Break up the NFC West


Maligned (and rightfully so) for years, the NFC West could be on its way to becoming one of the best divisions in football.

Apart from having last year’s 13-3 conference finalists in San Francisco, the division sports the hottest regular-season franchise in football.  The Cardinals have won nine of their last 11 games.

Arizona got that ninth win in unlikely fashion, beating the Patriots in Foxboro.  Yes, it was a little fluky and a lot lucky, but the Cardinals did what no one thought they could do — especially since their Week One starting quarterback is injured and their star wideout caught only one pass.

Meanwhile, the Rams got to half of their 2011 win total by besting the Week One darlings of the league, and the Seahawks quietly body-slammed the Cowboys, a team everyone presumed was destined to exorcise 16 years of demons after an opening-night bean-stalking of the Giants.

Put it all together, and the four NFC West teams beat four 1-0 teams on Sunday, and the division now has two of the five 2-0 teams in the NFL.

So keep an eye on the NFC West.  And get ready for some great games as those four teams do their home-and-home round-robin.

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  1. If you’re going to call the Cards lucky, you also have to admit that the Rams were lucky not to go into overtime, at best.

  2. Are you delusional? I’m a Hawks fan, and even I know It’s going to be a fight to the death to win this thing. Oh BTW, the Niners are pretty damn good too.

  3. QB are important but the Cards have shown they are holding the remaining Aces and high cards in the form of Fitzgerald, Peterson, Cambell, Wilson, Heap and a killer defense that was able to get over the 9ers last year! Thow in Stephens Howling, Docekett Acho, Fleming and a bunch of young up and comers…the Cards are the best kept secret in the NFL! Oh, and they have a wiley and wise ex-Steeler coach who has already taken this team to the big dance once in his short time in the desert!

  4. Unfortunately this is old news for NFC West followers. Last year the NFC West had the 2nd best record against non division opponents only finishing behind the AFC Central. That includes the West beating the OVER HYPED NFC East last year in head-up meetings!! But due to the love for the NFC East by the media, nobody would ever get to know stuff like that!!!!!

  5. THAT is the funniest thing I have read on here yet!! Cardinals and Seahawks????? Neither have met their force from the niners yet. Wison as the best qb in the division? HAHAHAHA someone didnt watch him last week!!!

  6. Arizona or Seattle will beat out San Fransisco for the division??? Um… yeah, ok. The Cardinals are LUCKY…and it won’t last for the entire season (not with Kolb or Skelton at QB). The Seahawks have a good defense and runningback, but they also have a rookie quarterback and average (I’m being generous) wide receivers.
    The 49er’s are one of the best teams in the NFC. They finally have wide receivers for Alex Smith…who happens to look pretty good now that it’s his 2nd year in this system. They’ve still got Frank Gore and are using Kendell Hunter to keep Gore fresh. They’ve got Vernon Davis at tight end. Then there is that defense. They shut down Detroit’s offense last night.
    The 49er’s would have beaten the Giants in the NFC Championship game if it weren’t for their return man screwing up so badly.
    So, there’s NO WAY the Cardinals or Seahawks win the division…. unless the 49er’s lose half their starting defense and Frank Gore to injuries.

  7. Yeah right! I like the seabirds but the Niners will go undefeated to the Super Bowl! That team is nasty good on D & offense has shown to be pretty solid too! As much as it pains me to say, they have so many #1 picks from being bad so long, they are just drenched with talent

  8. @VoiceOfReasonSays: do you watch football? maybe im mistaken but im pretty sure the 49er defense is the most dominant unit in the NFL granted Az and Seattle’s defenses are no slouches and the rams is better, the 49ers have a top defense, a top oline, a top kicker, a top punter and a QB who has weapons and doesnt turn the ball over…how is that not a winning formula?!? oh and they can run the ball down your throats and wont let you run at all…yea maybe your right Az and Seattle are for sure the best in the west…smh

  9. Not only that; but coaching wise, the NFC West has the best personalities in the entire League.

    Ken Whisenhut, Pete Carrol, Jeff Fisher, J. Harbaugh. Top to bottom, there are some great coaches in this league. Look out NFL!!! Who doesn’t love a good underdog story…?

  10. AlanSaysYo says:Sep 17, 2012 8:06 AM

    If you’re going to call the Cards lucky, you also have to admit that the Rams were lucky not to go into overtime, at best

    Rams were lucky?Did you watch the game? The refs were absolutley terrible-calling a late hit on RGIII when he was clearly still in-bounds, Sjaxs obvious td that was ruled down. The refs gave the Skins every chance to win that game and the Rams still pulled it out

  11. Voice of reason is just a guy (or 12yr old girl( who tries to start crap in every post just to see who will respond.

    The Niners are the class of the division and league having beat two playoff teams fairly soundly. Now on to next week to finally watch Willis and Bowman vs AP. Should be fun

  12. Finally the NFC WEST is stepping it up…I was getting tired of the media and analyst calling this division weak. Time to put the NFC WEST back on the map.

  13. NFC west definitely is better than most people give them. The Niners are one of the best in the league and very physical all around. I think the Cardinals are sneaky good but have to play offensively better to beat the Niners. But Arizona’s defense is fast and because nobody respects them, they probably will still fly under the radar.
    But you match the Niners and Cards up and that’s a battle especially with the hatred between the two. That monday night game will be pretty big.

  14. Seahawks, Cardinals, and 49ers are fast becoming the class of the NFL. All are improved, but it looks like the 49ers have the slight edge in every category. What a great dogfight this division title is going to be.

  15. Whomever the winner is out of the NFC West, I think we can safely assume they will actually have a winning record to make the playoffs this year. I thought yesterday was one of the greatest days of football I have seen in a while. It was so nice to see MOST of the games be very close to the end. And 3 of the BIG surprise wins were from the NFC West. The other was from Miami! What fun!

  16. Wow wow wow you guys the Seahawks have beaten decent teams who weren’t even playoff teams last year the cards have done the same but they beat patriots who are not same as last year and didn’t have Hernandez. Plus coaching really wishenhut is good but carrol do you guys forget he is a 2 time loser as NFL coach. The niners are the only team to beat great teams and 2 teams who were playoff teams packers are an elite team who was beat at lambo and soundly lions are a great team who was also beat soundly. The 49ers are in a class of there own they are better than last year and teams still respect moss speed to we’re Mario Crabtree and Davis are haveing big years cause they are finally singled covered and Alex has moved into a top 10 QB check his numbers last 2 games he is dominate. Now we can have injuries to great players and could make it a dog fight but think with your heads and not your heart. But the niners got this division all locked up cards or Seahawks don’t have the talent to play with us 9ers are extremely deep there secondary is even better than last year and culliver is are 3rd CB Who would start on most teams. We have best safety tandem in league with Goldson & whinter look at the numbers The ints they get the hits there coverage and way they stuff the run over and over. Than you add the best LB corps in nfl easily with all pros and A. Smith who already has 3 sacks than a top 5 DL with the best DL player in nfl in J. Smith the only player in history being all pro at 2 spots. You have to admit that yes cards and Seahawks have some good players but not at niners level. On offense we have best oline in division with A. David coming into his own and Davis finally getting a solid guard next to him in Alex Boone who is big strong and nasty iupati being considered one of best guards in league and stayley & Goodwin both being pro bowlers than we have Davis who is well on his way to 15+ TD Over 1000 yards he is best TE in league a run game who has almost averaged 150 yards in the 2 games WR that are very good being the way Mario & crabs been playing and moss is very respected to get a huge cushion and he has been factor if only by occupying 2 CB and you guys know Seahawks or cards don’t compare to that.

  17. I like that someone posted that all of us who follow the NFC West have seen the improvement the last couple of years. I have no love for the 49ers but man that D is unreal especially when Justin Smith is taking on double teams and still taking down QB/RB’s for a loss. Cardinals interior d-line has monsters with Campbell and Dockett, even the Rams play smash mouth and if they can get protection for Bradford they will compete every game. Seahawk secondary is second to none in the league with the 4 we got back there. Just need some pass rushers to step up and its going to be a good year.

  18. Great job yesterday by the NFC West. I am a 49er fan, but found myself rooting for the other teams in the West against the teams they played. The best team in the division will get decided on the field as it should be, but it is great to see the division start getting coverage from the national media.

  19. I love all the media types that are shocked that the Cardinals won. You know who it’s shocking to? People that haven’t been paying attention. They rely on their preconceptions and their bias instead of doing their homework. They say, “All I know is they have a QB controversy, therefore they’ll go 1-15 (Bill Simmons).” When the 2 hottest teams in the league over the last 10 games meet head to head, neither outcome should be that surprising. Cardinals have one of the best defenses in the league. Show some respect.

  20. The 49ers will go something close to 14 and 2.
    Arizona and Seattle will both be 8-8 to 10-6 and 1 of those 2 have a serious shot at a wildcard.
    The Rams are still probably not quite there but getting better. 6-10 maybe?

  21. Lucky and flukey Cardinals win??

    Obviously you didn’t watch the game. Pats were beaten and only a lucky & flukey fumble recovery allowed the Pats a chance to win.

    Which they blew.

  22. Patriots trailed the whole game up until the point where they got a lucky break with a fumble.. yet it’s the Cardinals who were lucky ones. Gotta love the media.

  23. Hawks D will offset the 9ers D so we will see who has the better QB and running game, gonna be a freakin bloodbath, CAN’T WAIT!

  24. The NFC West has become what the NFC East was/is supposed to be.

    As a Seahawk fan, I have much respect for the Niners but I don’t fear them. We are built much the same way they are except our secondary is exceptional (and they have the edge in their front seven).

    The Niners had ALOT of things go their way last season, which is what you need to make a deep playoff run, but it’s something you can’t depend on. Should they even get a minor injury to Gore, Willis, Bowman or Smith, they will have issues.

    While the Cards have a very physical defense and an absolute stud in Fitz, I just don’t trust Kolb at all…never liked him even when he was with Philly (threw for lots of yards and also made lots of mistakes in judgement).

    Give Fisher a couple years and the Rams will be back on the map and will be a physical team as well.

    Looks like the AFC South is now the Pansie Division.

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