To get most out of Vick, Reid may have to bench him


In the wake of Sunday’s 56-pass performance from the Eagles in Cleveland, the light bulb flickered.

With owner Jeffrey Lurie leaning publicly on coach Andy Reid to get better this year or get lost, the pressure potentially pushed Reid away from the running game — and the stress likely has trickled down to Mike Vick.  Now, Reid must figure out how to snap Vick out of his Week One funk.

Vick, as we explained last year in the days after his much-hyped six-year, $100 million contract was inked, is operating under a two-year, $32.5 million deal.  After this season, the Eagles have to decide whether to bring Vick back in 2013, at a base salary of $16.5 million.

So it was well known in 2011 that Vick would have to do enough that year and this year to get the Eagles to keep him next year.  And, if they keep him next year, he’ll have to do enough to get them to keep him the next year.

Vick knows it.  And it’s shining through increasingly prickly and at times inconsistent statements.

With the Ravens coming to town for Week Two, followed by a pre-bye slate that includes games at Arizona, a Sunday nighter against the Giants, a trip to Pittsburgh, and a home date against the Lions, Vick needs to find his 2010 groove.  If he doesn’t, and if the losses start to pile up, a short-leashed Andy Reid could decide to try to salvage the season — and his job — by giving rookie Nick Foles a try.

Though it likely won’t happen today (then again, who knows?), the Ravens defense sufficiently rattled Reid and former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb four years ago to prompt Reid to send McNabb to the bench for the first time in his career.  Given the manner in which McNabb responded four days later, with a Thanksgiving night romp over the Cardinals that carried the Eagles all the way to the NFC title game (where they lost to the Cardinals), Reid has to be at least pondering the potential upside of sitting Vick down for all or part of a game.

If Reid isn’t, then Reid isn’t doing everything he can to ensure that he’ll have a 15th year in Philadelphia.

58 responses to “To get most out of Vick, Reid may have to bench him

  1. Ok, the dog killer just isn’t a very good QB. Especially if it requires some kind of mind game to make him play better.

  2. Hard to deny that Foles looked good in the pre-season, but the fans won’t stand for Vick sitting the bench after the first loss with Foles. Vick will have to lose his job through a long series of bad games. If he can have a good game today against the Ravens his stock will go back up, but that’s a big if.

  3. Last year, the Eagles were among the best rushing teams in the NFL by multiple measures, so I have no idea why Andy Reid hates calling running plays.

    56 pass plays to 23 run plays against the Browns, on a day when Mike Vick is struggling.
    How does that make sense?

    Assuming Andy Reid has someone on the coaching staff who can save him from himself by suggesting more running plays, the Eagles should have a more balanced offense, which will enhance Vick’s effectiveness.

  4. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Eagles WIN last week?

    And I remember Mike Vick throwing the game deciding TD with little time remaining.

    If it were Peyton Manning, his performance would be called ‘up and down’.

  5. Reid needs to bench himself too. He is the most overrated coach in the league and Vick is a disgrace to the QB position. Until Lurie cleans house they will NEVER sniff a superbowl.

  6. a really good article ?? florio is just trying to incite something. and emotional eagles fans take the bait. as therealbleedcoltsblue said, eagles did win last wk. and vick won the gm at the end. so let’s just relax. it is only wk 2. jeez….

  7. Articles like these are exactly why you’re a lawyer-turned-blogger and not a football person. Bench Vick? It’s week 2. Grab some more coffee or your going to have a long day.

  8. The Eagles will continue to pay the price for the ludicrous decision to place their fortunes in the hands of Michael Vick whose greatest accomplishment is that he’s convinced two NFL franchises that he’s something other than a complete failure as a quarterback!

  9. Eagles will crush Ravens. Last week was a well used opportunity to give Vick the live reps he missed in preseason and as a bonus Vick got a chance to lead a game winning fourth-quarter drive. This week will be a different game plan. Watch and learn.

  10. Pre-season is pre-season. We saw Sanchez not even be able to hit five-yard curl routes, then week one when it counted he was throwing over the shoulder fade route bombs to receivers.

    The people who are clamoring for Foles, you were all clamoring for Kolb at one point in time. And even Kafka, and that kid won’t even be holding a clipboard today.

  11. Just 2 short years ago, sportswriters were calling Vick the greatest player in the history of the NFL, unstoppable, and changing the QB position and the game itself. My how things have changed.

    Time to start overhyping RGIII now I guess.

  12. @bigbadal21…cowher would never stoop so low! You don’t go from an elite organization to one that is in shambles.

  13. steelersownyou says:
    Sep 16, 2012 9:43 AM
    @bigbadal21…cowher would never stoop so low! You don’t go from an elite organization to one that is in shambles
    ———————————————–on his best day Cowher was not as good a coach as Andy Reid.

  14. Vick is also who everyone thought he was…

    Explosive one week…
    Horrible for three weeks…

    Just like Denard Robinson – you’ll win some fun games with him, but he’ll NEVER get you to the big dance.

    @bleedgreen33… and that’s become the perennial Eagles mantra. Wait til next game. Wait til next year. Wait til… Vick is NOT the starting QB.

    HOPE is NOT a STRATEGY folks.

  15. Bench him. Don’t bench him. It’s not going to matter. This guy is one of the dumbest, over-rated/over-hyped players the NFL has ever seen. Vick makes Donovan look like Joe Montana. Vick can’t even carry Randall’s jock. Until we get rid of Vick who is nothing but mediocre at best, we’ll be lucky to even see a championship game. No championships with MV7 at QB. Just isn’t gonna happen.

  16. The problem isn’t Vick. The problem is Reid’s use of him. You can’t have him throwing so much that the defense expects it and blitzes him all day. He’s never going to develop into the point where blitz recognition and reading defenses is his strength.

    He can improve on those things and be BETTER than he has ever been in the past, but you are still going to need a run-first offense like they had in Atlanta where Vick throws 25-30ish times per game, making the most of those opportunities while also using his legs to run 8-12 times.

    I can’t understand why they want to change his game completely rather than let him do what he’s always been most successful doing, while just improving THAT.

  17. The Eagles are gonna still play football next year one way or another, but your constant articles that are almost hoping for Reid, Vick, and the Eagles as a whole to fail, get really annoying… It’s fine if you have issues with Vick and Reid, fine, but i look to your site for knowledge on the league and the Birds, and your constant doom and gloom on this team is brutal to read.

  18. I love watching Vick’s public disgrace. I hope it gets much worse before it gets better. Enjoying every second of it. Almost as much as when TO (under the secret control of Jerrah Jones) singlehandedly ruined what should have been a Super Bowl season. Can you here me laughing????Could not happen to a nicer sub-human piece of garbage of group of NFL fans.

  19. Oh look, another comment removed for no reason. Let’s try again:

    Benching Vick to motivate him is stupid. McNabb had a motivation problem, Vick does not. Vick’s problem is he’s being used in a system he doesn’t fit, and making some poor choices as a result. He was great in 2010 because they mixed his ridiculous athletic ability with coaching him to see the field and extend the play. Now he’s sucking because they are going a step further by making him a pocket passer. They need to roll him out, let him run, throw on the run and USE SHADY MCCOY. Problem solved.

  20. bathroombenlovemachine says:
    Sep 16, 2012 9:37 AM
    Hopefully the classless murderer Ray Lewis and the classless wife beater Ed Reed suffer career ending injuries against the Eagles today.

    The 2 morons with Ray were tried for murder-and found innocent.
    Do you understand the implications of that dummie?

  21. @graymares..all I know is somebody has a lombardi & someone doesnt. Cowher retired & Reid will be fired after the season. I can see how you would think that. Get a clue jabrone.

  22. Vick behaved and said the right things only long enough to get paid. All the humility went right out the window as soon as he finished signing his contract.
    To the credit of the Eagles front office they had an inkling how things would unfold and left themselves an escape clause so the Vick contract wouldn’t handcuff them for too long.

  23. hope to see ravens d turn vicky into a pretzel. nfl will be a better place without that dirtbag. still can’t read a defence , easily fooled. reid will be unemployed after thie season as well.

  24. hope to see ravens d turn vicky into a pretzel. nfl will be a better place without that dirtbag. still can’t read a defence , easily fooled. reid will be unemployed after this season as well.

  25. Benching won’t help.

    Reid is a planner who needs every contingency mapped out in advance. He’s still looking forward to the day when any one of his plays succeeds because the offense properly executed thru to ‘progression’ option #9.

    Vick’s a phenomenal athlete whose success is mostly improvisational – showing off those physical skills. But he’s also a mental midget who needs 7 or 8 seconds to recall what the notebook says should comes after option #2.

    Opposites may attract, but Reid & Vick together is a paradox made in hell for we Eagles fans.

  26. I think Vick is on a short leash. He may survive a loss to the Ravens today, but if he loses to the Cardinals (especially a Kevin Kolb let Cardinal team), then all bets are off.

  27. Why the hell are you racist fools always clamoring for a black player to get benched?? When Big Ben stinks it up silence….when Jay Cutler throws 4ints and loses a game i don’t see no bench Cutler signs…T.O drops a pass…cut him…Christian Decker, Jody Nelson or Wes Welker drops a pass it’s on to the next one….Florio stop the unnecessary witch hunts…y’all are destroying careers before they actually end..shame on y’all

  28. “Last year, the Eagles were among the best rushing teams in the NFL by multiple measures, so I have no idea why Andy Reid hates calling running plays. ”

    Because the “Legend of Andy Reid” ™ is not served by running the ball. He’s supposed to be a passing game guru. He’d rather lose passing than win running.

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