D.J. Moore on Jay Cutler: I don’t think you can act like that

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The Bears got back to business on Monday by making a change on their offensive line and updating the status of running back Matt Forte, likely hoping that would get people looking forward to Week Three instead of looking back to the loss to the Packers.

That might take another couple of days because while coach Lovie Smith was doing the housekeeping, cornerback D.J. Moore was talking about Cutler. And his comments didn’t do much to kill the notion that there is the potential for serious problems between the quarterback and his teammates in and out of the locker room. Moore first joked about how much coverage there’s been of Cutler yelling at left tackle J’Marcus Webb last Thursday, but then veered into a criticism of the quarterback’s sideline demeanor.

“I don’t think you can act like that, though. To make it seem like it’s just my fault or what not, I think it’s just wrong, though honestly,” Moore said, via Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I would feel a certain way if he did me like that, to make it seem like, ‘Well, the reason I’m having a bad game is because is what you’re doing and not about me taking accountability for myself because I’m throwing these type of passes and doing these type of reads.’ It’s a tough situation.”

It’s a bit more honesty than we were expecting to see from a current member of the Bears on the Cutler issue as players tend to tread carefully when it comes to slagging teammates publicly. Moore doesn’t speak for everyone in the locker room, but his willingness to say it tells you that there isn’t much uneasiness about speaking one’s mind about the quarterback.

Moore went on to hit on something that gets to the heart of how this will wind up playing out. Moore predicted Cutler would connect on a few passes and people will stop talking about what happened in Green Bay. If Cutler and the Bears win his behavior will get filtered differently, the same way it gets filtered differently for other quarterbacks with a resume that gives them more leeway to point fingers when things go wrong.

33 responses to “D.J. Moore on Jay Cutler: I don’t think you can act like that

  1. And so it begins……

    The reason Marino and Brady got away with yelling at teammates would be because those guys respected their QB’s I’d say. With Cutler it would appear not so much.

    This isn’t going to end well for Mr Poutyface me thinks.

  2. D.J. Moore must be compiling his media resume post-football career (with nbcsports perhaps?) with this Cutler bash.

    I work at a high profile bakery, my boss calls me out and yells at me all the time and I’m certain that its not a big deal.

  3. If the Bears win the next 2 or 3 of 3 games, then this will start to recede, but if they lose a couple, this will get even worse and we will have a real problem. Winning is a great remedy for locker room woe and QBs that say or do stupid things

  4. “Cutler should learn from Vick.”

    Seriously? I’m the first to agree that the perpetually petulant Cutler could stand to improve both on and off the field, but since when is an illiterate, wildly inconsistent sociopath held up as some sort of ultimate role model?!

  5. If this team doesn’t watch out the Rams might march right into Soldier field and beat them Sunday

  6. …and the next story is the benching of their starting guard. I’m no cutler apologist but it seems fans’ hatred of cutler blinds them from the fact that ever since he put on a bears helmet, he has had nothing but terrible protection due to schemes (Martz) or personnel (today). Go Lions!

  7. I’m not a fan of Jay Cutler, but his offensive line is the worst I’ve seen since the one that got David Carr nearly killed with the Houston Texans.

  8. The Bears were my surprise team, the underdog that takes over the NFC, but not if their players can’t keep the team together. The blaming game can ruin a team in no time. Cutler needs to bite the Bullet and accept that his O-line is a slight mess,. Help them get back on track and get that Division.

  9. Cutler’s won 15 out of his last 21 games. We all saw what happened when he got injured last season. Sounds like his teammates need to realize they are professionals getting paid very well to do a job. This isn’t the boy scouts where everybody gets along.

  10. sedcontra97 says:
    Sep 17, 2012 2:34 PM
    Denver fans – even Manning aside, do you really miss this qb?


    Were Denver fans bashing Cutler BEFORE he was traded? All I heard was positive things. If that’s not sour grapes then I don’t know what is….

  11. Leaving aside the whole yelling/shove thing, it seems like what Moore is saying is that a guy can’t get away with yelling if he doesn’t take accountability for his own bad play. And Cutler does not do that. I don’t have a problem with Cutler’s telling Webb to “get his bleeping head in the game.” (The shove was going too far.) I have a problem with his never saying, “you know, we didn’t play well on offense and IT STARTS WITH ME.” Admitting you messed up is the sign of a real man, not a weak man. It’s a team game, you have to be there for your teammates privately and publicly. Guys play better for a QB who has their backs and shows the world it’s about the whole TEAM and he’s not above criticism.
    Cutler may indeed feel that way, he just doesn’t act that way.

  12. Cutler is lucky he is a football player and not a soldier,,,he’d probably be a victim of friendly fire,,

  13. DJ Moore needs to focus on Ram’s game tape and stay clear of making comments to the only chance he has of getting to the post season. The Bears without Jay Cutler are absolutely offense-less, proved that last season!

    Bears PR Department get your head straight!

  14. You left out DJ Moore’s best line.

    “I don’t feel for Cut. He knows what he was doing. I don’t think you do that. I think if you have a problem with (Webb), maybe do that in the locker room or something. It’s like bad-mouthing someone in the media. It’s just weird.”

    How ironic of Moore to make that statement.

  15. As for Jay Cutler, I feel for the dude. Deion Sanders after the game said he doesn’t know why Cutler was yelling at his O-Line b/c he got sacked 7 times…he said that Rodgers was sacked 5 times so there should be no complaining.

    …I don’t know if he was watching the same game as the rest of the world. Cutler was pressured, hit, hurried, knocked down, pushed, sacked, a gazillion times throughout the entire game.

    Rodgers didn’t have that same pressure on him at all. Yeah, he got sacked 5 times and got hurried a bit, but no where NEAR as much as Cutler.

    Bears O-Line were in the Green Bay spirit and they chose to be swiss cheese w/ all them holes.

    Brady does it all the time. Peyton does it all the time. Cutler is dying out there and the media is all bananas defending J’Marcus Webb.

    But I still think the Bears will hopefully be good to go.

  16. I’ll agree that the Bears offensive line is nothing to write home about. That being the case, and since just about every living human on or off this planet understands that, don’t you think Cutler would get rid of the ball quicker? Shouldn’t he be complaining to Mike Tice about maybe using more short drops than 7 step drops? Or maybe, just maybe, complain to the front office about them continuing to ignore the teams most glaring need for about four seasons now?

    Or maybe Cutler should just shut his pie hole…because if I were an offensive lineman I might just pull one of those “Longest Yard” moves and let the D-lineman just waltz in and crush that pouty little snotrag.

  17. It’s on both.
    A) the offensive line is horrible and it is their fault.
    B) Cutler held the ball a second or two too long and refused to throw it away and it is his fault.

  18. Cutler was being a bully to Webb because he could get away with it. Webb knows he’s one of the worst LTs in football. If he let’s the human emotions get the better of him, and he gets in Cutler’s face or better yet shoves Cutler back after Cutler’s little scream and bump, he gets cut, and nobody signs him because he sucks.

    If a player the Bears have an investment in, like say Gabe Carimi, had blown a block, Cutler’s not pulling the same act. Carimi could in theory scream right back or shove right back, and at worst, be suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Even if the worst case scenario happened to Carimi, he could catch on elsewhere under the argument that it was Jay Cutler and he couldn’t help himself.

  19. I love Cutler bashing, and enjoy the opportunity to bash Cutler defenders at the same time. Listen Cutler has all the tangible assets to be a good QB, arm strength, motion, intelligence, etc… What he is missing is just as many: decision making, leadership, attitude, and an O-Line.

    The root of Cutler’s problem is himself, he gets pouty and butt hurt from getting sacked constantly. Then proceeds to yell at his teammates unless they are the one’s that he is chummy with (B-Marsh). He holds the ball to long trying to make something on every play. Remember he had the same problem in Denver and never did better than 8-8.

    Chicago’s O-Line is not great but once again they can only protect so long, and Cutler often holds that ball way to long. Until Cutler stops trying to make his mark of “The Strongest Arm in the NFL”, and changes his attitude towards his teammates, he will continue to be an above average QB that continues to play at an average level.

    Chicago thanks for taking him, but Orton was no better, at least Orton did not cry all the time. Now someone go change Jay’s diaper.

  20. Webb was called out by the coaching staff in the preseason when he was left in for almost the entire 1st game. His response, well we all saw how lousy he played Thursday night. The team has stuck with him, saying his size and strength should make him dominate. His critique is that he doesn’t play mean enough. On the play in question he had one job, block Clay Matthews, and Webb didn’t even touch the guy. Did Cutler make some mistakes? Yes, but when he does he puts more pressure on himself. When Webb makes a mistake he continues like nothing has happened, and then the same old thing happens all over again.

  21. educatedopinion2073 says:
    Sep 17, 2012 4:08 PM
    I love Cutler bashing, and enjoy the opportunity to bash Cutler defenders at the same time.


    You need to find a girlfriend…………

  22. Two points:

    1) There were a couple plays where Clay Matthews was almost by Webb before Webb got out of his stance. A two-point stance. And there were several times where lineman last year would run past him and he couldn’t even *touch* them.

    Seriously, stand back there, play after play, and take the abuse he takes. See if you have any words of encouragement for one of the worst left tackles I’ve ever seen play the game.

    2) Rodgers gets a complete pass for bawling out his WR? He didn’t exactly have a banner game (His punter threw for as many TDs, and one less INT).

    Cutler had an opportunity to do that to Bennett when he just sat there like a lawn gnome as a safety came back from ten yards behind him to catch a ball 3 yards in front of him. He also could have yelled at Marshall for dropping what would have been a 13-10 TD.

    But instead, Cutler targets his ire at someone paid to block pass rushers who could barely get a hand on pass rushers. I know he’s an unlikable jackwagon, but for crying out loud, I’m not usually a jerk and I’d be yelling at the guy. (Until he realizes he’s got a foot and 150 pounds on me and breaks me.)

  23. Did anyone notice Andrew Luck getting in his O linemens grill when the Bears were constantly in the back field? How about during the Vikings game when his back up center couldn’t get the ball to him while he was in the shotgun formation? No? I guess he knows how to be a leader and Cutler does not.

  24. Cutler has all of the physical tools to be a GREAT QB. His issue is from the neck up. Bottom line is, the man is NOT a LEADER. Any “captain” can sail the ship on calm sea’s, but when the storm is present, that’s when the real leader appears. Cutler has failed the test over and over again.

  25. Dj needs to go out the same door Webb get sent out of …TODAY or Lovie needs to go for not shutting this down an letting it be known that Cutler is the FACE of the Chicago Bears an the franchise player.

  26. Cutler has never shown an ability to lead Men. In none of his stops, Vanderbilt, Denver and yet in Chicago has he been ‘A Winner’. BTW, why do you supposed a QB with the physical skills to be a ‘Franchise Guy’ was traded for what ammounted to a few shillings and a large pizza? Anyway, Leaders set the bar by playing hurt and injured. Leaders make players better. True leaders are always among the hardest workers(when noone is watching). Leaders are often beyond reproach(not perfect) because they work harder, longer and they raise group standards. And when true leaders criticize there is a reservoir of respect for the leader that doesnt allow the issue to become personal….Jay Cutler has no reservoir or real goodwill built up…


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