Steelers shut down Jets in second half

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The Jets offensive breakthrough of last week lasted into the second quarter of Sunday’s game with the Steelers.

They led 10-6 after two scoring drives in two tries and looked fairly sharp on their way up and down the field in both cases. Things came screeching to a halt at that point, however. Sanchez would complete just 5-of-19 passes from that point and the Jets barely moved the ball while the Steelers put things together for a 27-10 win that evened their record at 1-1.

Pittsburgh’s pass rush made a big difference in the game. They sacked Sanchez twice and provided a lot more pressure than Buffalo could muster in the opener. Sanchez has never played well when faced with a lot of pressure and Sunday was no different as his throws lost accuracy in the face of Pittsburgh’s defense. It looked for a moment like Tim Tebow, who didn’t play at all on offense in the first half, might spark the team with a 22-yard run on his first play in the third quarter, but the Jets quickly went back to running on the treadmill.

The Steelers, meanwhile, did what we’re used to seeing the Steelers do on offense. Ben Roethlisberger kept plays alive long enough to make completions down the field, including a 37-yard touchdown to Mike Wallace that saw Antonio Cromartie misplay what looked like a desperate heave into the end zone. The Steelers then closed out the game with a 10:12 drive that resulted in an Isaac Redman score. That drive was helped by a botched call by the officials, one of two egregious errors in the game, but the Jets defense was out of gas and the only thing that might have changed was the final score.

Pittsburgh took the lead just before halftime, but they really took control of the game in the second half and the Jets didn’t have much of a chance once they did.

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  1. The blown call was bad but only served to counteract the phantom Ike Taylor/Ryan Clark pass interference call earlier. Great showing by the Steelers, esp without Harrison and Troy. Way to mke good on your promise Woodley!

  2. Sanchez wasn’t terribly inaccurate. His receivers were just very tightly covered. I thought they could have loosened things up by running more wildcat with Tebow, but I think he only got a play or two.

    Overall though, very tall order to go into Pittsburgh against a relatively healthy Steelers team and get a win. Just not a good day for the Jets.

    Ben continues to look sharp, and I like the fact that he’s getting rid of the ball faster. Sanders is turning into a serious stud – they may not have room for Wallace after this season. Antonio Brown is the best receiver on the team by far. Nice tiptoe TD by Wallace though – very nice.

    If you are going to let the Steeler running backs run you over like that – you are going to lose nearly every time. Teams are still learning that lesson, 40 years since Franco Harris started running guys over.

  3. Marky will never lead the jets to the promise land. He wasn’t good enough with pits two best defenders out.

  4. Sanchez and the receivers need to work on chemistry, they seemed out of sink and 5+ drops isn’t doing anybody any favors.

    And no words for that defensive performance, we got Big Ben’d all over the place.

  5. To bad the jets cant play the bills every week!! Every squirrel finds a nut once in a while! That offensive production today was amazing!! Even the refs were trying to help the jets offense! Did the real mark sanchez show up today?!?! Oh yes he did!! Welcome to reality jet fans!! You had your one week to yell n scream n say how great your team is! Reality just smacked you all in the face!! Did u see rex n marks face after the sack to end the game? Thats what it will always look like for weeks to come! Here is the count down to the barkley sweepstakes!! Have fun!! Just End The Season would be great for you guys right now!!

  6. The Steelers sat their top two defensive players and still dominated.

    If only the Jets could play the Bills every week.

  7. I’m surprised no one mentioned this regarding the Jets loss. Before getting speared in the head by Timmon’s helmet early in the 2nd quarter (it rightfully drew a roughing penalty), Sanchez was 6 for 8 for 80 yards and a TD. After, he was 4 for 19 for 58 yards and 0 TDs.

  8. The Jets receivers didnt help. Seems like they kept getting hit in the hands and not holding onto the ball. This wasn’t all Sanchez’s fault.

  9. #1 Garrett McIntyre stays as starter
    #2 Holmes is maybe the 30th best receiver in NFL. You need a true #1 next year.
    #3 Sanchez had drops and the steelers are no pushover. But this is his 4th year; he’s never going to be a top 15 qb. You want to know who has their stuff together – the Seahawks – they sign Flynn and do not let that deter them from drafting a qb in the 3rd round – a guy better than Sanchez right now. Same goes for the Eagles with Foles. Bet those two guys have a better career than Mark. Tebow won’t be with the team next year.
    #4 You got lucky with Austin Howard. Somebody needed to man-up and tell Johnson to cough up the dollars to sign Eric Winston.
    #5 Its only the first game. No need to panic. But if Miami beats you by all means panic.

  10. All you Jets fans thought you had a team after last week. Truth be told you are just as bad as most people thought. You beat a team last week that isn’t very good either. This week you went up against a real team and you see the results. I might be time for the TEBOW fans to start campaigning for him to start. Sanchez sucks and Tebow is worse. Time to wonder if there is hope..

  11. I’m actually wondering if Sanchez wasn’t concussed from that hit that a Steeler (was it Woodley?) put on him, helmet to helmet. I don’t recall anyone checking on him, as he didn’t make any indication that he had a problem, but it seemed perfectly timed with the wheels falling off.

  12. As a steelers fan, I’m thrilled that they won but I truely think that us fans should boycott the NFL and that useless Goodell until they bring back the REAL refs. Those ref’s today were embarrassing. Enough is enough!!!!!!

  13. I wasn’t here to congratulate the Broncos for their win against us last week, but it was a huge relief to see the Steelers regroup this week–especially on defense. The offense looked great, and as we get back our injured defensive stars, things should fall into place. The Ravens’ loss keeps things tight in the AFCN, so let’s hope this game signals the Steelers are prepared to keep this division competitive.

  14. Even if Sanchez got a concussion, that had nothing to do with no receivers being able to get open. That was just super-tight coverage over the last 2 1/2 quarters. Nearly every ball had a Steeler hand on it – he was lucky he wasn’t picked off several times.

  15. Tebow whined last week, came in for one play, called his own number, celebrated his personal success in a loss, then probably trampled a few teammates on the way to press row, where he would talk about how he doesn’t like to talk about himself. Stop with the Timmy stuff, PLEASE.

  16. cuda1234 says:

    Sep 16, 2012 10:04 PM

    Tebow whined last week, came in for one play, called his own number, celebrated his personal success in a loss, then probably trampled a few teammates on the way to press row, where he would talk about how he doesn’t like to talk about himself. Stop with the Timmy stuff, PLEASE.


    Couldn’t agree more.

  17. The steelers did what they needed to do and came out and got the win. The penalty on Ike Taylor and Ryan Clark in the secondary was such crap. The Refs need to do a better job before that cost somebody a playoff win….

  18. Sanchez was 6-8 BEFORE Dick LeBeau woke up and started playing those sub-par Jets WRs tight like they should be doing every game. The D-line caused havoc..and could have easily had 5-6 sacks..Offense controlled the clock and got TDs instead of a bunch of Field goals. Even the O-line did OK helping Ben, they still need to open up some holes for the run game. Much improved from last wee,but more to go! Wait till yhey get healthy..The black and gold will be on track by week 4 after the bye!


  19. Even though Sporano is not between the lines, are we sure he is the right guy for the job?

  20. Honestly, that Ike Taylor pass interference call was the absolute worst call I’ve ever seen in the NFL, in 45 years as a fan. The owners should be ashamed, and I hope they’re aware that these horrible refs ARE at the point of affecting the games and the ‘product’ the NFL is putting out. It’s unbelievable.

  21. I knew that the Jets weren’t as good as they seemed last week against Buffalo. Every dog has his day and Mark Sanchez and the Jets had their day against the Bills last Sunday. I can’t wait until the Jets come to the Ralph for part 2, the re-match. Go Bills!!!! #BillsMafia

  22. sanchez played well, receivers decide to make mistakes and drop balls….again. clear as day. hill dropping the big pass in the first half, cumberland not looking at thrown ball up the middle; close to red zone (keller would have known the play), holmes dropping balls left to right, and kerley is running the wrong routes. can’t blame sanchez on any of that. if his receivers played well, he would have looked like ben. but they didn’t. mixing tebow would have helped and playing with a minute left in half time with two timeouts would have been nice. but instead they play with a minute left in the game with the game wayyy out of hand.

  23. sorry but Sanchez will never look/act/play like Ben. He’s too small with that “deer in the headlights” stare of his.

    He is what we thought he was….. average at best.

  24. Seeing the game in my area, don’t blame a botch call on game, the Steelers took over the game, even with some questionable calls on the defensive backs of Pittsburgh. Simms and Nance showed again why they should move on and let some better announcers CALL the game not what THEY feel is going on. Took away from a good football game.

  25. The refs are slowing the pace of the game dramatically and killing the momentum of drives, that’s totally unaccepatble for the premier football league of the world. The same as putting the cheapest tires you can buy on your Ferrari. It’s a joke and has reduced the quality of the sport.

  26. You can say what you want about Big Ben – and a lot of people do – but he is one tough s.o.b. He gets sacked more than anyone else AND he escapes sacks more than anyone else. Overall, he gets hit a lot more than nearly every other QB he usually still puts up decent games.

  27. True the Jets lost but for people to blame Sanchez – that is crazy! Through 2 games Sanchez is the 1 that is playing well for the Jets. The Jets could not tackle or hold on to the ball. Sanchez threw the ball well and the receivers were dropping them – he cant control that. Steelers got the win and now we move on to Miami

  28. clashpoint:
    Roethlisberger played a brilliant game against the Jets. It was the kind of performance that sends Roethlisberger Apologists dancing in the streets every now and now…
    The fact is, that was Roethlisberger’s best overall complete game since Week 5… Week 5 of LAST SEASON.
    And the 27 points are the most points scored by the Steelers’ offense since last season’s Week 16… when Roethlisberger DIDN’T EVEN PLAY.
    Sorry, but I simply expect more conisistency from a quarterback who’s paid $800,000 PER GAME.

  29. Deb says:

    I wasn’t here to congratulate the Broncos for their win against us last week……..

    Of course you weren’t.

  30. @bobzilla, here’s a stat: Roethlisberger has played in 3 Superbowls in 8 seasons, averaging one Superbowl every 2.66667 seasons. Flacco’s average = o.oooo.

    The Eagles turned the ball over 4 times and the Ravens still lost. What was Flacco’s 2nd half stats ?

  31. Steelers defense really kicked it up a notch in the second quarter and totally derailed Sanchez. If Steeler d can play like that on a consistent basis……look out!!!!

  32. mostlombardies:
    And just why, exactly, are you bothering me with questions about Flacco?
    I live in Pittsburgh.
    My rooting interest is the Steelers.
    I couldn’t care less about Flacco.
    Maybe you ought to pay less attention to the Ravens and pay more attention to the Steelers.
    Here’s some stats just for you: Two Super Bowl wins, ONE touchdown pass, zero MVP awards; one Super Bowl loss, one pick-six in a six-point loss.
    Please know that not all Steelers fans are giddy, little schoolgirl groupies such as yourself.

  33. bobzilla1001, Ben had a great game. He ran for his life, made plays and made no errors. He got them a TD at the end of the first half and in their first possession of the second half. I realize nothing he will do will please you, but try to be honest when you attempt to discuss football. They guy has played with a mediocre OL for most of his career. They are also learning a completely new offense under Haley.

    I worry about the most important stats, which are the Super Bowl wins. I have seen all 6 of them, and greatly enjoyed every one. I have seen the Steelers lose many game when they dominated the stats but lost. I will take the victories. Thanks.

  34. @holeinone09 , perfection. Let’s see Brady, Brees, Rodgers, Manning play behind the same o-line that Ben has played with for years. Last season Ben played with 25 distinct o-line configurations the most in the league, was the most sacked and still finished 12-4 and made the playoffs and tied the game on the road in Denver in the 4th quarter with a twisted ankle. Impressive stats to say the least.

  35. Don’t you Roethisberger Apologists ever tire of blaming offensive lines for the quarterback’s mediocrity?
    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Roethlisberger is fun to watch. He’s highly entertaining. While the league’s elite quarterbacks make the position look easy, Roethlisberger at times makes the position look impossible.
    My complaint has always been that he fails to finish drives on a consistent basis.
    BTW: I doubt very seriously that we needed an $800,000-per-game quarterback to beat the hapless Jets on Sunday.

  36. @bozo…

    BTW: I guess the Patriots also didn’t a $1,000,000 per-game quarterback to lose to the hapless Arizona Cardinals either.

    You’re not a Steelesr fan, you never were and you never will be. Your elementary-school level commentary is dripping with jealousy. Go back and finish grade school.

  37. I agree…I love Ben, wouldent want any other QB..but the red zone has been an issue with him and that’s where it counts! Maybe it was a combo of him and Arians terrible play calls inside the 15 but it gets real frustrating driving 80 yards ..chewing up clock and kicking field goals 60% of the time. Defeats the purpose.


  38. sixlombardiesthatyouhadnothingtodowithwinning:
    If you want to exchange pleasantries with someone about Roethlisberger, I suggest you go talk with Bob Pompeani or Ron Cook.

    I learned a long time ago to think with my head and not with my heart. The Steelers are my passion, have been for nearly 50 years, and it disturbs me when one guy (Roethlisberger) gets all the credit for an entire TEAM’s success.
    IMO, there has never been in the history of the NFL a more insignificant two-time Super Bowl-winning QB than Roethlisberger.
    He has never been the best QB on the field the days any of those games were played. The Steelers, as a TEAM, brought home those two trophies. What’s so wrong about rooting for an entire TEAM rather than rooting for a single individual?
    Those individualists are giddy, little schoolgirl groupies.

  39. I one player is bigger then the Steelers Brand.. I’ve had plenty of debates with ppl that say Bradshaw was a GREAT not even close. But some fans can’t see past the obvious when it comes to sports, especially in #SteelerNation

  40. I never believed BR is the best player for Pittsburgh. All Steeler fans know the defense is the flagship, however, in a game when a crucial play is needed Ben can make an impending disaster into a picnic and make that play 9 of 10 times – just like our defense. The TEAM plays without Troy, Harrison, Clark, Hampton,…etc but how often does the TEAM play without Ben ?
    Just imagine for a moment, what the TEAM will be like, how good the TEAM will be, when Ben retires ?

  41. mostlombardies:
    The Steelers are 5-2 when quarterbacked by Charlie Batch. The Steelers are 4-1 the past two seasons when someone other than Roethlisberger has been the quarterback.
    In the past two postseason games (Super Bowl 45 and last season in Denver), the ball was in Roethlisberger’s hands with a chance to win both games at the end.
    In the season opener in Denver, the ball was in Roethlisberger’s hands with a chance to win at the end.
    That’s 0-for-3.
    Not that anyone is counting…
    As for Bradshaw: He threw a fourth-quarter TD pass in each of the four Super Bowls in which he played. Against the defending Super Bowl champion Dallas Cowboys, he threw a record four TD passes en route to a 35-31 win in Super Bowl 13.
    I’d say Bradshaw was pretty good.

  42. Ben needs to FINISH..something he use to for fairly well. When Steelers had the ball down with 2-3 minutes left I felt he’d get the job done. That last possession in the Superbowl was a complete mess,it was like they only had 1 minute to play..everybody’s looking around confused, and I think they had a time out or 2 to burn. Anyway my ONLY complaint about #7 is his % in the red zone, but I think Bruce had a lot to do with that and not using Ward and Miller inside that area. It is what it is. I’m a Steeler fan, not a Big Ben Fanatic

  43. @bobz & blackngold4life:

    Then why isn’t Charlie Batch or Byron Leftwich the starter if the win/loss record is so much better than with Ben ? And you forgot to mention the pass to Holmes in the Superbowl and the 3 road playoff game wins going 15-1 his rookie season.

    In Denver he was playing on a badly twisted ankle, most other QB’s would’ve been on the sideline.

    It’s great you only note Ben’s flaws and mistakes, we will see the day Ben no longer plays football, how badly Steeler Nation wants him back.

    BTW, Willie Parker was my favorite Steeler.

  44. Dude..I’m already on record saying I wouldn’t want any other QB besides Ben. I just say he has to be more effective in the red zone that’s it, and the coaches have to give him better plays to make him more successful at that. True we have 2 capable BACKups but #7 is our man

  45. — There are a 100 million reasons Roethlisberger is the Steelers’ starting QB.
    — Never thought I’d ever say this, but I’ll take Eli Manning over Roethlisberger.
    — Roethlisberger should not have played in Denver last season. Nor should he have played in the San Francisco game.
    — Roethlisberger threw 17 TD passes in 13 starts in 2004. He was backed by a power running game (Duce Staley and Jerome Bettis) and, as usual, a stellar defense.
    — Roethlisberger played the best three-game postseason I’ve ever witnessed in 2005. He was magnificent. What a shame he peaked so early in his career.
    — The Steelers never lost a postseason game that Willie Parker started at RB.

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