League produces Cerullo declaration to Vilma

The NFL finally has outed the whistleblower.

After months of blurring the line between reasonably protecting persons who provided information confidentially and unreasonably shielding key witnesses from scrutiny, the league produced a declaration from former Saints assistant coach Mike Cerullo to Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma during Monday’s marathon meeting at 345 Park Avenue, according to Albert Breer of NFL.com.

Per Breer, Cerullo’s declaration contradicts portions of Gregg Williams’ declaration.

Hopefully, we’ll eventually have a chance to compare and contrast the allegations and explanations.  Until then, the significant news is that the league has fully embraced its do-over, dramatically reversing course on a stubborn refusal to disclose Cerullo’s name.

Vilma’s lawsuit challenging his initial suspension contends that Cerullo blew the whistle, and that Cerullo had pledged revenge against the Saints and specifically assistant head coach Joe Vitt after Cerullo was fired in 2010.  Cerullo had maintained a low profile throughout the bounty investigation.

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  1. The league has at least some evidence here. Can Vilma prove Cerullo swore revenge against him? Sounds like a case of slander to me.

  2. wow another credible guy….a guy who was fired. I never heard of ex-employees ever making up bs about a former employer who fired them.

    No wonder the league never released this before….no body would have believed this giy then, and ain’t nobody going to believe him now…….

    warren sapp is going to produce a letter from shockey next.

  3. Can this just be over with already? I can’t stand Vilma, but they should just squash it and let him play. He won’t make any major difference on the field anyway and it is quite possible that an offensive lineman will try to take the street justice path anyway

  4. This is the same Mike Cerullo that made such a scene at the Saints facility the day he was terminated that he had to be escorted from the building by security. The police were also called as they felt he might try to retaliate.

    Who is the commish gonna trot out next and which favorite media lapdog will be graced with the leak? The commish could not have handled this any worse than he has.

  5. Saints look awful, they will be irrelevant in a couple more weeks. It goes to show – you are much better off taking responsibility and moving on then deny deny deny whine cry whine…

  6. Now they can take it back to the court I would not trust Roger Goodell, now need to find out where these papers come from he may have part of the issue. Vilma and the other players might have a chance in the court now against the whistle blower that know good joker.

  7. Why does it seem the league is getting desperate? By leaking bits and pieces of information, they come off as petty and vindictive.

  8. Mr. Florio,

    The only reason that this evidence is being given to the players is so it can also be given to the press. That leads me to think that the league has doubts about its authority to punish the players. Maybe I’m oversimplifying this, but after the case got got kicked back for clarification, isn’t the punishment issue essentially tied to on-field conduct (hits to targeted players) or off-field conduct (offering bounty money which would violate the salary cap rules). I am not aware of any on-field conduct which is subject to punishment by itself. If I understand the arbitration appeal, the offering and payment of bounties may be a salary cap violation which is outside of Goodell’s jurisdiction. I’m not even sure if a player is subject to discipline for salary cap violations.

  9. If anyone checks back on the best NFL forum on the web, SAINTSREPORT, we nailed Cerulo as the informant from day one, even when Sapp was calling out Shockey!

  10. Denial can be funny to watch play out in public. It’s clear that even if vilma were caught on tape saying “heck yes i did it” they would still whine about the evil goodell picking on them. Absolutely hillareous. Well, that, and sad.

  11. Disgruntled ex employees with an axe to grind are such reliable sources of info. Glad God-Dell really looked into this situation and wasn’t duped or anything!
    Oh, hey Roger, I have some land for ya, just south of Key West! Interested?

  12. Everyone is lying but Vilma. lol. Hell the Redskins said they had bounties when Williams was there. Do we let criminals go because they said they didnt do it even if there are 2 eye witnessess that said they did?. No one would ever be convicted.

  13. why didn’t the league just give the info 6 months ago, we wouldn’t still be talking about this. i am a saints fan who is sick of the the back and forth and he said/she said. please, just show the evidence, punish who needs to be punished and let’s all move on. one way or another this needs to be resolved. why is goodell holding the “evidence”. i’m more worried right now about someone getting harmed by these clowns calling games on sundays and monday nights. if he’s so interested in the integrity of the game, he’d get this bounty bs handled and handle this situation which last night did nothing to “protect the integrity of the game”. it was laughable, the refs were like the three stooges out there and it made for an awful game to watch. please roger, FIX IT!!!!!

  14. I don’t know if some people just don’t have the ability to comprehend or they just refuse to. However, it is obvious that originally the league did not want to let the names out of the people who gave them the information on the players involvement. Since the process didn’t involve the courts, there was no need for the league to expose those people because they felt the evidence they had would be sufficient to show the involved players that they had proof. The players wrongly assumed the NFL was showing all their cards and believed they could easily sway the courts to their side based on that evidence. Now that the NFL knows it has to defend it’s position within the courts they know they have to bring out the smoking guns. They have to reveal the key witnesses. Any unbiased person could tell that the NFL wasn’t giving all their evidence away. This isn’t brand new evidence that the league gathered recently. Same with the Greg Williams Affidavit. It may have been signed a few days ago, but Greg Williams admitted it months ago.

  15. First it was, “the players did nothing wrong” then it was “but you have no proof” then when confronted with proof it’s “yeah but you can’t believe that guy cause we don’t like him” something tells me it doesn’t matter what were to come out the Aints fans would still have their heads buried in the sand and believe they were the victims of some vast league wide conspiracy, cause that’s just easier than admitting your players were wrong and got caught…twice.

  16. When an amoral vindictive person thinks that they are justified in “rewarding their friends and punishing their enemies”, watch out. At least the Cerullo firing did not end up (yet?) like the repeated Post Office massacres carried out by fired P.O. employees…….or like the pre-reverend Jackson repeated spitting in the restaurant soup being served to anglo restaurant customers.

  17. My question on the NFL’s case against Vilma is why would anyone believe a dirty coach like Gregg Williams? Williams should never be allowed to coach again. He went over the line and has no credibility at all. Contradictions in Cerullo’s declaration to what Gregg Williams submitted should have allowed the NFL to realize that someone was not telling the truth and therefore not envoke the given penalties to Vilma without his input.

  18. When Vilma took the case to court then allegedly lied under oath under penalty of prosecution that he did not offer the cash then that becomes perjury. Not only will he now most likely loose the arbitration case and be suspended for a year because the NFL presented their evidence but now he can and probably will be charged with perjury and face jail time too. Yeah Victory is yours Vilma. Commiting Perjury. Why? On top of that he never paid the 10 g’s he offered. A liar and a cheat.

  19. To the idiot Saints fans who keep saying why did the NFL hide the evidence and not say what they had months ago. They did it to protect the whistle blowers and the players. Williams obviously confirmed to the NFL months ago the bounty system and now because Vilma involved the courts they needed Williams to sign an affidavit, something the NFL was trying to avoid for protection. They were also trying to protect Cerullo and Vilma. But since Vilma went to court then allegedly lied under oath, and with 2 coaches confirming he lied, Vilma committed perjury. So just like Marion Jones and Bonds and Clemens the government is going to probably prosecute him for perjury and they will win with this evidence. Vilma is going to end up serving his 1 year suspension and also time in jail. The NFL tried to protect him too. Unbelievable.

  20. This matters big time because it proves this guy could be extending the truth gratefully to hurt the team as much as possible. If this goes as planned if I was the coaches I would file a claim as well

  21. Vikesfan-

    Vilma says he didn’t, Williams says he did. You believe Williams; that’s your prerogative. Not everyone else will. That makes your declaration that Vilma has committed perjury a mere opinion, nothing more. They prosecuted Clemens using sworn testimony against him. Saw how that worked out?I think impeaching both Williams and Cerullo may be pretty damned easy.But that’s just my opinion, like you’ve got one.

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