Mike Munchak sticking with Locker, Johnson

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It’s a bad sign that a head coach is having a rough start to the season as when each of your first two postgame press conferences has involved a moment when you had to confirm that you weren’t benching one of your high profile offensive starters.

It’s a downright terrible one when you have to do it about two of them after the second game of the season. Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reports that Titans coach Mike Munchak vowed to stick with both quarterback Jake Locker and running back Chris Johnson after poor performances in Sunday’s 38-10 loss to the Chargers.

Munchak said that while Locker made mistakes in San Diego, there aren’t any guarantees that the team would be more successful with Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback. That’s true, although it will be hard to keep saying that if Locker turns in too many more performances like Sunday’s 15-of-30, 174-yard performance. Of course, Locker’s presence in the lineup is about the future as much as the present so the hook isn’t going to be coming too fast.

As for Johnson, Munchak said that all of the blame for his terrible start doesn’t fall on the running back. It’s also true, something Johnson pointed out as well, but you have to wonder whether the answer will remain the same once Javon Ringer is healthy enough to get back on the field.

The questions will have to stop eventually. It’s just a matter of whether they stop because the performances improve or because Munchak makes a change at either position.

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  1. He might want to re-think this, give his two high-profile offensive starters a game ‘time-out’, then let the second-string guys re-energize the team & the City, while re-motivating the 2 starters.

  2. The titans got BEAT DOWN!! by the.chargers….that was bullying at its best yesterday …they shouldve waved the white flag

  3. I agree it’s not all Johnson’s fault. If you look at both games each time he gets a carrier his getting hit in the backfield. Also on passing plays Locker never checks down to him. If Locker would of watch game film on SD he would of seen that SD held McFadden the week before to only 32 rushing yards, but seem that Carson checked down to him a number of times and he had 13 catches for 86 yards. If Locker would of helped Johnson get that kind of production that would of help the Titans both weeks. Locker week was would just throw bombs hoping for the stars instead of checking down when in trouble to Johnson who was open a number of times.

  4. based on the offensive line’s performance, a less mobile quarterback (hasselbeck) and less explosive runningbacks are unlikely to improve the performance of the team. the defense is playing poorly as well. last year they were able to hold teams to field goals instead of touchdowns on a pretty consistent basis. this year they are allowing just about every 3rd down conversion to be converted and every red zone trip to lead to a touchdown. putting a young quarterback like locker in a 14-0 hole after one quarter is just asking for a disaster, especially when he has zero running game and banged up receivers.

  5. People also need to start asking what Chris Palmer is planning as Offensive Coordinator. What has he ever done as a play caller? He has never been a succesful OC in the NFL.

  6. Locker will be a star, this is his 2nd start people! Worst interior O-line in football, no running game, no Britt, inconsistent TE’s. He is constantly getting pressure up the middle through the first couple weeks, and he’s not getting any help from his WR’s. One of which is a rookie who as been running the wrong routes often. Clearly changes have to be made but benching Locker is not one of them. It’s not like were talking about “Captain Checkdown” Blaine Gabbert here.

    No excuses for CJ though, even with the bad blocking he has got to get positive yardage instead of dancing around all the time.

  7. He looked good against the Patriots even amid some string defensive pressure.

    It’s not always about stats. It’s a question if the guy can develop into a good starter and I think Locker can.

    Right call by the coach. It’s game 2. The giants looked mediocre for most of last season but ultimately won the SB. No need to panic in Week 2

  8. Someone has to go! —Titans Fan Dan …this is the worst football the Titans have played since they lost to the Patriots 59-0…but they nearly turned it around with better coaching from Jeff Fisher. Mike Munchak could be another Raheem Morris …10-6 on season and 4-12 the next season and Fired! Titans draft USC QB Barkley in 2013 draft…

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