Official in Seahawks-Cardinals game had Seahawks ties


Lost in Sunday’s report regarding the league’s decision to pull a Saints fan/replacement official from Sunday’s game between the Saints and the Panthers is the fact that the league didn’t pull an official from Week One’s Seahawks-Cardinals game who has more tangible ties to one of the teams involved.

According to Albert Breer of NFL Network, Jeff Sadorus worked as a field judge for the September 9 game between Seattle and Arizona, even though Sadorus has officiated Seahawks practice for three years — getting paid by the Seahawks for doing so.

Breer’s ultimate employer — the NFL — declined comment.  But the fact that either Sadorus didn’t disclose the connection or he did and the NFL didn’t see a problem with it should be cause for concern.

47 responses to “Official in Seahawks-Cardinals game had Seahawks ties

  1. Could this scab officiating fiasco get any worse? Get the real guys back please. Yesterday would be great.

  2. Don’t regular officials work the teams practices during camp for pay? All over the league? Is it paid by the team or the NFL?

  3. Big deal…

    The NFLRA wants us all to be gullable enough to believe that the locked-out officials aren’t fans of any particular team.

    How about a story on how Bill Leavy is a Steelers and Packers fan?

  4. The seahawks lost and he was NOT the one responsible for the 4th TO granted to the seahawks. Nothing to see here

  5. Who cares? Can you point to one call where this referee made a mistake that may have have helped Seattle, and if so, any indication it was intentional? I imagine the answer is no. So move on.

    The focus on the replacement refs has been beyond absurd. These guys have been put in an impossible situation. Blame the league for being arrogant and stubborn. Blame the refs for wanting full pensions for a part time job. Point out that the league either needs to get the refs back or stand firmly behind the replacements in order to give them some sense of credibility (so we can stop hearing whining players like the Ravens when they lose). But stop nitpicking every single call in a way that has never ever been done with officials in any sport at any time. And stop looking for reasons for make these guys look bad. A field judge once officiated practices for a team. Well then, he must be biased in their favor? Give me a break.

  6. I spend $6000 a year on season tickets (not hawks or cards), I’m clearly paying for a compromised product and the league doesn’t seem to care.

    The NFL is content with having amateurs in charge of their billion dollar company. Reckless, irresponsible, and greed are the words that come to mind.

    Get it together Roger before someone seriously gets hurt, as this crop of officials have no control of these games.

  7. This seems like even less of a big deal than the one who was an open Saints fan. The timeout thing in that game was just sheer incompetence.

    The real story is how the NFL apparently did zero research on the replacments.

  8. Seriously, this is BS.

    How long will this fiasco go on? Forget the horrible calls, not knowing the rules and spending 10 minutes figuring out where to spot the ball, etc. This is an integrity of the game issue.

    “Protect the shield”? That’s looking like a sorry joke at this point.

    Goodell, you won big against the players. Cough up the crappy million necessary to get competent officials on the field NOW.

  9. I sure hope that once the regular officials are back, they will the same scrutiny as the replacements are getting right now. I want to see the daily nit-picking and laundry lists of mistakes the regular refs make and in depth reporting as we are seeing now with the officiating.

  10. I know it would be very hard for me to be fair if I was officiating a Rams game. Especially if the Rams were my employers and probably will be again once the real officials come back.

    Let’s all just pray real officials come back very soon. Replacements are just awful

  11. I don’t like all of this. I’d be amazed if there isn’t a referee out there who isn’t a fan of a football team. You would have to be in order to want to be a referee.

  12. If I was a journo, I would go dig up the files on the regular refs & it should be easy to find them linked to the teams(parties, etc.). It has turned into a witch hunt for the replacement guys and it is not even their fault that the NFL and refs couldn’t come to an agreement!

  13. Cause for concern, really? Did he make any obviously biased calls? Why is it so difficult to believe a professional can separate his responsibilities from his rooting interests?

  14. There is seriousness to this story with regard to the fact that the Seattle Seahawks got a fourth timeout. However this is also ridiculous because the Seahawks still lost.

  15. If you’re an NFL referee, replacement or not, you probably like football. If you look like football, you probably have a favorite team. What’s the problem here?

    We’re making this a story to bash these replacement refs, but are you telling me none of the original refs had a favorite team? Give me a break. It’s just a game. Call the penalties when you see them. It’s simple.

  16. I love how everyone just assumes that the regular guys don’t secretly have “favorites” that may or may not influence calls.

    Anyone who remembers the Seahawk-Steeler superbowl knows someone on that crew had a terrible towel on under the stripes 🙂

  17. The replacement refs should have to sign a simple contract saying that they have no affiliation or allegiance to any particular teams. If afterwards it is found that they do, they should be liable for a huge penalty. Hopefully this would help to avoid situations like these. Since we have no choice but to suffer through them, the least that the NFL can do is to ensure they call the games evenly (ie horrible for each side).

  18. How do we know what teams the real officials are fans of? This is a serious question. Maybe they’re careful not to wear it on their sleeve, but I have to imagine most referees are fans of a specific team. Does the NFL manage them so they don’t have to ref their preferred teams?

  19. I know many of you are going to say that I am whining. But wait until these clowns cost your team a game and you will be saying the same thing.

    Yesterday, the Eagles neutralized the Ravens deep threat, by just pulling his shirt, no flag.

    Called back a TD, which should have been a PI in the first place.

    People wait 7 months to see NFL games. For 7 months to end without the NFL coming to agreement with the regulars, it’s a disgrace.

    If the NFL does not find a way to address this issue, it might become a bigger problem as the league goes on.

    Come on NFL, teams spend a lot of money to get better, why don’t you spend money yourselves?

  20. I’ve actually given up watching games that aren’t my team.

    The calls are so bad that I’m not going to waste my time watching games decided by the zebras.

  21. Who the hell vetted these guys? Some of this stuff is getting concerning but I’m going to go out on a limb and say all these stories coming out have sources that do the same job but are locked out at the moment. Squeeze job at its finest. Redskinpotatoes- that was funny. Well done.

  22. I’m sorry but the “real” refs blow calls constantly. I don’t see a huge difference. How many times in recent years have their been articles on here about blown calls that cost a team the game? Quite a few actually. And to think none of those guys are partial to a certain team is absurd. If they love the sport then chances are they have a favorite team involved. It’d be hard for me to follow a sport and be completely neutral to any one team or organization. So “real” ref or “replacement” ref, they are going to have a favorite team and chances are they are going to eventually blow a call in a game. No difference at all.

  23. I thought NFL teams paid referees to come into training camps at times and help identify penalities and do’s and dont’s. I didnt think the NFL covered these costs, but it was covered by the teams as an optional service. Is there really a difference?

  24. Big deal. Probably 80% of the coaches in the NFL have worked for at least 1 other NFL team prior to the team they work for now.

    You do your best for whomever is paying you. The days of working your entire career for 1 employer are over.

  25. The scrutiny the new refs are under is beyond absurd.

    Wasn’t there an article, on this website, just a few days ago where the NFL was banning the new officials from refereeing team practices to avoid articles such as this?

    Next thing you know ESPN will have a breaking story where one of the refs once attended an NFL game as a fan and should be banned forever from reffing either of the 2 teams that played that day. God forbid anyone’s siblings, parents, relatives, have season tickets for a team.

    Honestly, I’m more sick of the media coverage than I am with the refs themselves. The media is rooting for failure. I’d go so far to say that the media has a vested interest in failure as it generates more headlines and eyeballs.

  26. It’s one thing to be a fan of a team. (Not that it means much… Does any player try less hard against the team he used to root for as a kid?) It’s quite another to be officiating a game in which one of the teams used to sign your paychecks. Look, it probably doesn’t mean this guy secretly blew calls to hand the Seahawks this game, but it looks sloppy for the league. Especially in the wake of the Saints fan ref fiasco. If the league won’t let that guy work games, why did they let this guy? And if the answer is because they didn’t do their homework… Oh boy.

  27. lightcleric says:
    Sep 17, 2012 1:55 PM
    This seems like even less of a big deal than the one who was an open Saints fan. The timeout thing in that game was just sheer incompetence.

    The real story is how the NFL apparently did zero research on the replacments.


    I’m not defending the “timeout thing” but the old refs were just as “incompetent”. The old refs did the “timeout thing” twice in the last nine years. The funny thing is that you never heard about it because the media didn’t have a stake in their failure.

    I’m sure if you dig far enough into the files of the old refs you will find they are fans of a team, are a native of cities that have NFL teams, friends of NFL players, etc. If you dig far enough you can draw enough tenuous connections to implicated anyone in potential conflicts of interest.

    The problem is that the media doesn’t have any interest in outting the old refs.

  28. As long as the official is willing to steer game outcomes in whichever direction Goodell dictates, Goodell does not care about the past. The problem with the official connected to the Saints was that he was not willing to favor the Saints opponents as part 3 of Goodell’s bounty punishments and revenge for the Saints victories in the court of law. The replacement officials are likely to become permanent replacements because they are Goodell’s goon squad for enforcing his will on the outcome of games and they will accept a rating and discipline system that will give the commish total control over a system of carrot and stick that will let him control refs personally and with impunity.

  29. What seems to be the problem is in the backround checking that was/was not performed. I don’t think its an issue of bias, but if the NFL failed to uncover that and assign the ref to a team’s game that he has a relationship with, THATs the problem.

    The fact that it took until week 2 to uncover a Facebook page for a replacement ref that was a Saints fan is just incompetance.

  30. Complete non-issue. This coming from a Browns fan that watched the game.

    First to those that say the Seahawks got a 4th timeout, think for 5 seconds about that. Would they have run the ball had they been out of timeouts? No. Moot point. Besides, it didn’t end up mattering in the end – get over it.

    Second, nobody has acknowledged the other blown calls in the game that had an impact on the outcome. The one in particular that got me peeved was the backwards pass that was ruled on the field as forward. It was overturned and Arizona was given the ball. Fair because they recovered, right? Nope, the whistle clearly blew before an Arizona player covered the ball, ending the play. Very, very similar to the Ed Hochuli debacle a few years ago in a Chargers/Broncos game. Whistle blows, play over. Arizona should not have been given the ball.

    Per those blaming the NFL for the ref situation, it goes both ways. Yes, the NFL should get these guys on the field ASAP, but the NFLRA has some fault too. The NFL offered them an extra million/year, but the NFLRA president then said that the NFLRA negotiator has no authority to broker a deal. Yes, you read that right – the negotiator had no authority. Do a quick google search and you’ll find several articles on this. Blame them both. But regardless of the blame, the right guys need to get onto the field, I’m frankly sick of seeing terrible calls (several PI in the PIT/NYJ game, unnecessary roughness pushing Wilson out of bounds in DAL/SEA game, as well as a few in the CLE/CIN game.

  31. Yes, I agree the NFLRA crews do blow calls. But, at least they don’t normally let games get out of hand the way it went this past weekend.

    The league needs to find a way to settle this before next weekend’s games, or somebody is going to get seriously hurt on a cheap shot.

    Fred Davis is lucky to still have his head attached after the Rams lit him up, and there was no call. RGIII got his head slammed hard to the ground after the play was over and there was no call. The hit on Alex Smith’s sliding stop that gave him the bloody forehead? No call.

    It’s getting hard to watch.

  32. The Field Judge works behind the Defensive Secondary. So we now know where those phantom pass interference penalty calls on Arizona to benefit the Seahawks as well as the extra timeout came from. That Pete Carroll is super sly.

  33. Ed Hochuli is a Phoenix-area lawyer. Therefore, he never does Cardinal games.

    Is it too much to ask for the replacements to get the same kind of restrictions?

  34. Bad calls are a part of the game so it doesnt really bother me that much. What does bother me is the complete lack of control they have of the game and how theyve interupted the flow of some teams. That is inexcusable

  35. I do not understand why the NFL doesn’t just pay the refs. You could argue the refs don’t deserve a pension because it’s not a full time job, but that seems rather silly given how much work the refs do and how pivotal they are to the league. It’s like saying players and coaches only work 16 hours a year, when we all know that’s not the case.

    Plus, it just seems absurd that a business that has billions left over of pure profit wouldn’t be willing to shell out a barely measurable percent to ensure its product is sound. I don’t like it that airline pilots aren’t paid more, and I don’t like it that we have replacement refs.

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