Lions taking another look at Ryan Grant


Steve Slaton isn’t the only running back coming to get his tires kicked in the Motor City.

Former Packers running back Ryan Grant will also be in town for a look this week, according to Jason LaCanfora of It’s not the first time that the Lions and Grant have been in one another’s orbit. The Lions reportedly offered Grant a deal this spring that never came together because the money wasn’t enough for Grant’s liking.

The timing of all the interest in running backs at this point is a bit odd since the Lions didn’t make any moves to bolster the position heading into the first two weeks with Mikel Leshoure suspended and Jahvid Best on the PUP list. Kevin Smith did most of the work, he’s averaging four yards a carry and has 115 yards altogether, and Joique Bell added a big catch-and-run against the 49ers on Sunday night, but it wouldn’t have been strange to see the Lions add another back given the missing players at the position.

Leshoure’s suspension is up and he can rejoin the team this week. He’ll likely be brought into the fold slowly, but Smith has played well enough to allow that to happen without the Lions taking a step backward offensively. The team is also going to have to make a move to reactivate Leshoure and signing another back would mean finding another player to send packing. It could be Bell, but, given the rest of the roster and the Lions’ offensive scheme, it’s hard to see how either Grant or Slaton would make a noticeable difference to what he’s provided.

That may mean this is just a way to keep the emergency list updated in Detroit for the next time they find themselves short at running back.

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  1. Frankly neither of them are going to do much to improve Detroit’s running game, but I really don’t see what bringing in Grant now does to improve anything. I’d rather take a chance on Slaton because he’s younger. I wouldn’t release Smith or Bell for either though.

    Schwartz and Linehan need to stop trying to “establish the run” and work to their strengths. Running the ball isn’t one of them, and it probably won’t be unless LeShore really lives up to expectations. They’ll do more for the running game then anything by replacing Peterman and Raiola with some interior lineman that can actually make a whole to run through. And when you call a run play nearly EVERY 1st down it’s painfully obvious what is about to happen play wise.

  2. I also have a feeling Ladanian Tomlinson will be back in the NFL…maybe a Lion. Why wouldnt he? One of the greatest of all time. Come back for that Superbowl ring.

  3. Lions fan here. All speculation of course but do not want either of these guys to be sign or even waste the time to work out.

    K. Smith is a capable rb and the fact that Leshore is back and the depth w/Bell and Williams we are fine. They ran the ball well last night and our line created some space, disappointed in the play call w/o taking some shots down the field or getting creative w/screens. Give credit where it’s due, SF and Houston have the two SB caliber D’s.

    IMO it’s to late in the season to bring in a rb that doesn’t offer anything different than we already have and I’ve said this before…the one rb we should’ve made a move for is Chris Ivory!

  4. What the heck happened to Steve Slaton? He had the good rookie year and fell off the face of the Earth. I know Houston runs that zone blocking stuff that makes no name RBs look good, but I can’t believe he never cought on somewhere else.

  5. Smith is a nice backup to LeShoure but the Lions really need a replacement for Best as that quick receiving back, particularly since normally Linehan loves to run the screen.

  6. I don’t really understand the Lions play calling either. I know the 49ers go all out to stop the big play, but Green Bay had their shots downfield.

    On GB long pass plays, they:

    – Had a TD called back due to an un-needed offensive PI.
    – They had another which should have been defensive PI (same series as previous one)
    – There was one deep ball which took a perfect play by the CB to defend
    – A failed 65 yard bomb on 3rd and 1.

    All the plays were pretty well defended, but not beyond the realm of plays that the Packers have executed in the past.

    Likewise, if you have Megatron why not add extra protection and take a jumpball on a 3rd down..even if it is double coverage.

  7. Why are we looking @ rb’s when we clearly have depth already & Leshoure is coming back nxt week what we need to be doing is looking for a cb or 2 just heard D.Florence could be out 4 some time with a arm injury. Where we’re we when the dolphins was getting rid of V.Davis or the Eagles were getting rid of A.Samuel shame on Mayhew & Co 4 thinking this secondary would hold up all season smh!!!

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