After debacle in Green Bay, Bears bench guard Chris Spencer


Bears quarterback Jay Cutler wasn’t happy with his offensive line on Thursday night in Green Bay, and now the team is making a change — though not with the lineman Cutler yelled at on the sidelines.

Instead of benching left tackle J’Marcus Webb, the subject of Cutler’s wrath when he was sacked seven times at Lambeau Field, the Bears are benching left guard Chris Spencer and replacing him in the starting lineup with Chilo Rachal.

Spencer started and played all 63 offensive snaps on Thursday night in Green Bay, while Rachal didn’t get on the field on offense at all. But after reviewing the tape, the Bears’ coaching staff has apparently decided that Spencer needs to be replaced.

Rachal, who signed with the Bears as a free agent this year after playing in 16 games and starting three for the 49ers last year, told the Chicago Tribune he thinks he’ll be ready to play at left guard, even though he’s more familiar with the right side.

This is the first time playing left guard in my career,” Rachal said. “I like it. I am naturally left-handed. I should like this position better than right. . . . This is a good opportunity. I have a small window and I want to maximize this opportunity because you never know when I’ll get this chance again.”

There’s been no word on whether the move meets with Cutler’s approval.

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  1. I agree with Flagg, replace Webb with Carimi or Williams. Webb should be a right tackle or swing tackle at most.

  2. Here’s the problem, we upgraded everything else but our O-Line. Our first pick (No offence to Shea) should have been oline. Also the Bears should have made a run at Demetrius Bell (aka Karl Malone Jr.) and paid him the money we saved by signing Forte long term.

    As for JWebb, he started the game alright and can stop a bull rush with the best of them. However any type of speed or stunt rush and he is done like dinner. Gabe doesn’t have enough experience to deal with a premier pass rusher yet, being behind with his injury from last year. They’ve tried Williams at LT in the past but he can never really hold up.

    Mr. Emery if you are listening please shore up the offensive line, not by scheme but with quality players.

  3. FANS – its only week 2…LOL relax…I believe Cutler got sacked 9 times against the Giants 2 years ago, changes were made, and they made it to the NFC Championship game.

    OLINE can be fixed by keeping a TE in the backfield!

  4. As a 49er fan, I’m warning you– begging you– do NOT start Chilo Rachal! If you think J’Marcus Webb is bad and causing Cutler to curse him out, Rachal is 10000000X worse. He’s literally a turnstile. Defenses know it, and they blitz his gap relentlessly.

    To start Rachal is to pretty much gurantee that Cutler will be injured sometime soon.

  5. Webb at least has the excuse that he was mostly going up against Clay Matthews with not much help. Spencer was getting tossed aside or stonewalled by pretty much every guy the Packers rotated in front of him.

  6. “There’s been no word on whether the move meets with Cutler’s approval.”

    Oh, that’s right…Not enough Cutler-bashing on here already.

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