Cullen Jenkins was one snap away from playing offensive line


During the preseason, injuries at the defensive end position forced defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins outside.  But that’s nothing compared to what he almost had to do on Sunday.

With two starting offensive linemen hurt (King Dunlap and Jason Kelce) and only seven offensive linemen dressed for the game, the Eagles were one injury over the final 24 minutes away from using Jenkins on offense.

“[Coach Andy Reid] came and talked to me,” Jenkins said, via Andy Schwartz of  “That was definitely on my mind throughout the rest of the game.  When he came and told me at first, I didn’t know if he was joking or not.  The more you look at him, I’m like, he’s serious here.  I was looking at him and he was saying if somebody goes down, I’m coming at you.’  I just looked at him and realized, ‘He’s not joking.'”

Apart from the fact that Jenkins has never played offensive line (at any level of the sport) is the fact that the Ravens would have had extra incentive to tee off on him.  “I was like, ‘Oh man.’ I was just talking trash to their defensive line a second ago,” Jenkins said. “I’m like, ‘There will be some serious apologizing going on out there.'”

The Eagles ultimately didn’t have to use Jenkins on offense.  But it’s even more proof that having only 46 players dressed doesn’t mean that every team will have enough bodies to cover a rash of injuries at one position.

13 responses to “Cullen Jenkins was one snap away from playing offensive line

  1. Is there an official explanation as to why there are inactive players? If the inactives get paid no matter what, then what’s the point. Seems kind of stupid to put an inferior product on the field for some arcane reason.

  2. There used to be the “emergency quarterback” rule. That went away went they went from 45 to 46 active players. But indeed, why not 53, why not 50? Pro football can be weird.

  3. I agree. If they’re on the active roster, why not let EVERYONE dress? What is the point? This isn’t 1943 where it was tough to field a full team because of the war.

  4. The Jaguars went through the same thing last week – if Nwaneri had not been able to return and play on an ankle injury he picked up after Bradfield and Britton had already been injured, TE Zach Potter was going to have to play tackle.

    (Of course, after seeing the product this week with a street FA at LG and the ever-whiffing Guy Whimper at RT, perhaps they should still consider getting Potter some reps.)

  5. Giants lost their starting RB, RT and WR3 in the first half and had enough depth to cover.

    7 OL doesnt seem like enough. Another Reid blunderor do I have it wrong?

  6. Why would you play a DT who’s NEVER played O-Line on the offensive line? Play your best blocking tight end who practices run and pass blocking and lines up next to an offensive tackle during practice every day. He probably even knows a lot of the tackle’s responsibilities on plays as well. What a strange strange decision.

  7. This is kind of ironic.

    In 2010 the Packers had to use an offensive lineman (TJ Lange) on goalline defense. The reason: because Cullen Jenkins hurt himself kicking field goals (!) in warmups.

  8. This is why you shouldn’t be talking trash. Little things like karma can bite you in the rear.

    Seeing Jenkins on the line would have been hilarious to watch.

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