Ravens pulled plug on Flacco talks in training camp

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Coach John Harbaugh joked that the Ravens said the team should “pay the man” after Joe Flacco torched the Bengals on Monday night.  As it turns out, the Ravens turned off the talks during training camp.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team tabled the talks several weeks ago.

Agent Joe Linta told PFT earlier this week that Flacco isn’t troubled by the non-talks, but that Flacco hasn’t ordered Linta to pull the plug on talks.  Instead, Linta is ready to talk whenever the Ravens are ready to talk.

But the Ravens apparently aren’t ready to talk, and they may not be ready to talk for a while.

That favors Flacco, if he keeps playing like he did in Week One.

8 responses to “Ravens pulled plug on Flacco talks in training camp

  1. And soon the plug will be pulled on this mediocre defense. Vick gonna put a hurting on the ratbirds! Flacco back to reality today. This isnt the bengals defense this week!

  2. @steelersownyou:

    Maybe you should worry about your own team. Although, by wk 10 or 12, rooting against other teams might be all you have left.

  3. Oh yeah, right. Let me go change my underwear. Ater watching the Eagles against the almighty Browns you have nothing to be bragging on yet.

  4. The Ravens saw what they needed to see in training camp and did not need to negotiate. They decided they would use the franchise tag at the end of the 2012 season. The first game against the Bengals confirmed they made the right choice and will not affect Flaco’s motivation to continue to play at a high level throughout this season. Is it cheap to just allow him to play under his rookie deal and limit costs with the franchise tag? Yes, but that is business.

  5. @steelersownyou, isn’t there a Steelers vs. Jets thread somewhere you should be trolling? Sometimes I feel the Steeler’s fans care more about the Ravens losing than their own team winning.

    Flacco will get his when the time comes, he knows it, the Ravens know it, it really is as simple as that in this case.

  6. I dont know what the fuss is all about, when its all said and then Joe Flacco will be signed, he will be the highest paid player on the Ravens. The question obviously is the guaranteed cash who knows. However, 30-35 mill sounds realistic.

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