Spiller credits line, decisiveness for 292 yards on 29 carries


Bills running back C.J. Spiller is having quite a coming-out party for Buffalo.  The ninth overall pick in the 2010 draft is averaging more than 10 yards per carry.

That’s right.  Through two games, Spiller has 292 yards rushing.  On only 29 carries.

His 123 yards on 15 attempts propelled the Bills to a 35-17 win over the Chiefs, a team the Bills beat 41-7 in Kansas City last September.

So what’s causing this change in Spiller’s play?  “Great weeks of preparation,” Spiller told me after the game by phone.

He said he’s doing the same things in practice that he’s doing in the games, including being “more decisive” and, perhaps most importantly, “getting more sleep.”  (He laughed when he said that one.)

Spiller demonstrated veteran savvy, giving credit to the offensive line.  He also said he’s doing a better job of not getting impatient when he’s not breaking a big run.

He added that the team wanted to get the “bad taste” out of its mouth after last week’s ugly loss to the Jets, which included a knee injury to running back Fred Jackson.

So what happens when Jackson comes back?  Spiller said they’ll be one of the best tandems in the league, with Jackson being more of a complete back and Spiller using his speed, as he continues to learn the game.  And he said he’s not concerned about who the starter will be once Jackson is back.

“The coaches will have a game plan,” Spiller said.

Having a guy who is averaging 10 yards per carry will make it easier to draw that plan up.

7 responses to “Spiller credits line, decisiveness for 292 yards on 29 carries

  1. Hard to root for the Chiefs. Can’t remember the last time they won a playoff game. They seem to make all the wrong decisions. Keeping Matt Cassel. Drafting Tyson Jackson 3rd overall, Glen Dorsey 5th overall, and now (we don’t know if he’ll be a bust yet) Dontari Poe. Traded Jared Allen to the Vikings. Let Scott Fujita go. Let Donnie Edwards go to the Chargers quite a few years ago. Let go of Rich Gannon who in turn led the Raiders (division rival) to a Superbowl win the next year, only to keep and start a horrible Elvis Grbac, AFTER they unjustly let him lose a Championship game to the Broncos in 1997 when Gannon had taken the Chiefs to a 13-3 record. Let Brandon Carr go to the Cowboys. Yeah, Chief fans have had it hard and it’s mind boggling (and admirable) to see fans stay so dedicated to a franchise that screws up so much.

  2. CJ keeps running like this while Freddy is out it will be very very hard to take him of the field. Bills OLine is playing lights out right now

  3. Tashard Choice is the reason Spiller didn’t have more yards. He’s the best running back in the NFL if ya want a 2nd and 1 to turn into a 3rd and 3

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