Saints don’t want to lean on Payton excuse

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The absence is as obvious as Sean Payton’s portrait over the practice field is large.

But the Saints know they can’t let something that’s not changing for 15 more weeks become a crutch now.

Offensive tackle Zach Strief called it would be “dangerous,” “poisonous” and “worthless” to blame Payton’s suspension for their 0-2 start.

“I think it’s dangerous as a team to point fingers at why this is happening. It’s just dangerous from a team perspective,” Strief said, via Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune. “At the end of the day, the cards have been dealt and we have to play them as best we can. So obviously that’s gonna be the story line – you know, ‘No coach, no this guy, no [Jonathan] Vilma, the uncertainty, the weird offseason.’ But what we have to start doing is everyone has to start pointing thumbs at themselves.

“Because figuring out why, and having the reason be something outside this locker room is worthless to us. It’s just dangerous to us on the football team to look at it like that. I think at the end of the day the guys on the field are responsible for winning games.”

Sunday’s loss to the Panthers didn’t feature the kind of sloppiness that was evident in last week’s loss to the Redskins, except on defense (which isn’t Payton’s side of the ball anyway).

In fact, the game’s biggest mistake might have been from the guy they trust to not make them. Drew Brees’ pick-six which let the Panthers back in the game early can’t be blamed on Payton, unless in some armchair psychologist “Drew’s trying to do too much,” excuse.

“Now it’s just a matter of as the season starts, . . . you just kind of find out who you are early on,” Brees said. “And, hey, it’s gonna test us. But I’m confident that we’ll stay strong and we’ll battle through this and we’ll overcome.”

Or maybe they won’t.

11 responses to “Saints don’t want to lean on Payton excuse

  1. They don’t want to lean on any excuses!

    They’re the Saints*, and no matter what you say, they earned every bit of that Super Bowl Victory*!

  2. I don’t think its so much Sean Payton’s absence as it is his 5th string elementary school coaching replacement Zeke Wigglespoon or whatever his name is.

    If Bill Parcells was the HC or at least a decent coordinator type they’d be 2-0

  3. patfic15 says:
    Sep 16, 2012 10:00 PM
    Saints will be 3-2 going into their bye week. Relax. They’ve got this under control.

    Love the Saints but we’re not beating GB. Rodgers is going to kill our defense. As Saints fans, it’s great to stay positive! All honesty, it’s not looking good leading up to the bye week. Might get a lucky 2-3, might.
    I’d love for the Saints to win the next three games but I’m not seeing it after these two weeks.

  4. You happy Goodell? You took a salary cap issue and decimated a team’s ability to be competitive over it. Any team that beats the Saints this year, sure not brag about the win, considering they are playing a team hampered by this horrible offseason. Each of these players is getting paid. So Goodell did not inflict much harm on them. But the paying fans, we’re the one stuck with the short end of the stick. Now we get to wonder all season what it would be like if Goodell hadn’t cleaned house on us for a salary cap violation.

  5. Ok, first you all go after players and coaches for bountygate for intentionally injuring players despite the fact that is not the charge, nor has it ever been charged, with what the saints actually did. That’s fine, most people judge with knowing facts. That is not unusual.
    Then you go after fans for sticking up for their team (like you wouldn’t if roles were reversed) and have the nerve to bring in Katrina and hurricanes hitting the city. That is deplorable, a serious line has been crossed.
    Now, the inevitable theme has begun. “we’re glad the saints lost, they’re a bunch of cheaters!”
    I could go on and on about what actually happened with “bountygate”, but I’m sure that most of you have created the opinion that you are so right that I’m just making things up and am a saints homer and the saints are still a bunch of cheaters so I will not even play along.
    I will say that it is such a classless direction you have taken that now you are kicking such a damaged team even after all that has happened.
    Honestly, I hope this happens to your favorite team so I can hear your cries of “lack of evidence” and “you haters don’t even know what you are charging them with” of which my response will be silence. Because I won’t lower myself to your level of vitriol that only serves to make you look more disrespectful and cheap than what you alleged the saints ever did.
    Get a new hobby and forget about the saints. You have no business talking about them anymore.

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