Jerry Jones: Golden Tate will be fined for hit on Sean Lee


In the fourth quarter of the Seahawks’ win over the Cowboys on Sunday, Seattle receiver Golden Tate delivered a brutal blindside block to Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee. Tate was not fined for it, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he should have been.

Jones said after the game that the league office will fine Tate because Tate’s helmet made contact with Lee’s helmet on the play.

I’m sure they will,” Jones said, via “We saw the same thing you saw. That’s certainly something we know or expect penalties and fines about. They didn’t see the helmet hit or they would have called it.”

Lee left the game briefly to be evaluated for a concussion, but he was apparently OK because he returned to the field. Tate celebrated after knocking Lee to the ground, which wasn’t exactly the classiest display you’ll ever see, but Lee said he didn’t mind.

“That’s part of the deal,” Lee said. “He can celebrate all he wants. I bet you if we went head-to-head and square up he probably won’t be celebrating as much. It’s part of the deal and part of football, and hits like that happen.”

For his part, Tate said his block was not helmet to helmet, although he added that he doesn’t really know what the rules are regarding whether a linebacker in pursuit like Lee was on the play is considered a defenseless player.

“I wasn’t sure,” Tate said. “I knew that I didn’t hit him in his helmet. I hit him somewhere down here [at chest level]. But the rules change so much that you never really know. I’m happy that it wasn’t.”

There was a flag for a personal foul on the play, but it was Cowboys linebacker Bruce Carter who drew it, for a minor shove of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson just as Wilson stepped out of bounds. It’s bizarre that Carter is penalized for something so minor while Tate isn’t penalized for a major collision, but a lot of the calls in the NFL this Sunday were bizarre.

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  1. I have been defending the refs saying they will get better week after week, but I will say that they were EXTREMELY bad this week…crazy calls and no-calls….it looked like sunday at the fights in half the games…no control…

  2. It’s bizarre that a flag was thrown on an illegal hit on the qb with the ball heading out of bounds? Really? That’s a cheap shot from you, not the refs. It is the way it has always been in the nfl.

  3. BS. I was at the game and that hit was any clean as any you’ll ever see. Even Lee said he was hit on the chest. Every time a guy gets laid out, it’s a penalty? We are talking about football, right?

  4. He should not have been flagged for that block. It was a beautiful legal block. Jerruh is just looking for excuses.

  5. haha this is funny, Golden Tate, all 5’9″ of him, struck Lee UNDER his right arm, directly in his chest and ribs. JJ is a joke.

  6. Clean play on Tate’s part. The little shove that the flag was thrown for was awful.

    If justification for it is really needed, you can say it was a make-up call for the string of blatant holds that the cowboys o line got away with throughout the game.

  7. In the NFL of a decade ago, this wouldn’t be fined. In todays game, this will get fined.

    BTW, the refs were horrible this week in every game. If there was something I could do about it, I would.

  8. he will def be fined for the fact that he launched his self into Lee now he could have got the same effect had he just lowered his shoulder but he didnt thats why Lee’s head whipped lashed like it did suprised he was able to get back in the game Im a Cowboys fan and the Seahawks just out manned us and were more physical but that hit on Lee was like dude from Pinnapple Express Said….. ILLEGAL!!!!

  9. It’s not bizarre at all. One was a hit out of bounds and the other was a hard hit on the field during a play. I don’t think there’s a rule for “hitting too hard,” although I’m sure there will be soon.

  10. You know your team has been beaten when the best thing you have going is hoping the league hands down some fines.

  11. What ever happened to keeping your head on a swivel? That has been a legal play since peewee football, every year the league gets softer and softer.

  12. Since Seattle beat the pants off the Cowgirls, Jenny Jones wants some satisfaction about a hit. How about getting your team to look like a contender instead of crying about a good hit.
    Good for you Golden Tate for leveling Sean Lee.
    What about the horsecollar tackle against the Giants, Jenny Jones was not crying then. Go and get your Geritol and shut up.
    It was a blessing to see Seattle beat those girls.

  13. The refs messed up that series all the way around. They missed a fumble (no biggie, SEA recovered), then missed the helmet to helmet (udontknowjack above apparently abides by his name) on the defenseless player, and then they had that terrible late hit call. The chop block earlier in the game was laughable as well. I can admit that Dallas would have been smoked even with perfect refs, but they were terrible yesterday.

  14. The Tate play is borderline. If you watch it, what is he supposed to do? Lee is totally focused on Wilson. If he goes low, you’re going to wind up with a hit like Eric Berry took in the preseason on the same kind of play.

    The late hit out of bounds that was called on that same play was completely ridiculous….as was Alan Branch getting literally spun around from a holding call with a ref standing right there watching.

    It was fun for a while (not really), but it’s funny how people who spend $100 or more for a ticket to a live sporting event might get a bit demand-ey when it comes to having professional officiating. This is to say nothing of player safety, as the case with Lee, or with Matthew Stafford, who literally took two sacks on one play, and had to have the first “upheld” through replay.

    Quit screwing around with the integrity of the game and bring back the real refs already.

  15. Hey, Jerry…your kids got spanked by the Seahawks! I know you have an ego bigger than the jumbo-tron TV at Cowboys stadium, but you aren’t in charge of handing out fines for players. Besides, I thought you LOVED the replacement ref’s???

  16. Jerry should be fined for treating a week one win like it was their Super Bowl. No wonder they looked like crap yesterday, they thought the season was over. Jerry was probably already having team rings made.

  17. Shut your blabber mouth Jones. That was a clean hit. Go back to trying to sign Romo to a $100 mil contract so you can keep choking for the next 10 years.

  18. I really wish the ‘Skins had an owner as great at Jerry. As the Redskins currently stand we are doomed to failure. I would gladly trade RGIII and a party platter of Subway sandwiches for an owner half the man that Jerry is.

  19. Tate was not fined for it, but Cowboys owner Jerry Jones says he should have been.

    Were they going to fine him during the game?

  20. Sean Lee looks the classiest out of all of these guys. Tate looked like an ass after the play when he was walking around and flexing. Jones should just shut his pie hole. Lee simply accepts the hit as a valid football play but makes the observation that Tate probably wouldn’t want to go head to head with him. The hit was borderline under the new rules. I watched the game and couldn’t tell if there was contact with Lee’s helmet.

  21. An interesting aspect of this was that after the game Sean Lee said it was a clean hit to his chest rather than his head. Possibly he is concerned about the league coming down on concussions so he is covering up. It is actually in the Cowboys’ and Lee’s best interest to argue it was a hit to the body rather than head.

    It was a brutal-looking hit. And Tate is clownish for celebrating it. But he hit with his shoulder and upper body in an attempt to block a defender who would have otherwise made a tackle…pretty much exactly what you are supposed to do.

  22. That was a clean hit. Why should he be fined Jerry? The celebration was a little much but he should not be fined by the NFL. If anything the Seahawks should give him consequences for the celebration.

  23. It was a clean hit. What’s he supposed to do? Not hit him because he wasn’t looking? It’s football. And if the refs kept their flags in their pockets for the blatant holding every time Romo dropped back, they’re not going to throw a flag for a completely LEGAL play.

  24. Tate did his job, he blocked a potential tackler. Whats the difference if its a ” blind side” block or straight up front? MDS I dont think you ever played the game or you would know what your talking about, but like Floriooo you guys know nothing about the game. You can quote rules, voice oppinion, watch the games, but you dont know the game. I can state without question, that when running full blast and aiming to block someone in the chest area, that potential blocked person sometimes moves lower or higher and helmets collide, thats why, players wear helmets.

  25. The league should fine Lee 10k for not looking where he was going. He ran straight into that block. So, by rule, Lee wasn’t defenseless:

    (8) A player who receives a “blindside” block when the blocker is moving toward his own endline and approaches the opponent from
    behind or from the side.

    And Tate led with his shoulder, so also by rule, no unnecessary contact:

    (2) Lowering the head and making forcible contact with the top/crown or forehead/”hairline” parts of the helmet against any part of the defenseless player’s body.

  26. Sean lee is right if Tate were to take him on 1on1…The Seahawks would be wearing a sticker with Tates number on their helmets. Oh well what goes around comes around

  27. So we arnt allowed to block anymore? My high school football coach always told me to keep my head up, but I learned the hard way. Respects to sean lee for acknowledging it as a good play. Its football boys. Jerry jones just salty he lost

  28. So what we are saying is that Tate has to just let Lee hit his QB? I understand the rules are changing and what not, but in the end this is still football guys. Tate has to protect his quarterback, and based on the video I’ve seen, it looks like Lee had a clear shot at taking out Wilson.

    Chances are the hit will still be a fine because of how Lee’s helmet was flung backwards after the hit. Although it did appear that Tate hit him in the chest. With the way the game has changed and what the rule states, this will probably be a fine. Doesn’t mean it’s right though. Clean play.

  29. I was previously unaware that Jerry Jones is in charge of handing out fines for the league.

    From his remarks and that picture, I’d say Jerry is due for another facelift; and while they’re in the neighborhood, perhaps the surgeons can install a working model brain.

  30. It always amazes me how there’s so much of an outcry when a defensive player gets lit up – yet it’s considered par for the course when a TE, WR or RB get destroyed in similar fashion.

    Like I always say – football is not meant for everyone.

  31. Sean Lee was 100% defenseless. Golden Tate has no class and is too big of a wuss to try and get a clean hit on Sean. But of course, I don’t expect anything else from a franchise that’s never one the big won. I guess I could say act like you’ve been there before Seattle fans, but guess what??? You haven’t and you never will.

  32. I was watching the game with a timeshift, and as soon as I saw the flag come out, I thought the refs were calling Tate.

    So I immediately did a rewind five times to watch the play again and again, once in slow-mo, and could not tell if it was an illegal hit. I figured that either the refs had a better angle than the camera, or they were making a bad call.

    Then I went back to normal time, only to find that the flag wasn’t for Tate. Then I timeshifted that, and concluded two things: a) it was a tacky call for a late hit on Wilson and, b) that was one monster block.

  33. it should be illegal for the NFL for fine tate for that hit.. that was a clean hit that was awesome. no helmet 2 lookedl ike he actually lowered himself so he wouldnt hit his helmet.. great hit, great play

  34. The rule states that a blind side block is a block in which the blocker is moving toward his own goal line, and approaches an opponent from the side or behind.

    An “illegal” blind side block is when you hit a guy in the head with arms, shoulder pads or helmet, or when you hit a player ANYwhere on his body with the crown of the helmet. Don’t do that, and it’s a good block. There’s really no argument that it was a legal hit.

  35. Lee’s head immediately snapped back when Tate hit him. If he hit him lower his head would have snapped forward. The only way you can think he was NOT hit in the head is if you ignore the laws of physics, guys.

  36. jtylert says: Sep 17, 2012 7:59 AM

    Clean play on Tate’s part. The little shove that the flag was thrown for was awful.

    If justification for it is really needed, you can say it was a make-up call for the string of blatant holds that the cowboys o line got away with throughout the game.

    That’s the same holding they got away with all game vs. NYG. Not sure why it’s illegal for the refs to call it on them and almost no one other than SF gets away with it.

  37. Mr. Wright, 13 penalties called on the Cowboys vs. 5 against the Giants and not a single holding call even though Diehl held Ware all game long. Stop crying, try to enjoy the Giants’ unlikely win over the Bucs.

  38. The makeup call for the extra timeout occurred in the first half of the Cardinals/Seahawks game on the horrendous Pass interference call on Richard Sherman vs. Larry Fitz on 3rd and long, which eventually led to the Cardinals first Touchdown. Or the repeated offside penalties that went uncalled when Arizona’s LB’s where in the A-Gap showing blitz and trying to time the snap count.

    People need to realize what a moot point the extra timeout was. The official told Carroll he still had a timeout well before there would have been an issue, which is why he called a run to Marshawn Lynch on first down. If there was no timeout, then he simply would not have called a run in that situation. Then who knows what would have happened on the play.

    Don’t really understand how some people don’t get that.

    Sean Lee got blown up on a legal block…plain and simple. As many have said, for those that have played football, one of the first things you are taught is to keep your head on a swivel. That’s EXACTLY why Sean Lee, to his credit, admitted it was a clean hit.

    p.s. Some of the holding that went uncalled was a joke. Doug Free must have taken Bruce Irvin on the plane back to Dallas with how he wouldn’t let go of him.

    The Cowboys are gonna have major issues when the regular officials eventually return. As a matter of fact, some games may be full of penalties once that happens because teams are getting away with so much.

  39. You guys that say that was a clean hit need to get a prescription for glasses and then take a look at the video again!! That was a helmet hit to Sean Lee’s helmet right under his chin. What would you guys be saying today if he had broken Sean Lee’s neck and he was paralyzed? That was a blatant cheap shot!!! Fine Golden and send a message!!

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