Drayton Florence joins the injured Lions cornerback fraternity


If a Lions game happened and a defensive back didn’t get injured, would it make a sound?

We may never find out the answer to that question. The already injury-ravaged Lions secondary took another hit on Sunday night when Drayton Florence suffered an injury to his forearm. Coach Jim Schwartz gave an update on his condition Monday and you haven’t been following the story of the Lions secondary this season if you think you’re about to hear good news.

“He’s in the process right now of going through it,” Schwartz said, via Anwar Richardson of MLive.com. “He got some preliminary stuff at the stadium, but he’s going to have some more stuff. It doesn’t look real good, but we’ll see.”

Florence started on Sunday night because the Lions were already without Chris Houston and Bill Bentley. Houston hasn’t played since spraining his ankle in the third preseason game and Bentley suffered a concussion in the season opener. There’s no word yet on whether they’ll be available for the Lions in Week Three and the team is down to three healthy corners at present.

They’re also still without safety Louis Delmas, which means that the team is getting close to having as many injured defensive backs as healthy ones. Needless to say, that’s not a good thing for a football team.

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  1. It’s crazy that they were competitive last night. They were their top 2 corners, and lost their 3rd. And they were missing their starting safety.

    If the DB’s could stay healthy, Detroit could be really good. They just need to stay healthy and actually have a healthy corner.

  2. I have been saying for the last two drafts that we need to find guys for the secondary…but we rarely do. The free agents we go after either are scraps or quick to injury.

  3. Lions fan here. I couldn’t disagree more w/Mr W comment that our LB’s are the weak link. Last nights game was the first time they were flying to the ball w/plenty of TFL even.

    Wendling is a great ST player but unfortunately we have nothing in terms of depth at S. Spievey experiment should’ve ended last year, Delmas never healthy.

    Lacey did what he was brought in to do which is tackle and florence played like a savvy veteran would.

    I understand from a team perception standpoint taking Reiff was the best move in the draft. But if he’s not starting you’re telling me we couldn’t find another T late in the draft like the few that are starting. CB Jenkins, regardless of the backlash is the pick that should’ve happened. Looking forward to Houston, Delmas and Bentley getting back to action.

  4. Mr. Wright 212 says: Sep 17, 2012 5:32 PM

    Despite that, their LBs look like the real weak link and they’re all HEALTHY. They were lost in coverage all game last night AND vs. STL.


    and here’s a comment from someone who obviously didnt watch both games..

    the LBs were the BEST group vs STL…locked S.jackson up, he didnt do anything..and Durant led the team in tackles with 12.5…

    yea last night our entire TEAM missed tackles on Gore, but i recall several times last night that Levy stepped up and made key tackles in the back field….

    ….know the facts Bro, dont just talk because its easy to down our Def/secondary right now…we’re STILL competitive even if we have H.S players playing DB for us…

  5. Seriously….at what point do the Lions just say “screw it” and trade some future draft picks for a really good shut-down corner? I think it’s something they should have done long ago. Although, at this rate, he’d be injured by now too.

  6. I’m happy that, for the most part, Lions’ fans have not complained about the injury bug. It’s part of the game and football is a sport about depth, as much as genuine talent.

    Most good fans know the injury Ziggy can hit any team at any time, and that’s why you rarely hear us talk smack about…because we’re all afraid of jinxing our own squad. Get well soon Detroit DBs…no excuses and next man up.

  7. Its all good talking about trading draft picks for good corners, but you still have to pay good money to the player and we dont have any left.

  8. You guys beat me to it..

    Mr. Wright 212…You obviously have no watched a Lions game this year. The linebackers have been arguable the bright spot of this defense this season. And i never thought id say this, but DeAndre Levy has actually looked really good.

    Back on topic..
    Im hoping to God the lions dont re-sign FA to be Louis Delmas. Even when hes healthy its not like QBs fear him. Sure, hes good. But guys talk like hes Ed Reed or something. Waste of roster spot and money, hate to say it. We need BOTH a free safety and strong safety, because the SAFETY position is the Lions biggest need.

  9. If you watched last nights game you saw a dominant niners team in all respects. The Lions could have made it close if they had those shut down corners.
    They may make the playoffs but that’s it. Their achiles heel is DB’s. Ditto the Packers.
    I’d like to know where the niners got all those great DB’s from?????????????????????

  10. What is weird is that Florence is not a player that gets hurt much. The Lions must have pissed off the football gods or something.

  11. Here’s how to win if your not the niners. Put four five hundred pound linemen in to stop the run. Get the five best DB’s that have ever played and let th QB pass and get intercepted. Screw Shu and all the others. If the QB can get off a pass, the DB’s are giving it up. Shu and and the lions are not getting it done

  12. Sorry to say but it looks like this might be a step back year for the Honnolulu Blue & Silver bunch. They may be able to get to 9-7 but the real improvement will come with a few more pieces next year and deep playoff run. With this many injuries you can’t say depth is at fault because even if they had it they would be hurt too. The bottom line is the starters in the defensive backfield aren’t good enough to get it done even when healthy.

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