will suffer! People need to start opening there eyes and see what is truly happening!! You can’t spell scab without abc!

  24. The refs ruined a dramatic Pats/Cards finish with a phantom holding call.

    Not being bitter (because Gostkowski should have made that kick)…..but just as a casual fan that call caused the game to go from a nailbiter, with the Cards getting the ball back, down 5, with more than a minute on the clock to being a clock draining last minute FG attempt game.

  25. @onecoolrdrfan:

    I couldn’t agree more. This is little more than a union-busting maneuver that is damaging the integrity of the game. And why is the NFL taking a hard-line stance against the unionized refs? Because they want to bust the union – there is no other way to plausibly interpret what is going on.

  26. @ianwetpantscom:

    You are very correct. Paul Tagliabue had the cajones to stand up to the owners on issues where he felt they were being selfish or short-sighted. Goodell care more about his image in the public eye and his standing with the owners than he does about the game he is supposedly running.

  27. This is not politics people. Its ok to want the refs back for the good of the game. You will not have to turn in your sheet or repub card for doing so.

  28. The games are taking longer, the after whistle nonsense is getting out of hand. Blown calls all over the place. These guys are hurting the game period, not their fault, but let’s get the real refs back and soon! I like that they are letting them play a bit more on pass interference, but these guys dont even know the stupid rules!!! Its infuriating. They are influencing outcomes. Sick of it. If you did not watch the Ravens-Eagles or Redskins-Rams, then shut up!!

  29. Jwreck obviously didn’t really the Jenkins hit on Fred Davis because it was all shoulder. In a play like that, Jenkins only other option is to let Davis catch the ball and run by him. If that shoulder hit is outlawed, the NFL might as well close up ahoy or go to flag football rules.

  30. ghjjf says: Sep 16, 2012 8:15 PM

    I hope the “real” referees, if they ever return, get this much coverage and scrutiny for all their mistakes.

    They always have. They just weren’t as plentiful as these HACKS.

  31. Keep the replacement refs! They are doing no better or worse than the regular refs. Who really cares anyway? How soon we forget all the terrible calls the regular refs make week to week.

  32. “To us,” the source said, “this is still about a basic and dangerous union-busting agenda. They are hurting the game and hurting the NFL brand, in our view.”

    More and more players and fans seem to be sharing that view.

    Miscreant players who would be in prison if they weren’t playing in the NFL are hurting the NFL brand more than anything. The new referees aren’t hurting the NFL. I’d just as soon have the greedy part-timers stay home permanently with their day jobs.

  33. In all the football I’ve watched (which has been non-stop, from 10:00 am to 8:30 pm), rarely did more than ten minutes go by without an officiating gaffe (manyof which were also noticed by the commentators). The Rams game was particularly atrocious. On back to back second-quarter runs by Steven Jackson, the refs ruled a clear down by contact a fumble (it was challenged an overturned), and then a touchdown a non-touchdown (this one was not challenged and the Rams settled for 3 instad of what should have been 7). Then, with the Redskins down by two points late in the fourth quarter, a defensless Fred Davis was just killed by Rams DB Jonoris Jenkins, forcing a drop on a RG3 pass attempt. This should have been 15-year pass interference penalty. But the refs somehow missed it, and Washinton punted two plays later. I also witnessed Santonio Holmes draw a phantom 19-yard PI on Ike Taylor in the fourth quarter on the Jets-Steelers game. The botched call didn’t lead to any points, and the Steelers won the game easily, but I’m still interested in knowing what exactly prompted the official to throw his flag since Taylor’s coverage was picture perfect. Aside from the particularly egrigous calls (which have run rampant all throughout the league), the replacement refs seem to be taking an inordinant amount of time between whistles, thus needlessly prolonging games that already last for over three hours.

    For a second straight year, Roger Goodell has compromised the integrity of the game by failing to resolve a labor dispute in a timely manner. Does the NFL lose? No, their ratings will almost certainly be unaffected. Do the players lose? No, they’ll draw their checks regardless of the quality of the officiating. It’s the fans who lose. The product we’re getting is not all that it should be and Goodell, the sanctimonious bastard, is to blame.

  34. Fact is Goodell cannot be trusted with anything. All refs make mistakes but there are so many mistakes now, it is hurting the game. It all goes back to Goodell.

  35. These officials call what they see, why is it Flacco and the Ravens ALWAYS cry foul when they lose. All teams are getting the same officiating it all evens out. Yes, as fans when a call goes against our team we always say no way but even the standard officials caused this.

  36. All of these people bashing the NFL and loving up unions is om with me. I think unions are a good thing. But when people start saying uniom busting is the “only plausible explanation” as to why there isnt a deal done, think again. You cant generalize big business and union busting, it IS ok to look at it with an open mind. Even though i like unions, im with the NFL. The NFL offered a 5-7% pay raise, which is fair, maybe more than fair considering these people make a hundred thousand dollars for very part time work. More important, the refs refuse to accept a deal with performance evaluations, and will not accept a deal unless they cannot be demoted or fired for performance issues. So, if the NFL just “caves” like so many want them to do, the refs can be as good or as bad as they want to be, and never face consequences for it. If you owned a business and during an interview, someone said “if hired, i dont want to be subject to discipline issues because of performance. Only tardies and absenses.” Would you hire a person that basically wants a job where as long as they show up on time, they can do whatever they want and you cant fire them? I know i wouldnt hire anyone like that. Maybe you would, but not me.

  37. Janoris Jenkins hit was pass interference says one of you and an helmet to helmet says another. Are you kidding me, first of all he didn’t hit him until after Davis caught the ball so there is no PI. Secondly, it wasn’t helmet to helmet nor did he hit him in the helmet. Youtube it and see, this was one of the few calls the refs didn’t blow.

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