After flagging Morgan, refs let Chris Long get away with taunting


On an NFL Sunday full of controversial calls, the most controversial of all came in St. Louis, when Redskins receiver Josh Morgan was flagged for a personal foul for throwing the ball at Rams cornerback Cortland Finnegan, a 15-yard penalty that took the Redskins out of range for a game-tying field goal. The NFL’s replacement officials were right to throw that flag on Morgan, but they were wrong not to throw a flag on the Rams as well.

Immediately after Morgan got his penalty, Rams defensive end Chris Long stood in front of the Redskins’ sideline, appearing to yell at Redskins players and pointing at his helmet, as if to say, “Use your head.” Long’s actions were a clear violation of the NFL’s definition of unsportsmanlike conduct, which prohibits “Using abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures to opponents” and “Using baiting or taunting acts or words that engender ill will between teams.”

So, you say, this is yet another example of a player committing a penalty that the officials didn’t see? Nope. The officials did see it. Here’s a brief clip that shows Long making the gesture toward the Redskins’ sideline and an official coming in and telling him to stop. What that brief clip doesn’t show is that after the official told him to stop, Long did stop — for about one second, before walking back toward the Redskins’ sideline and gesturing again, all in plain sight of the official who had just told him to stop.

It would be one thing if Long had simply made a brief gesture or a quick comment to a Redskins player in the heat of the moment after Morgan’s penalty. But Long made the gesture repeatedly, stopped for a moment and then went right back to doing it after an official specifically told him not to, right in front of that official.

If the officials had properly enforced the rule against taunting and thrown the flag on Long, the Redskins would have gotten the 15 yards back, and would have been right back in range for a 47-yard game-tying field goal. Instead, the Redskins missed on their attempt at a 62-yard field goal.

Again, the issue with the penalty on Morgan isn’t that it was the wrong call. It was the right call. The issue is that in the Redskins-Rams game, the penalty on Morgan seemed out of place because the officials repeatedly allowed players on both teams to get away with unsportsmanlike conduct after plays. Including letting Long get away with it, right after flagging Morgan for it.

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  1. More anti-replacement official propaganda. Taunting is a judgement call. Throwing a ball at somebody is not.

    Judgement calls are what they are, judgement calls. You cannot be wrong or right about them because everyone has an opinion.

  2. Chris Long is a piece of $hit! as much as i dislike howie’s announcing,he was a great player and would never have done this!

  3. Can’t wait until the regular officals come back we can get 10 reports a day about the mistakes the regular refs make. Your pro-NFLRA agenda is clear, you can stop writing articles pointing out every little mistake a replacement refs make. Something tells me that once the regular officals are back you won’t be writing 10 articles a day about their mistakes.

  4. Here’s what would have happened if they had flagged Long… offsetting penalties, redskins tie game with a FG, than found a way to lose the game, because they played like crap. Game over

  5. Guess i’am one of the few that loves the taunting, the trash talk, as long as you can back up your play and dont hurt your team. These guys have trained to hard to be nice guys.

  6. boo hoo hoo the rams upset the rg 3 pipedream via the media. let them taunt. when was the last time the rams won a game? get over it.

  7. The fact that articles are being written about replacement officials not flagging taunting makes me think that they are doing a really good job…

  8. The Rams started playing “chippy” from the first play of the game. I looked like they dared the refs to throw flags. How many times did RG3 get hit after the linemen took 2-3 clear steps at him AFTER he threw the ball?

    Rams are bush league. Finnegan is dirty and shame on Fischer for not controlling it.

  9. Or when the lineman tackled London Fletcher WAY after the play was over? OR when they called personal foul for hitting RGIII then not for hit on Bradford then again missing hit on RGIII when he slid again. It was HORRIBLE. It’s actually impossible to say who should have won this game because of the officiating. Steven Jackson non-td. Where was the whistle? No wonder he spiked it, there was no sign or whistle(that I saw or heard). This is too big an enterprise to be ruined by hacks. Imagine having a multi-billion dollar investment firm, but tried to stiff your compliance department on pay because they weren’t the rain-makers. Yeh, but they are the refs of that industry and you can’t run your business (well at least) without them.

  10. HEY ROGER youre a big man. Youre the sheriff. Is that what you need to hear? There it is. Now fix this embarrassing display of officiating. This is OUR game, not yours.

  11. We all need to remember: It’s all in Roger’s plan to keep the “Integrety of the Game”. Its totally rediculous that the game is being run by officials from pop warner.

  12. Aer example of, one guy just went too far. They let the taunting, and trash talking go on, but Morgan took it too far when he got up and threw the ball at someone.

    Just like the Eagles/Ravens game. They were letting the receivers and db’ get away with contact on both sides. Jones just went too far when he put a hand in Namdi’s face and turned his head, so he as flagged.

    There IS a difference between letting them play, and ignoring everything.

  13. I look at it like this, the Skins shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place. We put up too many points for the crappy Rams to come back on us. I do agree that calling a penalty on Morgan then ignoring Long’s is a huge mistake, infact inexcusable.

  14. flavordave says:
    “HEY ROGER youre a big man. Youre the sheriff. Is that what you need to hear? There it is. Now fix this embarrassing display of officiating. This is OUR game, not yours.”

    Dude get a life. This isn’t YOUR game. Until you come with a cool billion dollars and buy a team, this is the game of 32 people. They sell you a product. If you don’t like, don’t watch it.

  15. Skins supporters are crying so much, they forget about the missed/fouled up calls that SHOULD have gone against them. IMHO the Rams should have won by at least 17 points.

  16. How about the Rams dominated this game? Did anyone see it that way or was it just me? Let’s not flag Morgan and Flag Long and Finney instead and the skins would have settled for a FG or maybe a TD. Let’s go to earlier in the game when Eugene Simms had a “late hit” call on him that was definitely not late. It made a punt situation a 1st down, which later the Skins scored a TD on (7 points the Skins shouldn’t have had). SJax scored a TD that the refs somehow missed as well (4 more points the rams should have had.) The second series had a very debatable Gibson sideline catch, which could have equaled another 4 points for the rams. The game should have been a blow out, but people love RG3 and show no respect for the small market Rams and forget that Bradford and Amendola were the best on the field…

    GET OVER IT!!!

  17. Not surprising, the refs in that game were allowing the rams to play bounty gate the entire game and basically take cheap shot after cheap shot without incident. Obviously Finnegan punching morgan right in the face in front of the refs didnt warrant anything, but throwing a football did.

  18. funny how you guys mention this one no call but ignore tons of terrible ones earlier in the game.

    Point is there were calls back and forth, for both teams. Rams made more plays at the end of the game and the Redskins didn’t. Case in point – Hankerson dropped the bomb from RG3 on the same drive.

  19. ummm throwing the ball at someone deserves the flag as its the dumber oofense and well its also worse then pointing to your head and saying use ur head. he didnt throw his head at someone and say use it.

  20. It is moments like these (and there are many) that create and reinforce High School kids and parents to behave like they do. Most are civil and supportive, but a few, and we all have seen examples of this, are obnoxious JERKS that scream, gesture, taunt and generally demean the entire event.

    High School is where the cream of the football crop begins it’s coddling, exclusive mindset. NFL is where it attains it’s highest reward for success. When the NFL players and coaches behave like Long are not penalized, the youth see it and emulate, assuming it is also without consequence.

    Even drunk fans get ejected from the venue, and they have to PAY to be there. Who says TV doesn’t teach?

  21. Wow – did not see that. What a travestry of lopsided officiating.

    Hope the regular refs get back soon, but they are asking for too much money. I don’t care how much money the league makes, the refs don’t deserve a raise of that much.

    What if the unions guys who sweep the floors start demanding $100,000/year salary because the league makes billions, they can afford it. So it does not matter how much the league makes. What matters is how difficult the job is how much skill/talent/rarity it takes to do that job.

  22. The only thing that really matters is that steven jackson didnt play in the second half thus ruining my chances for an undefeated fantasy regular season and I know you all feel really bad for me. Thanks.for keeping me in your prayers for next week.

  23. I forgot what game i was watching yesterday when I saw a player grab the football right from the refs hand and waited for his coach to challenge the call…almost like a delay of game …i mean he took the ball from the ref as the ref was getting ready to spot the ball…wierd, and no flag.

  24. Again, all personal fouls need to be reviewed. Usually the refs only penalize 1 person when others are involved. 15 yards is too big of a penalty to make mistakes….same with interference, but that’s a whole other post.

  25. justintuckrule says: Sep 17, 2012 7:42 PM

    I love the replacement refs!! Call what’s blatantly obvious. Otherwise, let them play!
    Yeah, that was what happened yesterday, the replacement officials made a ton of great calls, and only missed the really iffy ones, like body-slamming London Fletcher when he was trying to get up; going helemt to helmet on a defenseless receiver so hard he was knocked unconcious two feet in front of a ref; and stomping on Brian Orakpo’s injured shoulder while he was on the ground going after a loose ball.

  26. What matters is how difficult the job is how much skill/talent/rarity it takes to do that job.
    There is a reason those locked out officials took charge of the games they were the best at their job. I don’t know how anyone can complain at people who want to be paid market rate. I think the NFL charging full price for joke pre-season games is far more egregious!!!

  27. smacklayer- I must have missed the team that Goodell owns. Can you enlighten me genius? Hes just a lawyer in charge, he doesnt own anything.

  28. Should have been called.He was told to stop and didn’t the refs were scared to make the call.The replacements are awful.Bad calls and making the games longer.Need the real ones back.

  29. Fisher won’t stop a nothing. He’s the originator of the bounty programs and Gregg Williams learned it from him.
    I cant figure out how this guy gets a free pass from the league. And he’s a terrible coach. Won’t do anything with the Rams just like the Titans.

  30. The regular refs blow it too all the time right in front of them. See the Super Bowl Steelers vs Seahawks. NFC Championship Saint Vs Vikings. Favre gets his ankle nearly torn off right in front of the official who is looking right at it. No flag. Even though hits below the knees on a QB were not allowed and even pointed out as a point of emphasis to the refs by the league. Bottom line is officials blow it all the time not just the replacements.

  31. And if the refs would have given Steven Jackson his touchdown he would have never spike the ball. Which would have never been a game for for a chance of a field goal to tie. Which would have force the redskins to try and score a touch done and not succeeding. Game 35-28 Rames. If you watched the game you would see there was more bad calls towards the Rams and the prevailed. Not a Rams fan, actually can’t stand them but hats off to them.

  32. It was Robinson that dropped the bomb. It’s amazing how the Rams fans here think that they are making objective evaluations. All that matters now are next week’s games. Skins fan don’t have to get over it, that’s for the team. The Skins are improved. That’s what I see.

  33. How do we even know he was yelling? And he was probably saying we’re in your head… not use your head, because that offense was flat in the second half

  34. The officials need to get ahold of these games. They have to start flagging and even ejecting players if need be instead of listening to them complain about every play. They are so indecisive. The coaches know this too and bullying the officials as well.

  35. What are we going to do about these awful replacement refs? Three adolescent monkeys on crack would be an upgrade over these bozos the NFL hired. Enough is enough. I just turned off Monday night football because I can’t take these clowns anymore. Thanks for ruining football Goodell you POS lying loser!!!

  36. I’ve never seen anything like this game in the NFL. The refs completely lost control of the entire game to the point where Fisher and Shanahan had to yell and scream to get them to throw flags at all. Pathetic.

  37. Taunting has never been called evenly, even when the “good” officials were in. They should probably just get rid of the rule.

  38. I often wonder why I read the gibberish in the comments section. I am amazed at some of the ridiculous though processes of people who post here. But I finally found someone who has a grip on reality.

    smacklayer says:
    Dude get a life. This isn’t YOUR game. Until you come with a cool billion dollars and buy a team, this is the game of 32 people. They sell you a product. If you don’t like, don’t watch it.

    Samcklayer gets it. If you are coming here to complain about the NFL, watch something else. If you think NFL prices are too high, stop buying tickets. If you think concession prices are too high, stop buying $10 beer and $7 hot dogs. We are not being forced to watch or pay the high prices! Our level of participation is 100% voluntary.

  39. ctiggs says:
    Sep 17, 2012 7:30 PM
    Guess i’am one of the few that loves the taunting, the trash talk, as long as you can back up your play and dont hurt your team. These guys have trained to hard to be nice guys.

     42 52 

    Couldn’t agree more- talk all you want if you back it up. I love seeing players that have that intensity. Everyone is hating on C. Finn but he plays good ball. If you hate it beat him, no joke look at Andre he just cracked him- who’s actually wrong there the guy who threw the punch or talked all day and pushed an all-pro to that level.

  40. I’m glad someone else noticed…I watched Long point at his head repeatedly, the very definition of taunting…actually the whole purpose of pointing at his head was to taunt!
    I guess the replacement officials didn’t get to that part of the rule book in their crash course on being an NFL official (well at least until they get canned an the real ones are back). At least they can brag about how they were one of the replacements that did such a crappy job.

  41. I mean, the Redskins were up 21-6 at one point, and they are complaining about refs? Seriously? What, suddenly the Rams are dirty? Should they always be a pushover? ‘Bout time the Rams showed some fight.

  42. Boo HOO. Chris said something not nice. Really??? Just can’t accept that the Skins got beat. And apparently they really do have thin skin to boot. Haha. Every team that lost this weekend has done nothing but WHINE.

  43. For all those saying that theyre wont be any articles about blown calls when the regular refs come back, its cuz the old refs are significantly more competent than these guys. Real refs don’t take 20 minutes to sort out every flag, and they know what the rules are.

  44. Stomped Orakpo’s shoulder going for a fumble? Even if it were true, a live ball means everyone is fair game, especially if they’re going after the ball.
    Cry baby Skins fans need to quit making with the Chad Dukes drama fest. (Get ’em.)

  45. First off, I would like to state that I am a Redskin fan, as you can imagine I am extremely upset by Josh Morgan’s moronic penalty. With that being said, who really knows which team would have won that game yesterday! I admit, on the drive that RG3 scored his first rushing TD, there were 2 personal fouls called. One of the penalties was a “late hit” on Griffin III, my friends and I all knew we got away with one on the call, it wasn’t a penalty, but we got 15 yards and 1st down on a play that would most likely have resulted in a punt. My main problem with the officials isn’t the fact that they often don’t make the right calls (although, that is a big deal), my main problem is that they are allowing these games to get out of control! That “game” resembled a hockey game due to the poor officiating! I never truly realized until yesterday how much we underestimate a good referee’s value in being able to control a group of 22 giant men (some 6’5 and 370 pounds) at one time. Had the referees had the BALLS to stand up to the players and let them know that their actions would eventually lead to an ejection, it would have been a completely different game. Keeping a very fast moving game in controll is no easy task I would imagine. I saw things in that game that I only heard stories myfather told me about games in the 70’s! London Fletcher’s back could have been broken on one play after the whistle, Fred Davis may still not be able to see how many fingers a doctor is holding to his face, the list goes on for both teams! I am not excusing the Redskins either, they played dirty at times, too! Had we won that game yesterday, of course I would be glad to start the season 2-0, but I would have been ashamed at the way my guys went about winning. I like hard hitting, in your face, smash mouth football, don’t get me wrong, but what we’re seeing is players on every team doing things thay they would never do if an experienced ref on the field (except Cortland Finnergan, dude doesn’t give a f*ck, although he’s a great corner) and it’s only going to get worse, and as these players continue to act like a bunch of prisoners during an escape riot, someone is going to get badly injured, possibly even killed! No, I’m not joking! What if things like this happen in the playoffs? This was a game between the 2nd worst team from 2o11 against the 6th worst team in 2011. If things like this happen in the playoffs, one of these players is going to lose their cool and attack an official. A lot of officials are older men, so what happens if a 350 lb man slams one of them to the ground after a BS call (or no call) and badly injures or kills him? What happens when all control is lost and an entire fight of over 100 players and coaches breaks out and a player on the ground gets stampeeded by 4 or 5 300 to 350 lb men? These referees need to keep the games in order, something that they proved they are not capable of doing on a weekly basis. Then, there is the whole crowd factor, something I have thought and worried about. Lots of people pay a lot of money to go to football games to have a good time and most importantly, watch their favorite team hopefully win. Lots (not all) of these people drink, some heavily during these games which gets them very amped, which you know if you’ve had the pleasure of seeing an NFL game live. What’s going to happen if this continues into the playoff race? All it will take is one bad call (or no call) that has delayed a game again by 5 – 10 minutes, and eventually a drunk group of fans will lead a charge onto the field, and in a mob-like atmosphere, lots will say, “I’ve had enough, too, I’m going too!” and eventually you will have thousands of fans on the field rioting, and someone will get hurt or even die! You may laugh and think that I’m exageratting, but I’m not. Wait and see. It will happen if these refs do not get these games in control, make correct calls, and make them without having to delay the game buy half of an NFL quarter. This is going to get worse before it gets better, and with all the missed calls this week, the replacements are feeling a lot of pressure this week to make the right call, so instead of seeing games where flags should have been thrown, you can expect the refs to throw flags at everything this weekend! If a player passes gas near another player, a 15 yard penalty will be called. As this weekend was a circus with not enough flags being thrown, I would bet money that next weekend will have the most penalties called in a weekend in the history of the NFL. Then…you are really going to see what out of control really looks like.

  46. “The officials did see it. Here’s a brief clip that shows Long making the gesture toward the Redskins’ sideline and an official coming in and telling him to stop. ”

    Wrong. Watch the clip. The official didn’t come in to tell him to stop. He simply wanted him to move away from the discussion that the other 2 officials were having. And if they threw a taunting flag on him for pointing to his head, it would be a bigger embarrassment than most everything else they have done.

  47. As a skins fan I am embarrassed that the rams beat them plain and simple But at the same time I give the rams credit for showing some fight they have been the laughing stock of the league for a while now and decided to fight back for once Maybe the skins will decide to do the same

  48. You heard Redskin Nation, folks.

    Chris Long was being a big meanie.

    Not only that, the Redskin players were getting hit too hard.

    We lost a Super Bowl because the regular officials wouldn’t call defensive holding all day, but taunting?

    That is beyond the pale.

  49. @ramcountry

    Redskins fans are not upset because our players were getting hit to hard. We are angry because our players were getting hit late. London fletcher getting body slammed while he is on the ground after the play is dead. Hitting Morgan in the head as he is standing up, thats unsportsman like conduct. Tons of late hits on Griffin after he has thrown the ball. Pushing Griffins head into the turf. Helmet to Helmet on a defenseless receiver.

    That being said there were crap calls for both sides. There is no way to know who should have won that game. The play by SJax was a touchdown but, He should have never been in that position. There should have been a penalty for challenging a play that is automatically challenged. That is a 15 yard penalty. The late hit on Griffin early in the game was wrong.

    Over all, the rams were playing a dirty game. Morgan broke at the wrong time. Bad calls. Missed calls. Horrible officiating. No clear answer on how the game would have turned out if the regular refs were in.

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