Stropolo on the shelf pending league review

Not only will Brian Stropolo not be calling any Saints games anytime soon, he won’t be calling any NFL games.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the league has decided to withhold any future assignments for the replacement official pending a review.

Stropolo was pulled from Sunday’s Panthers-Saints game when Facebook photos of him in Saints gear and at Saints games were revealed shortly before he was to take the field.

While calling non-Saints games might have been a possibility, the league has decided to press pause on this one to catch up on a story they have appeared hopelessly behind on.

Mortensen reports one of Stropolo’s other sins (other than an apparent lack of awareness or social media savvy) was revealing his assignment online before a game. His Facebook page has since been disabled.

8 responses to “Stropolo on the shelf pending league review

  1. Every ref has to have a favorite team..
    The NFL thinks these guys never watched football before becoming a Ref?

  2. Back judge in SB 4o was born, raised, and still lived in Pitt. Came out and said that he was a die hard Steelers fan his entire life, but he wasn’t removed from that game.

    Do they remove refs because they are avowed haters of a team? This is silliness on the NFL’s part.

  3. blackngold4life says:
    Sep 17, 2012 8:17 PM
    So Refs can’t be fans??
    While I don’t agree with all the folks who say that all officials have a favorite team – I’m sure a bunch of them do, but I believe some might not – I do think that anyone who is stupid enough to scream their allegiance all over social media deserve to lose the gig. What most of the real officials are able to do is pledge allegiance first to their job, and officiate the game without prejudice. The one official from the Steelers-Seahawks Super Bowl notwithstanding, of course…

  4. Now they need to take the same action against the officials who reffed the 2009 Championship Game, where the Saints criminally assaulted Brett Favre and were allowed to get away with it.

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