Ravens accuse Eagles of playing dirty


The Buccaneers weren’t the only team accused of being on the shady side yesterday.

Ravens fullback Vonta Leach, who plays on a team that’s sold as much physical-to-the-point-of-intimidation as anyone over the years, said the Eagles were a “dirty” team.

They take a couple of shots, that’s just how they’re coached,” Leach said, via Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun. “They play dirty. They take shots after the play, a lot of dirty stuff after plays. We weren’t going to back down. We weren’t going to take that.

“Anytime someone thinks they’re a bully, you got to step up or they’ll keep doing it.”

Again, the Ravens haven’t exactly painted themselves as choirboys over the years, but yesterdays game features several exchanges. Leach got into it with Eagles safety Kurt Coleman, Ravens guard Marshal Yanda and Eagles defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins were called for offsetting personal fouls and Ravens cornerback Cary Williams and Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson were throwing punches during one exchange.

“He threw the first punch,” Williams said. “I got to learn to keep my head. I can’t let my emotions get the best of me. I think we both needed to do that. We knew it was a big game, it was a lot at stake. I can’t allow my emotions to control me and allow me to make irrational decisions.”

No one was ejected, and no one was apologizing either.

“If you challenge us, we’re going to challenge you back, we’re going to try to take it out on your quarterback,” Jenkins said. “We like people coming at us and giving us their best shot because we’re not backing down on anybody.”

It makes for good theater, but with replacement refs who have proven they can barely control a game, asking them to monitor two bunches of hot-heads is too much to ask.

54 responses to “Ravens accuse Eagles of playing dirty

  1. Yes the Eagles are a fluke…but the Ravens moan and moan like always. Win the games you are suppose to or shut up! That has been a whining group up there in Baltimore since they came back in 96. It’s annoying beyond belief.

  2. “Goodell is turning this in to a flag football league. Its not tough enough” – players

    “Teams are being too rough. We dont like this” – players

    Make up your mind

  3. As a New York Giants fan who had to deal with his team’s game not being aired on local television I had to watch this game. First off, extremely hypocritical for the Ravens to ever say another team is dirty. The Ravens pride themselves on playing with the bully mentality, and other teams have shown when you punch them back, they don’t respond quite well. It was a chippy game but to say dirty is overblown, there was nothing that went on that could have cost a player a serious injury.

  4. The Ravens sound like a bunch of babies. First calling the Eagles dirty (the Ravens have been one of the dirtiest teams in the league for years). And then complaining about the refs.

    The fact that Ray Lewis is complaining about Vick’s fumble/incompletion being overturned is absolutely ludicrous. Anyone with a brain could see that was clearly an incomplete pass.

  5. Marshall Yanda and Vonta Leach are two guys I would not want to mess with. Both are tough blue collar players and they are probably the 2 best players at their respective posisition.

  6. I think every team that lost yesterday accused the other team of playing dirty. Bunch of whiners. Wouldn’t of heard a word if they had won. It’s football not manners class. Time to toughen up and quit complaining.

  7. Apparently the Ravens are surprised that not everyone will roll over a play dead like the Bengals did last week.

    They win and talk smack. They lose and the other team was dirty and the officiating was poor.

  8. I thought the refs’ lack of control over the players in the Ravens/Eagles game spoke much more than their lousy officiating of the plays on the field. They couldn’t keep Williams and Jackson apart during the game, and their inexperience in dealing with situations such as this one really showed. At least the regular refs, who have their own share of bad play calling at times, could police the players on the field adequately.

  9. “That’s just how their coached”. Andy Reid would be the last coach to teach their players to be dirty. Vonte Leach is just a bit salty after the loss. But I couldn’t help but notice how much scuffles there were around the league, not just this game. Rent-a-ref = more scuffles, coincidence? I think not.

  10. That wasn’t a ‘punch’ thrown by Jackson. Williams was holding on to Jackson’s facemask AFTER the whistle and Jackson took a swipe. There was no closed fist.

    Why did he have a hold of Jackson’s facemask anyways? Isn’t that a penalty or ‘playing dirty’?

  11. A Harbaugh team thats whining about losing?! No way! Seriously thou, it starts from the top down. Just watching either of the Harbaughs deal with a situation that isnt going their way, whether it be a bad call, a bad play or a loss, is just embarassing.

  12. They take a couple of shots, that’s just how they’re coached,” Leach said.

    Odd, in 16 years head coaching Andy has NEVER accused of dirty play. Also, Andy taught John Harbaugh to coach. You’d think he would know what dirty plays Andy encouraged. Leach is a whiny bit*h.

  13. The Player’s Union claim that the replacement officials threaten player safety has some validity after watching this weeks’ games. The officials missed way too many cheap shots and were unable to quickly regain control when players started retaliating. As a fan, I hate that they take so long to make decisions…the games are long enough as it is.
    In week one, the replacement ref’s didn’t do a horrible job…for the most part. However I believe that the longer the replacements are around, the worse things will get

  14. If I were a Ravens fan, I would be extremely embarrassed at how some players are whining after this loss. Big tough guys complaining about the other team and the refs. You lost, get over it. You were probably worrying about playing the Steelers in your Super Bowl in November.

  15. I hate hate hate the Eagles, but don’t think they play dirty, the only exception being Jason Babin who has a habit of diving at a QB’s knees, he did it for the 2nd week in a row, he should probably be suspended for a game or two, but the rest of the team does not play dirty.

  16. Seriously, voiceofreason, your team, the Redskins, loses to the Rams and beat a Saints team that has now demonstrated for the second week in a row that it’s not the same team without Payton, and you call the Eagles a fluke. Give it a rest for a while until the Redskins prove something. Don’t forget your the same dolt that made a comment a couple of weeks ago guaranteeing that the Skins won’t be drafting in the top 10 next year because you are convinced that they’re unbeatable. Of course you completely forgot that they don’t have a #1 next year because of the RG III trade and won’t have one the following year either.

    As for the Ravens complaining about the Eagles that’s a joke. BOTH teams were going after each other after the whistle. The refs lost control of that game both in the chippiness and making mistakes on spotting the ball after penalties. If Williams is afraid of a 5′ 9″, 175 pound WR slapping him in the helmet, then he needs to get out of the league because the OL is looking to do a lot worse with legal blocks.

  17. Bunch of fake tough guys in Baltimore, but they’ve been that way for years. They are real hard when they are hitting you. You hit them back, and they whine and complain like little girls.

    Lewis gets no respect from me, he cries more than any “elite” defensive player I’ve ever seen. Leach is a bumb, there’s a reason he signed there for peanuts, because he’s a big, slow, scrub.

    Ravens got spanked by a better team, and the only reason it was even close was because of the Eagles unforced (see, unforced), errors, If it wasn’t for turnovers, the only once you could possibly give the D credit for was Shady’s fumble, the Ravens lose this game by 20 points. Eagles walked up and down the field on this overrated defense at will.

    This isn’t 3 years ago, Baltimore is over the hill. They are just pretend elite status, because the press likes to talk about Reed and Lewis. Soft team, with a soft phsyci

  18. I keep reading how the league is trying to take the toughness out of football, how pretty soon they’ll be wearing flags, how the rules prevent players from playing the way they want to play, blah blah blah…..

    Meanwhile I have seen more whining from players both on and off the field about teams playing too rough. Yesterday, I stopped counting when I got to ten the amount of times I saw a QB crying for a roughing the passer call, including a particularly embarrassing incident in the Redskins game where RGIII was caught on mic whining about someone leading with their head on a downfield tackle.

    Either you like the rules or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways.

  19. Don’t worry Joe there’s always room in the middle of the pack for you… welcome back to
    your 50% completion comfort zone.

  20. As a ravens fan, this whining and complaining is embarrassing. These guys are poorly representing this city. Shut up and play. If you lose, play better next week. Yea, Kurt Coleman and desean Jackson instigated things after most plays, so what? Keep your composure and do your job.

    On a side note, did anyone see how quick Coleman backed down when he realized he was barking up the wrong tree with vonta leach? It was comical.

  21. As a lifelong fan of the Eagles, I’m just glad to see a return to a defense with an attitude…and if that means to be accused of playing dirty, I’ll take it.

  22. Is it just me or does it seem like every team calls the other one of “playing dirty” now? 5 years ago you never heard any of this garbage and now all of a sudden it’s happening every week: Giants/Bucs, Eagles/Ravens, 49ers/Lions this week alone…How about you settle it on the field and then keep your mouths shut after the game…You don’t like how they play? Then beat them and move on

  23. I’m a Ravens’ fan, but from what I saw of the game, both teams were playing “dirty” because they saw the refs had zero control over them. Cary Williams AND Desean Jackson should have been ejected for fist fighting eachother, then maybe the others would have simmered down some. Goodell needs to get his ass in gear with the real officials or expect to see a lot more “chippiness” in the next week.

  24. Leach ran 20 yards at almost a full sprint at Coleman after he scored a touchdown to do what, talk smack? get in his face? you just scored a**hole go celebrate with your team, you run after our guys like that, which was incredibly unsportsmanlike, they’re gonna get mad and shove it down your throats. You got what you deserved.

    And Williams!!! He was grabbing Deseans facemask then cries that DeSean got mad about it??? what a joke!! And then a 300+ lb lineman comes over and yanks DJax to the ground from behind and gets no flag and YOU want to complain that WERE dirty?!? Somebody must have an endorsement with Kleenex.

  25. Why did the Ravens top running the ball? Because Ryans was destroying their O-line once he knew he didn’t have to worry about the passing game

  26. This is ridiculous. How could Leach say we were dirty, when there were at least 3 late hits on Vick in our first 2 offensive possessions (While the Ravens only got off 2 plays before fumbling the ball). The Eagles got the royal treatment in the first half, and although there were aggressive plays, there were countless plays that Baltimore hit Eagles players late. I thought the game was entertaining because of how aggressive players were getting, but dont complain that you were out hit when your teams MO is to be the “BULLY” every game.

  27. This is ridiculous. How could Leach say we were dirty, when there were at least 3 late hits on Vick in our first 2 offensive possessions (While the Ravens only got off 2 plays before fumbling the ball). The Eagles got the royal treatment in the first half, and although there were aggressive plays, there were countless plays that Baltimore hit Eagles players late. I thought the game was entertaining because of how aggressive players were getting, but dont complain that you were out hit when your teams MO is to be the “BULLY” every game.

  28. Wah Wah Wah! Ever notice the winning team complaining about dirty play? it was a physical game I saw both sides starting things up. I enjoyed the game tremendously!! I got exactly what I wanted. Flacco to have a decent game and the Eagles to win. Flacco grew up 6 blocks from me so I will always root for HIM.

  29. And of ANY coach in the league Andy Reid would be the LAST coach to teach his players to be dirty it was a high tempered game and no one on the eagles are gonna take crap from anyone including Baltimore I guess Baltimore thinks they are the biggest bad asses around until someone steps up to them then they wanna wine about the little things

  30. I watched the game, and the TV really showed the fighting around who started stuff… and guess what, it was very even.

    I am sure had the Eagles lost they would be saying similar things, but fact is they didn’t, so their mouths were shut.

    The refs are definitely affecting the game, flags could have gone out much sooner for personal fouls, receivers getting mugged down field. Vick got hit below the knee 3 times… no flag. The play they refs got wrong and overturned with the forward pass with Nata was correctly overturned, but then it should have been intentional grounding… Every time there is a flag, its a 3 minute discussion.

    But all that aside, the Eagles and Ravens are turning out to be 2 teams we know very little about. How do the eagles make beating the Browns seem just as tough as beating the Ravens? How?
    How do the ravens get away from Ray Rice in the second half?

  31. Hear we go with the complaining!!!! Eagles out gained the Ravens by 180 yds. They also had 3 turnovers in the redzone. Two of those turnovers were just given to the Ravens by dropping the ball. Lets remember that the Ravens kicker hit a 56 and a 53 yard FG to keep the Ravens in the game. Alot went well for the Ravens and alot went against he eagles including penalties like Ravens Holding and false starts throughtout the game and the Eagles foud a way to win. So to be honest with the babies and punks crying about one call that went against the Ravens it should of been a 10-17 point win by the Eagles if you really want to be honest.

    Stop being soft punks and act like the tough guys you thijnk you are and say…..yea the Eagles beat us, Flacco looked confused, the Eagles D shut us out in the second half and forced us away from our NEW NO Huddle offense and the Eagles offense drove up and the down the Field on 85% of their drives.

  32. Vonta Leach makes no sense. When he says they play dirty and act like they can bully you, why go after one of the smallest guys on the field to show how tough you are? That’s not very tough. Aside from Vonta’s comments I really enjoyed this game. Who would have thought two teams from opposing conferences would play like division rivals. The only downside is they still have to play division rivals. Most of the post play scuffles weren’t anything worse than something you might see at training camp.

  33. I was there….. The game was awesome. Real men playing tough football. It was awesome to see the Eagles toughen up a bit and go at it with the Ravens.

    If you watch the 1st quarter of the game, the Ravens took all the cheap shots, and late hits, and were pushing the Eagles around…… Something clicked for the Eagles, and they started to push back about halfway through the 2nd quarter. That’s when they took control, and the Ravens started to whine.

    The officials were horribly slow, and missed some calls, but they missed calls both ways. Get over it. There was a play where a Raven threw 2 punches right in front of an official and no flag was thrown.

    A team finally toughened up against these bullies and they didn’t like it very much. Just like a high school bully: They want to dish it out, but can’t take it.

  34. Seriously?

    drew05 accuse Ed Reed of trying to place his helmet on the kneecap of Eagle ball-carriers ALL GAME.

    Ray Lewis has lost about 12 steps…

    Ed Reed has a ball-magnet, no doubt…but the dude tackles like Asante Samuel.

  35. Just like the ravens to cry and whine after a loss I am so sick.and tired of them always making excuses I hate that team especially ray Lewis who makes comments and never backs them up but makes more excuses the ravens make me sick

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