After trading Davis away, Dolphins find themselves thin at CB


The Dolphins signed free agent cornerback Richard Marshall because they needed depth at the position. But then they traded Vontae Davis for a future draft pick, putting them right back in the same spot.

So when Marshall was pulled in the second quarter because of a tight back, the Dolphins were scrambling to fill in.

With Sean Smith and backup Nolan Carroll on the edges, they had safety Jimmy Wilson playing nickel, according to Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The only other corner on the roster was R.J. Stanford, who they claimed off waivers from Carolina.

Marshall said he hoped to be able to play this week, but running short on cover players limited them scheme-wise, and could force them to make a move to cover a spot they made themselves thin at.

20 responses to “After trading Davis away, Dolphins find themselves thin at CB

  1. you say thin, I say more fit. We cut some fat, and got a nice 2nd round pick plus another late round pick. Not just a “future draft pick.” Marshall’s injury leaves us thin… although Carroll has played much better this season.

  2. I questioned the move myself and it will really sting if Davis succeeds in Indy. Is Davis that much of a diva or cancer that we needed to do this right before the season when there is nothin left to pick thru? Nothing bad was written about this player before and hes never been in trouble with the team or otherwise. He aint not Madison or Surtain but he aint no T.O either.

  3. Davis list his starting spot to Marshall because he was lazy and out of shape. It did not make sense to pay him first round starting corner money to play nickel back. It was a good move by the Dolphins. He has not lived up to expectations. I wish him well but I agree with the move.

  4. Vontae took plays off, and Jimmy Wilson did a couple of good things yesterday. I’m glad they got rid of him, it’s a touch of Brandon Marshall. He probably had something to say when Cutler didn’t throw him the ball on Monday. Both guys talk rubbish, so now they are gone.

  5. wannstache says:
    Sep 17, 2012 11:56 AM
    Marshall is a HUGE drop-off from Vontae and a major liability in coverage. Jimmy Wilson will turn out to be an upgrade.


    While Davis is more talented than Marshall, there really has not been a drop off. I believe it was last year where Miami lead the league in allowing passing plays of 20 yards or more. Davis was never committed to the game and it showed on hard knocks when he came to camp out of shape, then he took it a step further, showing his maturity as he asked for his grandma. This team has less depth with out him but there is no loss as far as the starting line up goes. There were a few CBs available after teams got their roster down to 53 and I fault Ireland for not addressing the issue then.

  6. Vontae has been in trouble with the team before. It has been written a d talked about. Many teams. Mostly minor things. Last year however, he showed up to practice drunk. Reported by many legitimate sources. Even his grandmother said he drank and partied a bit to much in an interview with Mike Bernadino. She implied it was just him being young. Well, he is young, but he gets payed a lot of cash to play a game. He should take his job seriously. He’s a good kid overall, but more than a few times, his immaturity has gotten him in trouble with the team. Try doing research before you comment. Oh, also, hard to take your point of view seriously when you use the word “ain’t” so often. Maybe a dictionary or thesaurus might help your blogging game, eh?

  7. “Is Davis that much of a diva or cancer that we needed to do this right before the season when there is nothin left to pick thru?”


    Yes and no. Davis was easily the most physically gifted CB on the roster. And at times he was brilliant. However, he was very inconsistent and it was apparent to the new coaching regime that he was not giving 100% dedicated to improving. He’s been skating by on raw ability for years. So in an effort to change the culture they shipped him out and got a nice pick for him. It was not a bad move, and it’s not like Miami was going to make a playoff run this season anyway.

  8. ” Nothing bad was written about this player before and hes never been in trouble with the team or otherwise”
    The guy that showed up to practice drunk?

    Hes been known to show up slow and out of shape almost every year. Takes him half the season to turn it on like the late 1st round pick he was

  9. The good news is that this is an issue only if the Dolphins lose. The bad news is that, being the Dolphins, they tend to lose a LOT.

  10. It don’t matter how much talent you have if you don’t use it. And he didn’t, so it was no loss, and any player can get injure, and there back up can also get injure, you can only have so many back ups for each position, this coaching staff are doing just what the Pats have been doing for years, I say about time. Bill

  11. spfripp:

    I’ve been watching Marshall closely in the preseason and the first two games, and he is very poor in coverage. This will catch up to them as more film on him is studied by better teams and QB’s. His guys are open ALOT.

  12. they needed to trade Vontae to get ready for the draft blitz they have planned next year…. this year is preaseason for them….

  13. I’m with those of you who point out Davis’s inconsistency. The guy could be absolute lock-down in some games, but get embarrassed in others.

    Vontae does seem like a basically decent guy, but he could be distracted. After giving him three years to figure out how to be a pro, with no obvious signs of maturing, it was time to trade him.

    In the short time I’ve seen Philbin, it seems like one thing he will not tolerate is a lack of consistent effort. Losing a decent CB does sting in the short-term, but I like the long-term implications. Let Jimmy Wilson and Sean Smith (who’s looked excellent, so far) evolve. Then, beef up the roster a little this year, and a lot more through free agency and the draft next year.

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