Jaguars, Titans, play keep-away (from themselves)

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The Houston Texans might clinch the AFC South before the first frost, because they have the luxury of playing in a division with two teams that don’t seem to want the ball.

The Jaguars had the ball for a meager 16:43 against Houston, but the Titans did them one better, with just 16:21 worth of offense in their loss to the Chargers.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau (via Paul Kuharsky of, it’s the first time two teams kept the ball for more than 43 minutes in the same weekend since 1980.

The Jaguars didn’t convert a single third down (0-of-9), had only one drive of longer than four plays (a six-play march on their first possession) and gained a whopping 117 yards on the day.

The Titans gained 212 total yards, but like the Jags finished with nine first downs and were machine-like in comparison with their 1-of-9 rate on third down conversions. And other than a 10-play drive which yielded a field goal, they too failed to keep the ball for more than four plays on any other possession.

Remember we’re talking about teams that drafted quarterbacks in the first round last year in hopes of avoiding just this. But neither Blaine Gabbert nor Jake Locker could do enough to break a sweat, much less improve yesterday.

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  1. I was tormented for 3 hrs watching Houston & Jaquars play. The more I watched Jacksonville play, I wanted to ask their new owner could I try out for the QB position. Jacksonville need an overall like an 77 Olds Cutlass needs new seats. They were just terrible. Please do not televise that team anymore for the rest of the season.
    No offense Jaguars fans.
    P.S. I may have to go shopping with my woman on Sundays if this continues.

  2. “The Jaguars didn’t convert a single third down (0-of-9), had only one drive of longer than four plays (a six-play march on their first possession) and gained a whopping 117 yards on the day.”

    Wow, that’s stunning even for the Jags.

    Hey, I’m here to eat that crow regarding Gabbert.

    I don’t see it, where is it? 🙂

  3. Chris Johnson just ruined chances for RBs to get lucrative long term contracts. With the new CBA’s rookie wage scale teams are going to run the rookies into the ground while they have them on the cheap (Trent Richardson). When some 5th year options arise the league will have a lower top 5 rb salary thus getting top rb to commit to a lesser salary, because no teams are going to risk another Chris Johnson.

  4. Let’s not forget that the Jaguars’ o-line has been decimated by injuries the last few weeks, to the point where we had to start a man who’s been out of the league for four years. Same deal with Johnson, but in his case his stellar performance of years past was totally the result of his line. He’s a low-talent loud-mouth who got very, very lucky.

  5. The Texans would’ve beat a healthy Jacksonville – they’re one of the better teams this year. But when the Jags are short 5 offensive linemen due to injuries, and missing one of their best tacklers on defense, is anyone surprised that it was ugly?

  6. This is why Atlanta fans celebrated when Mike Mularkey left. I feel sorry for Jacksonville. They made a huge mistake, and probably will finish at the very bottom of the league.

  7. cobibones13 says:
    Sep 17, 2012 9:33 AM
    It’s really sad that the terrible Colts might be the 2nd best team in the AFC South.

    Terrible Colts? One lousy season and you call them terrible? Obviously you don’t know football so I don’t know why you even leave messages here. I think the Colts have been sitting on top of their division for more than 10 years prior to last year and your Terrible Texans (which sounds better anyway) won last year and their only year and now they think they rule the division.

  8. This year’s Colts team is not even close to the same team that ruled the AFC South prior to last season. If it was still the same players, then you could call last season a fluke, but they aren’t. Heck, they are two coaching staffs removed from their Super Bowl team…oh, and that Peyton Manning guy is gone.

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