Wilson, Lynch have big games as Seahawks top Cowboys

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After opening the season with a big win over the defending-champion Giants, the Dallas Cowboys have just taken a big step back.

The Cowboys’ offense stalled repeatedly today in Seattle, and Seahawks quarterback Russel Wilson and running back Marshawn Lynch both had big games, as the Seahawks won 27-7 in a game that leaves both teams at 1-1.

Wilson didn’t do anything spectacular, but he did what the Seahawks needed him to do: He played within the offense, avoided turnovers, and always seemed to be ready to pick up a first down, with either his arm or his feet, when the Seahawks needed it. Lynch displayed his trademark mix of speed and power, and we could see in this game that the ability to rely on Lynch will help Wilson develop as a rookie without trying to do too much.

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo never really looked comfortable, tight end Jason Witten had a couple of uncharacteristic drops, and running back DeMarco Murray didn’t have many holes to run through. This was an ugly game for the Dallas offense.

It was also an ugly game for the officials. There were some questionable calls, and the Cowboys were particularly upset after a play on which Seahawks receiver Golden Tate drilled Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee with a vicious blindside block but wasn’t flagged, and then Cowboys linebacker Bruce Carter just barely bumped Wilson out of bounds and was flagged for a late hit.

The Cowboys may complain about the officiating after the game, but first they should look in the mirror. Dallas turned in a disappointing effort, and the Seahawks controlled this game from start to finish.

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  1. Nice win. For their first (real) game together, Wilson & Tate showed a nice rapport with each other, which should only get better as the season progresses.

  2. Maybe it will take ten years after his retirement that the “experts” admit that Romo is just not that good of a QB. He’s not bad by any means, but he’s merely “OK”.

  3. Tate’s block was legit. Don’t know why that would even be considered a flag. But the flag on the push out of bounds was a pretty petty. Bad call, but that one play hardly dictated the game. The Seahawks owned them in the second half on both sides of the ball.

  4. The nfc west is the best defensive division, It’s gonna be a bloodbath all year, if you sleep on Seattle, you will get a beat down.

  5. The refs were bad, yes. But, when you get only 34 yards of offense in the third and most of the fourth quarter, while giving up two drives of 88 and 90 yards for TDs at the same time, you just got your butt kicked.

    NFC West: Best defenses in football.

  6. WOW – after Cards beat NE, maybe Seattle isn’t as bad as people thought after last week’s loss. Dallas got owned by Seattle – I mean owned like a cheap suit.

  7. The Dallas cowboys will be fine. Show up and watch film, identify mistakes, practice hard and play hard against Tampa. Its just one loss.

  8. Typcial, Seahawks win and the story is how the Cowboys lost. Complete domination all day by the Seahawks, in the mix in the toughest division in football.

  9. The Cowboys are the same as always. They get a win then they follow it up with a deflating loss. It’s been this way for every year since 2008. Until they can be consistent you can’t buy into the Cowboys.

  10. Just a bad game for everybody on the Cowboys. Scytherius he’s not the first QB to have a bad game, no need to go crazy, here. He probably played better than anybody else on the team. He can only throw the ball. He can’t catch it, too. And he can’t return kickoffs and he can’t block for punts.

  11. blackfootkiller says:
    Sep 16, 2012 7:12 PM
    How is it a ‘blind side hit’ when you drill the guy right in the chest the way Tate did?

    last time i checked sean lee has a neck that separates his chest from his neck. not only that but he did lead with the crown of his helmet.

    and as the ol’ saying goes, ‘what goes around, comes around’

  12. Cowboys ST got them behind and then Witten and Dez doing their best impressions of Mario Cruz from the week before, I’m surprised we didn’t lose by 40.

    Romo – Still not what ails this team…

  13. that was a clean block, Lee’s helmet hit tate’s when it whipped back and forth, please can cryboy fans not complain about something when they lose! oh, and if the refs love the Seahawks so much then they would have called numerous holding calls they missed on the cryboys o-line.

  14. I’m ashamed of Golden Tate. He didn’t even bother to engage Sean Lee in diplomatic talks before resorting to violence. I can’t believe the referee didn’t step in to protect that poor, innocent middle linebacker from that vicious 5’10” wide receiver. Come on, Golden. Don’t be such a bully. Next time, just take the high road and let him by to gently tackle your quarterback. There’s no place for violence on the football field.

  15. Of course Tate shouldn’t have blocked him. The whole Seattle team should be ashamed of itself, daring to block and tackle players from America’s Team. Didn’t they learn their parts from The Script? You’re not supposed to do that!

  16. On the Tate hit:

    From the 2011 rulebook, one definition of a defenseless player is “A player who receives a “blindside” block when the blocker is moving toward his own endline and approaches the opponent from behind or from the side.”

    It further goes on to say that players may not hit a defenseless player in the head or neck area, nor lead with the crown of their helmet.

    Whether or not people like the hit is irrelevant. It was illegal, plain and simple. This is not ‘Nam. This is football. There are rules.

  17. Based on the rulebook, the hit was completely legal and here is my evidence.

    1) Tate approached the opponent from the front, not from the side or behind.

    2) Initial contact was shoulder first in the center-chest area of Lee. His head was to the outside of the chest, arms and legs exploded through the block. Every offensive line coach in football would show this as a textbook block.

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