Aldon Smith: “Everybody’s good” after recent wreck

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For a guy who has been followed by mayhem all year, 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith was fairly low-key about the latest episode.

Smith needed a few stitches for a cut over his eye, but was otherwise unhurt in a car wreck Friday that saw a BMW land on its side. The wreck happened when the driver swerved to avoid a deer. Smith said he was wearing his seat belt. The unidentified driver had a “broken back” according to the California Highway Patrol report.

Everybody’s good,” Smith said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “We all walked away from it. The only thing messed up was the car.”

No, there’s a lot messed up about this one, the latest in a series of things that just seem to keep happening near Smith.

He played every snap in Sunday’s win over the Lions, and that seemed to be the important part.

“Being in something like that — being in an accident — and then being able to go out and have fun and do something that I love doing — it was a relief to be able to get away from everything,” Smith said. “So it was good that I was able to get out there and make plays and get the win. So I was fine. I was fine.”

The wreck comes after he suffered what were referred to as “minor stab wounds” and two people were shot at a party in June, and he was cited for DUI in Miami Beach in January.

Asked if the pattern was disturbing to him (as it would be to anyone, or at least their employers), Smith seemed to shrug it off.

“I’m just focused on moving forward,” Smith said. “If I saw a pattern with a person on my team, and he was able to make plays and play a good game, that’s what I’m worried about. I’m worried about how he plays the game. I’m worried about how he’s helping out this team. I’m worried about the wins we’re getting.”

Smith said the important part was that the incidents didn’t disrupt his game.

“It’s life,” he said. “You can sit here and make it want you want. But really it’s life. I’m in a good spot right now. I was able to go out and get seven tackles and two sacks, and now I’m ready for Minnesota and ready for the rest of the season.”

Life is going to work and paying the bills and picking the kids up from school to go to the doctor.

When people around you are routinely shot and injured and endangered, the fact you had a couple of sacks might not be the most important thing to consider.

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  1. No mention that the DUI charges were dropped, someone else was driving the automobile that crashed, and someone else was the aggressor in the party altercation?

    Seems like a total non-story to me.

    Unless he’s the lead in a new Final Destination movie, but that’s the only way.

    Drop it.

  2. How does this equate to a dangerous lifestyle? So the driver swerved to avoid a deer, big deal. Around here the bodyshops look forward to “deer season”. When I first moved here to the middle of nowhere the whole town shut down during hunting season, there’s way more of them than there are of us. 🙂

  3. This doesn’t seem to fit a “pattern of dangerous behavior” to me. As far as you’ve told us, they weren’t driving over the speed limit, the driver wasn’t intoxicated, they were just swerving to avoid a deer. Could have happened to anyone. I’ve been in a car that had swerve to avoid a deer before. It wasn’t dangerous or sinister… we were returning from fly fishing…

  4. Oh boy. Aldon seems to not get it. Thank god he wasn’t seriously injured or killed in that accident but my man is seriously missing the point. Over/under 2 seasons before Aldon Smith is out of the league….. Starting…NOW.

  5. So, what you’re saying is that a car accident, which happened because a deer jumped in front of the car in which Smith was a passenger is his fault?

  6. Wearing red undershirts, hittin deer, these 49ers are completely out of control. Randy Moss is obviously unhappy. Harbaugh and Alex surely have a frayed relationship. No way anybody is gonna buy into what Harbaugh is selling. PFT has the 49ers completely figured out, well done. Keep writing the articles, because the Niners are gonna keep running teams over.

  7. This incident has nothing to do with his previous problems. A car he was in got into a wreck to avoid hitting a deer, nothing he can do about that.

  8. Really, blaming it on the deer?

    The driver was showing off for his millionaire buddy and lost control. Everyone knows you don’t swerve to avoid deer at high speeds. How did I know the driver was speeding? Because the car ended up on it’s side thats how….

  9. Don’t tip tow around the issue. That Deer needs to get his head on straight. If he wants to continue his career he needs to separate himself from other deer who hang out in the middle of the street. I bet he was drinking too.

  10. I love the comments from Niners fans on these types of articles. “Nothing to see here. He was found not guilty of any wrong doing. Get over it. Move on.” PFT is reporting, that’s all. It just so happens to be your angelic players making the wrong kinds of headlines for themselves.

  11. “When people around you are routinely shot and injured and endangered, the fact you had a couple of sacks might not be the most important thing to consider.”

    so one time to you equals a routine? maybe you should open a dictionary.
    It’s like me saying Darin is clueless and a bad writer who’s just looking for page views based on one post

    this was a car accident. he wasn’t driving. no one was drunk. it has nothing to do with the DUI (doesn’t matter if the charges for that were dropped), it has nothing to do with that party (which was a mistake, even though his injury happened when he was trying to break up a fight not instigate one).

    This isn’t him partying all night, going to clubs with guns and shooting himself in the leg or anything like that.

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