RG3 goes logo-free in warmups


Last week, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III used tape to cover up the Nike logo on the shirt he wore during pregame warmups.

This week, he’s using a second shirt.

Per USA Today, Griffin was wearing a plain, short-sleeved gray T-shirt over a long-sleeved white jersey, which presumably has a Nike logo.  Griffin has an individual endorsement deal with adidas.

But wearing a shirt with no Nike logo over the shirt with the Nike logo is the same thing as concealing the Nike logo. And it’s likely the league will be talking to Griffin, again.

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  1. I usually take the NFL’s side on this stuff but I am all for RGIII on this one. The man is taking care of HIS endorser and doing his best to live up to HIS contract. He shouldn’t be allowed to wear a nike shirt showing but if he wants to cover one up that is HIS business. Is goodell going to check his underwear too?

  2. Why would the NFL be talking to him? He’s either breaking the rule or he’s not. If he is, then this should be a bigger story and they should come down hard, but if it’s not then he should continue mocking the league for being too stupid to not have the rules set up in concert with what they are looking for. It’s a good business decision to show the loyalty to Adidas since they would be the smart company if Nike hasn’t negotiated the right to force him to show their logo.

    He’s standing up for the non-stupid people if this is not against the rules. I applaud him for that if that is the case. That’s a good leader to me. No more bowing down to the stupid people that want to get rich off of others.

  3. If Tebow was able to get away with working out shirtless I don’t see why RG3 warmup shirtless. If I were in the same shape he was, I would be more than happy to warm up shirtless in front of a stadium full of people.

  4. As a Redskin fan, there is just simply something not right with Griffin – he would rather break a rule than to display the obvious paid sponsorship of the NFL. He is also the same Yutz that charged Redskin fans for his autograph when he had yet to become a Redskin.

    Personally, I hope the NFL throws the book at him – he has been warned it is time this prima donna is knocked down a few pegs. We Redskin fans don’t need a future LeBrick James to think he is above everyone in conduct.

    I predict next year that he’ll demand a renegotiated contract if he does well this year. That is how classless this jerk is.

  5. Sorry folks reread the article. He does need to wear Nike on the outside if it is part of the official uniform. However if he wants to wear something from adidas under it and showing just enough to be noticible, he should be able to do that.

  6. Fvckyourmother said– blah blah blah. Obama 2012.

    Figures that the most vile username here, endorses Obama.

  7. “I wouldn’t wear adidas even if I had both legs amputated and they were the only company that would provide me free prosthetic legs.”

    I dont care if you are joking. You are a piece of garbage for thinking such a thing. What is wrong with you?

  8. He doesn’t care because Adidas will probably pick up the fine for him. Plus it’s more controversy and free advertisment for Adidas. Think about it, smart business move by Adidas.

  9. Instead of the No Fun League, caring about what a player wears during warmups… it’s just warmups!

    They need to get the real refs back…is it me or are the replacements getting more worse by the week. Missed calls, missed late hits, pushing and shoving after plays, they don’t know the replay rules, they don’t know where to spot the ball. If the real refs were here no of that would be going on and we can get back to the good old football that we all know and love.

    But instead they concentrate on what a player wears during warmups. Get it together No Fun league, GET IT TOGETHER!

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