Dez Bryant not making an early impact for Cowboys


Even through his off-field troubles, Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was productive on the field this preseason.

That’s largely gone away, as he has just seven catches for 102 yards and no scores through two games. Yesterday was especially shaky, as he had two drops and muffed a punt in the loss at Seattle.

Not a setback at all,” Bryant said , via Calvin Watkins of “I’m just going in and learning from the mistakes and going on to the next game.”

Bryant’s had a hard time getting open, in part because of the different coverages he’s seeing this year. It shows in his ability to make plays downfield, as he has just one catch of more than 20 yards, after having 17 last year.

Quarterback Tony Romo spread the ball around to seven different receivers, but Bryant wasn’t able to make the expected impact.

“You can say that there was frustration,” Bryant said. “It’s all about, really today, it was all about getting over it and seeing if we can move on from it. But it was tough times in this game and we’ve just got to put it behind us and move forward.”

It’s early, and he started slowly last year.

But after a few weeks of relative calm, he’s not doing nearly what they expected.

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  1. The problems with the Cowboys, and i’m a Cowboys fan, is two fold.

    The lack of accountibility throughout the orginization. Owner to head coach. Head coach to players. Players to one another.

    Secondly, there are not many players on that team that take a loss personally. No killer instinct. Bilichick, Brady, Ray Lewis, they want to beat you in the worst way, with all they have. There is none of this with the Cowboys.

    It’s an institutional problem in Dallas and won’t be fixed anytime soon.

  2. fmwarner says:
    Anytime a team manages to almost beat the Rams, it’s a clear sign that they’re playoff bound.
    Um…the cowboys didn’t play the Rams. Maybe I’m just being picky.

  3. “Not to pile on Dez, but sounds like on the INT Romo threw, that Dez was in the wrong spot and brought his defender over near Witten resulting in a pick. Dez draws coverage that does help his teammates.”


    I believe the article was on espn or, but it said Witten ran the wrong route, not Dez.

  4. Shows you guys don’t really scout well for fantasy talent lol.

    Miles Austin was/should still be the #1 on that team. He’s the better router runner with just as good of hands and just as athletic.

    Couple that with Witten who’s pretty much the most targeted Cowboy, and Demarco Murray who should be taking a large portion of snaps now.

    Bryant was never a great choice for a fantasy receiver unless he’s your flex play.

  5. For some reason JG doesn’t like to adjust his playcalling to suit the situation. He has a very unsettled (putting it nicely) O-line. Call rollouts to ease the pressure. Romo ends up rolling out to save his life anyway. Calling it from the huddle at least let’s your line and WRs know what to expect.

    Romo rolls out to Bryant’s side. Now the defense really has to adjust. You going to bring the safety up to cover the QB run? Or keep him deep and let Romo pick up 6 yards or hit a TE or RB for 6 yards?

  6. This is the most overhyped player in the nfl. Never even had a 1,000 yard season. Hakeem nicks for instance is much less discussed and much better.

  7. Ok. I have been reading PFT for years but I haven’t created an account until today. As you can see by my username, I have been a TRUE cowboys fan since I was a kid. I have read all the comments from haters, bandwaggoners, and legit fans from all of the NFC beast fans. Here is my take from the Cowboys/Seahawks game:

    1.The Cowboys got WHIPPED from the opening kickoff until the clock read 0:00 in the 4th qtr.
    2. The Cowboys played SOFT the whole game!!! Offensively and Defensively! I blame this on the players and coaches!
    3. All I have heard since training camp started was all of these LEADERS that have stepped up! Ok, where were they Sunday?

  8. i think the biggest problem with the cowboys is leadership, they have the talent to be a great team. if they could play fired up like they did against the gaints week one they would be a force. it all starts with the owner and gm and thats why this team is devoid of leaders. get rid of jerry and you would be a force.

  9. boysfansince77 says:
    “All I have heard since training camp started was all of these LEADERS that have stepped up! Ok, where were they Sunday?”

    Having leaders doesn’t mean you win every game. Having leaders doesn’t mean you don’t get blown out occasionally. Brees is the leader of the Saints – how are they doing? Brady is the leader of the Pats – how are they doing? Go back in time (before you were a fan) and you’ll see a Staubach-led team get blown out by the Cardinals.

    Vick is the antithesis of a leader and they are 2-0. Don’t be so quick to blame or praise leadership for wins. Like everything else in football, it takes a whole lot of moving parts working in sync to win. Or just hope to get lucky.

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