Diehl has MCL injury


As expected, an MRI conducted on the right knee of Giants offensive lineman David Diehl reveals an injury to his MCL, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

That’s good news for the Giants, since it’s not an ACL injury.

The MCL, a rope-like ligament, can regenerate without surgery, unless it’s fully torn.  In this case, Diehl’s MCL isn’t fully torn.  It’s currently unknown, however, how much time he’ll miss.

Diehl has been a jack of all trades for the Giants over the years.  He’s currently the starting right tackle.

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  1. not to be harsh, but the o-line was great in the 2nd half without him. g-men sould be ok until he recovers. the o-line will be a work in progress all year. luckily the giants have a great o-line coach in flaherty.

    time will tell come December when the playoffs loom ( giants should be in the mix again)

  2. Ok. So you guys are saying the Offense was better off without Diehl?

    Let’s just say that’s true… What does the defense use as an excuse? They were really a joke. I’ll buy the Diehl observation, but what about the “D”? We should be very concerned. My opinion.

  3. We were better without Diehl IMO. He whiffs on tons of blocks. He had been getting by on former All Pro rep the past two years. Love Dave Diehl, but we had running lanes and pass protection was better after he went out. Can’t say it will always be that way, but he is slow out of his crouch in pass protection and Eli had ALL DAY to make all world throws after he left.

  4. Defense has no excuse whatsoever. But being a former defender and naturally watching the trenches down to technique and everything on the offensive lines, I notice a few key things in these two games thus far:

    — Tuck is not shedding blocks well at all. They are doubling him SOME, but not as much as some people may think. Even when he’s lined up at DT, where he is normally unblockable, he’s not doing anything. He’s also whiffing on tackles. Abandoning his rush lane assignments, so he gets caught “in between”; not getting to the QB, and a step out of place to make stops on run. Correctable though.

    — They are doubling JP MUCH more than anyone else. And Fewell has lined him up at each of the four slots on the line (far too much on the right side at DT, and he’s still not that effective when at LE, although he has gotten pressure on that side). They double him almost exclusively when he’s at RE.

    — Osi is getting blown up on bull rush attempts and just flat out not getting there. The wide rush technique continues to provide rushing lanes on inside handoffs and off tackle runs. It hasn’t been brutal, but he’s not doing anything on the run and not getting there.

    — There is a lot of doubling taking place against the defensive line, which is why you see all the sacks and pressures coming from Joseph, Bernard, Blackburn and JP (when he was lined up inside).

    — Linebackers have been okay. But I still say I want to see Herzlich. Chase may know the defense better than anyone, but he’s slow. Herzlich has more speed and burst. Boley has played well. Rivers would have made a substantial difference yesterday. Kiwi has been so-so. Not bad at all, not great, either. They are not getting gashed on the run (the blown tackles vs. DAL made it look worse than it was).

    — Webster may be on acid. It’s bad enough that Fewell has him playing off and too much inside technique (look at the big plays, all against off and inside technique). He’s better in press, and that’s why he’s not as highly regarded around the league as he should be.

    — Rolle has been LOST. Considering he is supposed to know all the keys and calls out looks after the initial call by Blackburn or Boley, why is he out of position so frequently??? You haven’t seen this from him at any point before.

    — Phillips is FLYING to the ball, and I love it. That hit yesterday was clean, and it changed the tide of the game.

    — Amukamara BETTER play Thursday or we may be in trouble. Coe is SOLID. Not great, not terrible, and he sticks his nose in there.

    — Tryon needs to be left in Charlotte to walk TRYON STREET. The guy is brutal. I haven’t played CB since I last played football 10 years ago, and I could cover better than him. GET. HIM. OUTTA. HERE.

    Overall, Fewell is calling some ridiculous stuff, man. I give him a pass, because he will have them in position to do things when the games are on the line (which he did other than putting Tryon in there… on an island… for God only KNOWS why).

    But I am not worried about the defense. I need to see the offense sustain drives. The defense has been on the field far too much early in both games. Give them time.

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