Greg Schiano stands by his approach to kneel-downs


A day later, Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano isn’t second-guessing himself about telling his defensive linemen to fire off the ball and try to get through the line and cause a fumble when the Giants were kneeling down to run out the clock on the final play of Sunday’s game.

Schiano said at his press conference today that he stands by what he did and that it’s part of his overall philosophy of coaching, which is that every player is expected to go all-out on every play of every game.

I don’t have any regrets or remorse,” Schiano said, adding that during his time at Rutgers his players successfully forced fumbles on kneel-down plays multiple times.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin, however, is upset with Schiano, saying that that’s not the way professional football players and coaches are supposed to conduct themselves: Coughlin believes Schiano telling his players to go low into the line on a kneel-down play is risking injuries for no reason.

What Schiano and the Bucs did isn’t against the rules of the NFL, but is it against the rules of proper decorum and sportsmanlike play that we should expect in the NFL? We’ll let PFT Planet weigh in.

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  1. Its a 60 minute game. If Coughlin had 2 minutes left and was goign to kneel on 4 plays – were the Bucs just supposed to say – oh well, we’ll sit out the last 2 minutes and let them win!?

  2. It’s not illegal, but it’s still not right. Just wait till someone does it to them, and brings the house on his OL & QB.

  3. Nothing says, “rookie head coach” like that bush league move did. Schiano is no longer in any position to whine when another team leaves their starters in and runs it up on him one day. Hey, they were just playing hard to the final whistle, right?

  4. There’s a reason Tom Brady gets that ball into the ground in a hurry when he’s spiking the ball, killing the clock.

    I don’t watch a lot of other teams, but I’m sure many of them practice this same thing.

  5. I don’t have a problem with it. In a one-score game it’s ridiculous to see guys from both teams just standing around in the last minute or two after a QB takes a knee to kill the clock. Play hard until the clock reads all zeroes.

  6. If the Giants tried to throw deep or tried to legally block low one of the Tampa Bay defenders in that situation, people would be losing their mind. It’s the end of the game. You can fire off the ball (in case of a fumble) without diving at people’s knees.

  7. I saw the highlight of that last night and laughed. Then I thought, hey why have i not seen any other team do that, because it totally makes sense in a close game. Then I thought, who the hell is this Greg Schiano dude?

  8. There needs to be a 3rd option on the poll for ‘It’s ok when there is still a chance to win the game.’ I agree with what a bunch of posters said earlier: If they were down by 2 scores it would’ve been classless, but a tie was within reach so why not place to the whistle?

  9. I really don’t get Coughlin’s standpoint. I totally think kneeldowns should be illegal. Actually “killing” the clock bares nothing positive for the game.

    The Cards – Pats game showed how a game can stay competitive until the end if the ball needs to be run.

    To tee off on an opponent for actually playing for the full length of the game and whilst staying within the rules sounds absolutely ridiculous to me.

  10. If the qb is still standing when you hit him fine.

    If the qb’s knee is on the ground the player who hit him and the coach who ordered it get suspended w/o pay for a game.

  11. The Bucs should expect full contact blind side tackles during the coin flip next time the play the Giants.

    Hopefully no players will be injured, but Schiano shouldn’t blame Coughlin for wanting his players to play hard all day.

  12. Why complain about it why not just put the QB in shotgun or use a punt formation and kneel from there? That way the line play can stay the same and no need to worry about a fumble or your QB getting hit

  13. Still shocked there is so much debate. Im amazed that people are actually saying that a team is expected to quit playing on a kneel down in a one possession game. This should some it up, Eli fumbled a snap in the game, if fumbles the last and Bucs are not rushing, there is no chance for a recovery. Peter king said in his column that it was a bad play because there is only a 1 in 1000 chance of recovery!! Wouldn’t you want your team to go for that chance! The Bucs quit all last year and were ridiculed, now they play till the game is over and it’s a issue. This must be a new York bias. Let’s describe the play. The giants snapped the ball and the defensive line did something crazy, they rushed!! How awful a team are they to have the audacity to rush when the ball is snapped. On a side note, offensive lineman complaining about other players diving at there knees??? Come on, they block down on defensive lineman knees all the time and it’s legal. Hey mr. Chris snee, let me I Introduce you to my friend the kettle and he’s black. Come on!!!!

  14. Guys are taught to play until the whistle blows. Same type of thing. Why would you give them the game? If Tom C doesn’t like it he can run a couple of plays and take a chance of losing a fumble and the game.

  15. There were 5 seconds left in the game. The GIants weren’t killing the last minute and a half of the game, although that does happen. Again, people would be killing the Giants if they threw it deep on that play, but it’s ok for the defense to keep playing at 100%? Why? It’s the same theory.

    You can’t have it both ways. It can’t be “It’s ok for the Bucs to dive at the legs of the Giants because it’s still a 1 score game, the Bucs could get a TD and tie!” and at the same time be “the Giants better not try to score, that’s running it up and classless.”

  16. I posted this earlier but I have always hated kneel downs. Especially when there are 3 in a row. They should make a rule that says under 2 minutes, if you don’t get the ball to the line of scrimmage or beyond, then the clock will stop. That will force teams to try to run out the clock by actually playing football. And then we would see some excitement when someone fumbles it away.

  17. So a coach decides to do everything he can to win a game, rather than concede even when the odds look long? A coach who doesn’t believe a game is lost until the clock reads 0:00?

    Glad he’s our coach.

  18. Let’s assume that the Bucs recovered a fumble on the kneel down and score a TD to win the game. Today, everyone would be killing Coughlin for taking the kneel down lightly and not anticipating a fumble possibility.

    Now, let’s assume the Bucs won and at the end of the year, they get in the playoffs over a tie-breaker over the Giants.

    Does everyone still feel like it’s bush-league?

    Coughlin needs to get the sand out and quit whining !!!!

  19. If Tom Coughlin, in all his years of coaching, never told his team to play for 60 minutes or to “leave nothing on the field”, I will intentionally soil myself.

  20. Chiefs won against San Diego 2 years ago when SD fumbled the kneel down on opening day Monday Night Football. That’s why you continue to play. By the way, KC won the division that year by one game over San Diego.

  21. If Greg Schiano “coaches” to “go hard every play” then why didn’t his guys do the same thing when the Giants took a knee at the end of the first half?? Why did the Bucs just let Andre Brown walk right into the end zone (think Ahmad Bradshaw in the Super Bowl, except Brown was able to stop at the 1 yard line), instead of trying to hold the Giants to a field goal?? Maybe its because he has no class and he was bitter he lost. There is such a thing as losing and winning like a man.

  22. To all the people making an argument about playing to the end, lets remember, there were 5 seconds left. Even if they were able to cause a fumble and recover, there wouldn’t be any time left on the clock for Tampa to even run a play!!! Shows how much football IQ most people have on this site!!!

  23. Going low on a kneel down is different from going low on a goal-line stand or 4th and 1, how? Coughlin is a grumpy old man. He’s lucky Schiano didn’t give him a Harbaugh-type handshake.

  24. Golic said it best, you knew Tampa was coming. If you know that and don’t play the play properly and someone gets hurt then you shouldn’t be playing the game. The only thing wrong with this play was NY’s reaction. The Bucs tried to get the ball as they should. If it was a last second field goal should the D just let them kick it? No, they try to do whatever they can to block the kick. The Giants could see the Bucs coming so play the damn game.

  25. Shiano won’t see the Giants again this season (that team isn’t making the playoffs), but if he tries that against a division opponent he’ll face retribution on his players. There will be other teams kneeling down on the Bucs.

    Either way, it must have been a nice confidence boost for the Bucs to win the line of scrimmage for a play in the 4th quarter.

  26. Old coaches just don’t like when the new guys come in and make them look stupid.

    I understand that it may be an unwritten rule and all, but geez………its football. If you see guys line up a certain way, block ’em.

  27. Coughlin is angry cos he is not the one ordering such play. He is angry cos he’s on the receiving end of the play. Some coaches are just whiners.

  28. The giants throwing deep is nothing like what the Bucs did and is not having it both ways. If the giants want to throw deep, that is fine, however, it would be stupid, because that would not be there best chance of winning since it was a one possession game. They were kneeling down, which was the best play to win the game, the Bucs were rushing, which was there only play to win the game. Your theory makes no sense. Go ahead giants, throw it deep and maybe Eric wright returns another td for a tie!! Ohh, I don’t think they would be ridiculed for running up the score, but for being stupid

  29. I dont agree with it, but i must admit it would have been cool if they pushed the lineman back into eli and it caused a fumble which they returned for a TD to tie…

  30. “mikeyhigs says:
    Sep 17, 2012 5:24 PM
    I posted this earlier but I have always hated kneel downs. Especially when there are 3 in a row. They should make a rule that says under 2 minutes, if you don’t get the ball to the line of scrimmage or beyond, then the clock will stop. That will force teams to try to run out the clock by actually playing football. And then we would see some excitement when someone fumbles it away.”

    You can’t do that, that would punish a Defense that is trying to stop another teaming from coming back and winning the game.

  31. Coughlin was also taken aback when the Patriots put a claim on the recently-released Jake Ballard back in June, remember? Put the two issues together and I guess that Coughlin’s reactions might revolve around a little entitlement spawned from 2 Super Bowl victories. Because the view is totally different from below (Pats, Bucs) than from the top down. Isn’t it?

  32. “biggblue82 says:
    Sep 17, 2012 5:32 PM
    To all the people making an argument about playing to the end, lets remember, there were 5 seconds left. Even if they were able to cause a fumble and recover, there wouldn’t be any time left on the clock for Tampa to even run a play!!! Shows how much football IQ most people have on this site!!!”

    Are you really that dumb? Ever heard of picking up a fumble in stride and taking it to the house?

  33. To all the people making an argument about playing to the end, lets remember, there were 5 seconds left. Even if they were able to cause a fumble and recover, there wouldn’t be any time left on the clock for Tampa to even run a play!!! Shows how much football IQ most people have on this site!!!

    Let’s test your football iq!! Herman Edwards and Heidi game at the meadowlands vs the giants — your right, that could never happen genius

  34. Bucs fans certainly got their panties in a wad when VJax was hit by Kenny Phillips and he dropped the ball. Phillips led with his shoulder and separated Jackson from the ball…no spearing, no leading with his helmet, and no flag. Kenny Phillips was just playing hard. I don’t see ANY debate anywhere on whether Phillips was wrong. So quit complaining, Bucs fans. You can’t have it both ways.

  35. I wonder how Greg Schiano would’ve reacted if the Giants had went for a Field Goal (had the Giants been in range) with 5 seconds left already up 7 points???

  36. Bigblue your not even close to being correct. “Hard on every play” is trying to win, they let them score so they can have the ball back to get a chance to score otherwise the giants rub the clock to 0 and kick the game winning field goal and for the arguement that they wouldnt have had a play if they recovered the ball on the knee down is just dumb they would more than likely would have had 1 or 2 seconds to run a play to the endzone and they would have only needed 30 yds. Your the one with the low IQ

  37. as a big time giants fan i have to say im a little dissappointed with how coughlin handled this scenerio.. hes preached since he became our headcoach to finish, play a full 60 mins and win…

    that said schianos team was down 7 pts in a game where there were numerous big passing plays for tds..(cruz, jackson, williams and bennett. (all it takes is one fumble (like phillip rivers last year) and a 40 yard pass to v-jax who burned every DB for the giants in that game to make a big time catch for a hail mary (like nicks completed against packers last year) and it would of been O.T..

    just because my team was ready to to done doest mean the bucs had to.. and if it turned out that they got the ball off a fumble and had 1 second left, schiano would look like a genius and everyone including me would be saying giants forgot they were playing a full 60 min game and not 59:95…this shouldnt be an issue EVER. and giants need to handle that better. if giants got hurt its bec they got soft in that 5 seconds and did it to themselves.

  38. Pretty simple to me. If you’re within a score or two, try like hell to create the fumble. If you’re mathematically done, no need to risk hurting anybody, on either team.

  39. This is beyond shocking. Why are people actually saying the Bucs were wrong? They were trying to win the game. Hello?!?!?!?

    Seriously, all the whiners please stop, you are embarassing yourselves and the game. The Bucs played to win and it was a ONE SCORE GAME. I would want my team to do exactly what the Buccaneers did at the end of the game. A legal play trying to create a fumble. Hello?!!?!?!?!?!?

    Tom Coughlin and the Giants are totally wrong on this one.

  40. Even with no time left, a fumble could have been returned for a TD for the win. So, I have no problem with the Bucs going after the ball on the kneeldown play. And for the record, the Giants are one of my favorite teams.

  41. 1. If the Giants are so concerned about injuries, BE READY FOR THE PLAY!

    2. To all the people saying “well, if the Giants had tried to score everyone would be mad, blah, blah, blah” – The two teams have different goals at that point. The Giants need to end the game maintaining the lead, and the Bucs need to get the ball back and score. NOTHING is gained by the Giants attempting to score with 5 seconds and already having the lead, while the Bucs have everything to gain by trying to get the ball back and score.

    3. To the ones who think “what were the Bucs going to do? They didn’t have enough time to run a play! herp derp derp” – They could have scored ON THAT PLAY. The ball is not automatically dead when the defense recovers. Don’t question people’s “football IQ” with a comment like that, biggblue82

  42. The whining here is comical.

    The saps complaining about this are the same ones who scream and moan that Goodell is “ruining the game” every time they change something to increase player safety.

  43. I’m hearing some pretty irrelevant arguments.

    The only ridicule the Giants would have received for throwing a TD pass on this play would have been risking a turnover. They wouldn’t be running up the score, they were up by 3.

    Eli took a knee with two or three seconds left, there’s a chance TB recovers a fumble with one tick left and gets a chance for a <30 yard TD…not too crazy.

    Either way I agree with Schiano. Play until time runs out. Coughlin was out of line and I'm glad the rook is standing his ground. Also, Ditka agrees to go hard and he's god so it must be the right thing to do.

  44. Of course, it’s a legal play. Just like stealing bases in baseball when you’re up 10 in the 8th inning. Or bunting late in the game to break up a no hitter. Or showboating on a home run trot. Or full court pressing a team in basketball when you’re up 30 points. Or charging a guy and taking a penalty in hockey on a faceoff with two seconds left when you’re losing. Or deciding, in soccer, to throw the ball in to your own team and keep possession after the other team has purposefully hit it out of bounds to allow an injured player to get treated. You know, stuff that PROFESSIONALS do all the time.

  45. As several posters have pointed out did big mouth Coughlin see the end of the Patriots/Cardinals game. Herm Edwards has made a career out of a fumble return in the same situation. 60 minutes of football means 60 minutes. There were no cheap shots thrown or injuries incurred. I hope Schiano told tough guy Coughlin to kiss his ass.

  46. As long they dont hit Eli after his knee is on the ground, it’s a smart play.
    If the Bucs catch the Giants off guard, and the center botches the snap, and the Bucs recover, the Bucs have a real chance to win.
    And what happens when teams fake the kneel down or quick spike and throw a quick pass, catching the defense off guard? Is that considered bad sportsmanship?
    Bottom line is the Giants knelt down b/c they had the lead. Nothing requires Bucs to lie down and take it. They tried to get the ball back to win. Why wouldnt you want your team fighting until the clock reads 0:00?
    If the game is clearly out of reach, then that’s another question. But that just wasn’t the case here.

  47. The hypocricy on this site is hysterical. According to some of the regualrs around here – Belichick is a genius. Yet he doesn’t do it. The Saints are “bounty collectors” and “disgraced the sport”. Yet, they don’t do it. No one schemes for a team better than Andy Reid. He doesn’t do it. Name ANY team that has done this is in the last ten years with 5 seconds left. Name one. You can’t, because no one has. When a Bucs D-linemen has his knee taken out in the last five seconds, don’t dare complain Tampa fans because your team asked for it.

  48. Going hard is one thing. There were 5 seconds left in the game. Unless you think they were going to return the fumble for a TD after recovering under a pile up, the point is moot.

    But more so to the point that this was, in general, just Greg Schiano being a poor sport: why didn’t he run that play as the giants were kneeling the ball out to end the first half? One could argue that a play at that point would be more likely to result in points considering there was more time left and they actually had timeouts. Or, maybe it’s play to the last whistle… sometimes.

    As to his comments about running that play at Rutgers. That’s really apples and oranges. When you play glorified high school teams like Temple and Syracuse regularly, I’m sure a lot of mistakes are made. Also, I’m sure those plays were integral to Rutgers mediocre 8-4 finishes and appearances in the International Bowl.

  49. Regardless of which side of the argument you are on, the fact of the matter is, it shouldn’t have even come down to this play. The Bucs were up big time and the Giants come back from 17 down in the 4th to win.

  50. A move that is clearly showing he is trying to make a name for himself and his team. It was worked to an extent but it wont make a damn bit of difference when The Bucs are home because they will still be blacked out and fall well short of a sell out. The fans here suck. Look it up. News Channel 8 in Tampa did a story Week 1 and there was a drunk tailgater saying she dosnt want to pay for the tickets because she dosnt want to watch the game.

  51. Giants are just embarrassed they got knocked around on what they thought was a gimmie play. Boo hoo. Someone got hit during a football game. Pretty sure Bucs won’t be surprised when they get hit playing a football game indefinitely.

    Funny how this somehow over shadows a great game by both sides.

  52. So if the Giants were down by 6 with seconds to go and Victor Cruz chose not to make an attempt to catch a hail mary pass to save himself from injury, would that be acceptable to any coach or fan for that matter. I think not. It’s all about the W and there is 60 mins in a game for a reason, not 58, not 59 and a half. 60

  53. Coughlin is way off base here. I’m not sure if it’s because (a) Schiano is a rookie head coach and therefore is supposed to kowtow to the veteran Coughlin, or (b) Schiano dared to have his team try to do anything legal to win, or, most likely, (c) Coughlin is ticked off because his defending Super Bowl champions almost fell to 0-2, both at home, while playing a clearly less talented team in TB.

    Your team won a game in which they were clearly outplayed, Coughlin. Quit your bellyaching.

  54. So if the Bucs are going all-out on every play then why didn’t they go all-out when Eli knelt down right before halftime?

  55. easy fix here, opposing teams just need to run up the score on the bucs. sure he didn’t break the rules and yeah it’s great he wants his team to play with intensity. but, where was that intensity earlier in the game? you know when you were giving up 5hundo to eli? i don’t even like the giants, but don’t go after a guy’s knee’s. sore loser. a packers fan

  56. I’m on the Bucs side of this for many of the reasons already said.

    Maybe it was a little juvenile – but it’s not like a bunch of Tampa defenders all came down with a cramp at the exact same time when some assistant on the side line gave the signal. THAT would be juvenile and bush league.

  57. one more thing, are the bucs gonna do the samething if there down 21? only a min and a half left? lets keep playing cuz the game isn’t over? i dislike the kneel down myself but if my team doesn’t have any timeouts and the other team isn’t running up the score well hey they won. my team should’ve played better earlier in the game.

  58. kcfanatic said:

    “Chiefs won against San Diego 2 years ago when SD fumbled the kneel down on opening day Monday Night Football. That’s why you continue to play. By the way, KC won the division that year by one game over San Diego.”


    Sorry fellow Chiefs fan but while I agree with your premise, your background is wrong. The play you’re mentioning took place in last year’s Monday Nighter and not in 2010.

  59. Last time i checked, being an nfl head coach is about trying to legally win football games, which is all Schiano is doing. This is football! Not curling! Be a man and play until the clock hits 0

  60. mazblast says: “Your team won a game in which they were clearly outplayed, Coughlin. Quit your bellyaching.”

    Outplayed? Really? Catch the game on NFL Replay this week and tell me the Giants were outplayed. What a joke. Clearly you don’t like the Giants.

  61. Giants are whiners. There was a kneel down one play before the ’78 Miracle in the Meadowlands where the defense hit the O lineman. It set up the famous fumble on the next play. Its not over until the final whistle blows.

  62. This can go both ways. I remember Dan Marino back in the 90’s was going to spike the ball to stop the clock at the 3 or 4 yard line. Instead he fakes the spike and throws a TD pass while EVERYONE, including most dolphins players were just standing around. Think this was against the Jets… It was one of the best fake outs I have ever witnessed (and I’m a Cowboys fan). So while I agree that it was probably unethical for Tampa to charge the line on a kneel down, but by current NFL rules; Tampa was in their right to do what they did yesterday.

  63. The giants could have passed the ball and try to run up the score but instead they chose to be friendly and end the game without running up the score

  64. just because it is “legal” and “not against the rules” doesn’t make it okay…sort of like a basketball team that is way ahead and still pressing late in the game…or trying to break up a no hitter late in a baseball game by bunting…neither are illegal, but go against the unwritten rules of the sports…how many times has a team fumbled on this type of play?? probably not very many….and the Buccanneers need to keep in mind, that what comes around goes around.

  65. On a different note

    Tom Coughlin deserves some credit for his actions during his squabble and those actions should be pointed out to youngsters on how to handle yourself when you are mad and have a disagreement

    Although I disagree with Coughlin’s point of view, i do think that he gave a piece of his mind in a professional manner and still shook Schiano’s hand like a gentleman.

    Much respect to Tom Coughlin

  66. I grew up watching the Cowboys and have been a Jets fan for a long time, so I have no love for the Giants. I was rooting for the Bucs yesterday. But after that last play, I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, what noble warriors are these fine Buccaneers for fighting until the last second.” I was like, “Wow, these guys totally choked AND they’re bad sports about it.” If they wanted to prove their mettle as football players, they shouldn’t have given up 25 points in the 4th quarter. So what they did was legal – great. More power to Schiano. But the Bucs didn’t look any tougher or grittier by doing what they did. They just looked like amateurs taking a cheap crotch shot.

  67. When Alex Rodriguez yelled “I GOT IT!” while rounding second base on a pop up, that was completely within the rules of the game. It also gave his team a competitive advantage. Then why shouldn’t he do it? Because there exist a set of rules in every sport that are not in the rule book. In no way does it improve the quality of the sport when one player, team, or coach displays bad sportsmanship and disrespects his competitors.

  68. Eli told the Bucs what the call was at the line and the Bucs elected to hit low anyway.

    Were the bucs play within the rules? Yes.

    Was it a cheap low brow play call? Yes.

  69. As a Giants fan, I would have had no problem with what the Bucs did if there was about 30 seconds left in the game. With only 5 seconds left their chances of getting the ball back and scoring was nearly impossible. At least if they try it with 30 seconds left and some how do get the ball they still have time to do something with the ball.

    With only 5 seconds left I classify it as bush league.

  70. Schiano is such a joke. What a classless moron. And for all you idiots who voted that Schiano is right, I guarantee that if it was the team you root for you that this happened to instead of the Giants you would be singing a different tune. I think its great to coach your players to play hard every play. But the game was over at that point and the Bucs were told by Giants players that they were downing the ball. His own players seemed angry that he did this, and they should be. Schiano just put a big tarfet on theur back. I hope someone takes out Martins knees. Wonder if Bucs fans would feel the same then.

  71. biggblue82 says:
    Sep 17, 2012 5:32 PM
    To all the people making an argument about playing to the end, lets remember, there were 5 seconds left. Even if they were able to cause a fumble and recover, there wouldn’t be any time left on the clock for Tampa to even run a play!!! Shows how much football IQ most people have on this site!!!


    Uhhhhhh, hey biggblue82.. I got 4 words for you: MIRACLE AT THE MEADOWLANDS. The Eagles didn’t need any time on the clock to score the game winning touchdown on that play. Shows how much football IQ most Giants fans have on this site!!! Moron.

  72. Hey Zeppie:

    Theres a big difference between the Jets- Dolphins game and yesterdays game. The Dolphins were LOSING and the Giants were winning.

    Kave Krew:

    Excellent point about Coughlin. Although Coughlin was visibly upset he still shook Schianos hand. Thats the difference between the Giants and the Bucs. Giants are a class act and the Bucs are a complete joke.

  73. Kudos to Tom Jackson for pointing out that Schiano had his team run out the clock, kneeling on THREE consecutive plays while winning by 6 against Carolina last week. Guess Coach has not heard about ‘doing unto others as you would have others do unto you.’ I agree with the analysts, Schiano will soon find out that, in the NFL, as in life, ‘What goes around, comes around!’

  74. I respected the guy until he was too full of himself to admit his mistake. Coughlin is a hard nosed aggressive tough minded coach with similar philosophy of aggressiveness. Also he has won multiple Super Bowls. Schiano did not show respect to his wisdom and the philosophy and heritage of the NFL. He proves to be an arrogant fool who lacks wisdom…his tenure in the NFL will be short and without impact.

  75. I look at it very simply.

    IF it were a 9+ point lead with just seconds left, and the Bucs went very aggressively on a kneel down… Then I’d have a BIG problem with the Bucs.

    But it was still a one possession game.

    That makes a huge difference…

  76. If you’re talking about rules, then yes, he had every right to try “sneak defense” play. He didn’t break any rules instructing his team to do what they did. However, his actions call into questions his ethics.

    Last week against the Panthers, with his team winning the game, he instructed his offense to kneel down not once, not twice, BUT THREE TIMES with 2 minutes remaining in the game. In that example, his team DID NOT play the full 60 minutes of football. So Schiano is fully aware of the “unwritten rule”.

    However, now that the sides are flipped and he’s getting the ball knelt down on his defense, he feels he can try a “sneak defense” to try and cause a fumble and win the ball game because his team plays till the whistle blows.

    Basically, he’s contradicting his own coaching philosophy. What’s really in debate here is not whether Schiano was in the wrong in doing what he did because the rules allows him to do so. What’s really in debate is whether his decision was ethical. One week, he’s abiding by the unwritten rule, the next week he isn’t.

  77. Maybe Greg should get his guys to play hard any other play in the 4th quarter. Saving it up for the knell down doesn’t make much sense.

    Oh and for all the anti-Tom comments the guy does have 2 of the last 6 championships. Young coaches would do well to listen to the man that can get it done.

  78. thekingdp says:
    Uhhhhhh, hey biggblue82.. I got 4 words for you: MIRACLE AT THE MEADOWLANDS. The Eagles didn’t need any time on the clock to score the game winning touchdown on that play. Shows how much football IQ most Giants fans have on this site!!! Moron.

    Again, anybody with half a brain would know the difference. The miracle at the meadowlands (#1 unfortunately) happened because they DIDNT take a knee. If the Giants took a knee, it never would have happened. Its a COMPLETELY different set of circumstances. Same thing goes for the punt return 2 years ago. It had nothing to do with any team taking a knee. Get your facts straight d-bag.

  79. If Schiano was really so proud of his team and his desire to play 60 minutes of football why did his defense let Andre Brown walk in the endzone? If you don’t let anyone kneel out the clock, don’t give up a free TD either.

  80. To all the whining Giants, CLEARLY the game was not over, if it was than this debate would not be going on. That said, if it was a 2 possession game I totally agree it was classless, but it wasn’t so quit whining that a team played till the game was OVER!

  81. Bigblue, the reason the giants ran that play is because the eagles did the same thing the Bucs just did on the play before. So they were angry, then ran that play instead of kneeling again. No your history before you correct others.

  82. Greg should kiss any future coordinator role bye-bye after TB tanks. Oh, and take out a life insurance policy on Josh Freeman for the remainder of this season as veteran coaches teach the rookie coach a long overdue lesson.

  83. Way to go Tampa Bay and coach Schiano…Eli and the Giants torched you for 25 points in the 4th quarter and then you pull your lame and bush league manuever when they let you lose gracefully…afterall did you really want Eli to continue ripping apart your team as he demonstrated that he could…maybe next time he will hit you with 32+ points in the 4th quarter…and if so don’t say they were running up the score…

  84. In principle: I don’t mind the action. You have to be prepared every down. If the Giants weren’t at least thinking about this, oh well, too bad for them. If the guy across the line is ready to pounce, you have to be ready.

    In practice: I wouldn’t have done this. The chances of recovering the ball are microscopic. If someone got hurt, this would be even more of a controversy. And last, remember this is the NFL. It is a copycat league, and a what-goes-around-comes-around league. Whatever you do to another team, you best be prepared to have it done to you. I get that Schiano’s trying to make a point. But doing this after allowing the Giants to come back like that just looks like a cheap act.

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