Broncos’ comeback falls short in Atlanta

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In the end, Peyton Manning had dug himself and the Broncos too big a hole in the first quarter to climb out of before the end of the fourth quarter.

Manning threw three first-quarter interceptions on Monday night in Atlanta, and the Falcons took an early 20-0 lead over the Broncos. And although Manning settled down, played well and appeared to be close to engineering a spectacular fourth-quarter comeback, the Broncos ultimately fell short and lost 27-21.

Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had a big day, throwing for two touchdown passes, one to Roddy White and one to Anthony Gonzalez, and he protected the Falcons’ early lead by avoiding throwing any interceptions.

Avoiding interceptions was something Manning couldn’t do early. His three interceptions were all bad passes, and he put his team in a major bind. Eventually, Manning became Manning again, and the Broncos got a big day from running back Willis McGahee, and with a few minutes left in the fourth quarter they cut the deficit to six points.

The Falcons, however, ran out the clock with the running of Michael Turner and a key third-down conversion from Ryan to Julio Jones, and Atlanta moved to 2-0.

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  1. Prior to his last run through a hole the size of Texas, Turner was averaging under 2 yards a carry – he still only finished at 2.5

    If you’re watching tape, I don’t know how you keep starting him if you’re Atlanta. Snelling can’t be worse. There are backs on the street who would be an upgrade.

  2. The officials hosed the Broncos and the Falcons, but they hosed the Broncos more. Knowshon Moreno’s fumble was recovered by Orlando Franklin.

    Get these chumps out of here!

  3. Falcons looked very good on both sides of the ball tonight, except for in the 4th quarter. I get the feeling that they won’t be one-and-done again in the playoffs this year.

  4. Turnovers killed them early and they just ran out of time late with the sack given up and needing to punt with time running down in the 4th. Came back strong but just didn’t have enough against the mostly effective falcons defense. As a denver fan, I wasn’t expecting manning to throw 3 picks in the 1st but I also have tempered expectations from week to week with the schedule they have to play, especially the first 6 games. I thought denver looked like they made good adjustments late, just didn’t do it in time.

  5. Quizz can’t be anything more than a COP. Body won’t hold up and he goes down so easily.

    If I’m Atlanta’s coaching staff Snelling is my early down pounder with Quizz as the COP.

    But hey, I’m just a guy….

  6. “The falcons almost lost this game after a 4 turnover quarter gift.” they will not be able to contend with the 49ers

  7. Can Roger Goodell SURLY there are many executives that would be able to do his job better. I believe he and owners are greedy and he has become a menace to the game. It’s time to let Roger Goodell go and spare the league more embarrassment.

  8. What I really liked was Willis McGahee’s performance tonight. Something worthwhile to build upon while Manning recovers(zero zip on his throws).

  9. ncarolinarn7 | Sep 17, 2012, 9:27 PM PDT
    Its time to let Roger Goodell go and spare the league more embarrassment.


    Sorry to inform you that he’s signed til 2018…

  10. the whiners are funny calling Manning’s end of career every day…..

    Manning clearly can play in top form…. and I’d bet that none of you critics would put money down against him playing in the top 5 QBs the rest of the season…

  11. Good game bronco fans. You have agreat team and will go deep in the playoffs. I wish these sports sites gave ATL some credit for confusing manning making him throw 3ints. Also we need to stop giving turner the ball hes brutal

  12. This doesn’t have anything to do with the game, but in the Sportscenter afterwards, what the hell was up with that mascot to mayor story? Was it supposed to be funny? Sad? Informative?? I-I-I don’t even know why that was on TV. Plus Reilly could not have looked any more smarmy when talking about his awards. Why was he even there? BRING ON THE HIGHLIGHTS, I didn’t come here to look at some weaselwriter.

  13. Just 13 points from 4 turnovers and a ton of obvious bad calls going for Falcons to keep their drives going and even rewarding them with an extra possession after Broncos clearly recover their own fumble, yet they squeek out a win by less than a TD. Looks like their team is heading for customary 1st round playoff loss. No way this team competes against teams like Packers and 49ers.

  14. For those of you wanting to give up on Michael Turner, remember that man has 5,281 yards in the last 4 seasons. The only season he didn’t break 1,000 was 2009 when he missed 5 games and still had 871 yards. The lack of production comes from a weak offensive line. You fair weather fans need to just keep your mouths shut and enjoy some football(regardless of how unprepared the reds are).

  15. I know its early but….. Alex Smith 70.2 completion %. 4 TD 0 Int, QB rating 115.9. Qbr 81.9. Peyton Manning (Mr regular season) has a 68.7 completion %, 3Td , 3 Int and a QB rating of 87.7 .Also Alex smith has as many playoff comebacks and as many playoff game winning drives. Just an FYI

  16. This game will be totally reported as a Peyton Manning loss with the Falcons D getting little to no credit. In truth, Falcons D won the game as the O wasnt hitting on all cylinders. It’s time to sit Turner let him vulture TDs (if he can) and play Quizz. Overall a good win for Atlanta and a wake up call for all those who have Denver penciled in for the Super Bowl.

  17. This year’s Atlanta team looks like the last four years – “big boys” during the regular season with a gaudy record that chokes in the playoffs.

    I had to laugh when the idiots announcing MNF – the worst ever duo to call a game – said that Atlanta has improved.

    No they haven’t!

    We’ve seen this before. Atlanta’s coach cannot prepare his team for games that mean anything and Atlanta will choke once again.

    Just remember – 2 points, Atlanta fans!

  18. rooneyruleblues says: Sep 18, 2012 1:56 AM

    Mannings arm is dead.
    It really is and the Falcons obviously knew it, they set him up big time on those picks.

  19. Manning can’t throw 40+yards downfield with any zip on the ball.
    They shoulda been calling more screens, passes into the flat, & dumpoffs for McGahee earlier. Plenty still left in the tank.
    20-25 touches per game if DEN wants to do anything.
    Might as well use whats left of him.

  20. As a Saints fan, the FAILCANTS have ZERO chance against the 49ers…at least we won a SB…the FAILCANTS are a mirage…

  21. ch1ggs says:
    Sep 18, 2012 12:15 AM
    The officials hosed the Broncos and the Falcons, but they hosed the Broncos more. Knowshon Moreno’s fumble was recovered by Orlando Franklin


    Yeah, especially when the officials made Manning throw 3 first half interceptions. Damn replacement officials. *eyes roll*

  22. Just curious, which Bronco team is everyone supposed to believe in? The team that smoked the Steelers? Or the team that turned the ball over 4 times in the 1st Quarter last night? (and please dont give me this “it was only 3 times and the officials jacked it up” crap).

  23. Falcons were gifted this game by the refs.

    All signs point to the lob-sided offensive holdings calls for each team. But the main one is the fumble MYSTERIOUSLY awarded to ATL.

    Watch the tape: 2 Broncos fall on top of the ball in the initial part of the scrum. When refs separate them all, the only ATL guy with any hands on the ball had his hands UNDER the Broncos players.

    To top it off, #93 from ATL throws a punch that glances the head of a referee — NOT EVEN FLAGGED for it and surely not tossed from the game.

    Whether the refs were influenced by the crowd or something more sinister is for others to decide. But Goodell needs to investigate. He seems to know what he’s doing when he investigating…

  24. I really hate how Super Bowl QBs get a pass when they are completely awful. Would Stafford, Flacco, Ryan, or Romo get an article like this? After _____ threw three Int’s in the first quarter, _____ settled down and played well to almost make a comeback and win. Are you kidding me!!!

  25. This what football is about in 2012. The proverbial powerhouse teams have been up and down. World beaters one week, looking very ordinary the next. Get used to it. It is going to be an exciting year in the NFL.

  26. The Broncos were driving when the refs awarded the Falcons recovery of the fumble….a complete joke as evident by the announcers’ comments.

    Why are Falcons’ fans acting as if those who are critical of the call are ignoring Manning’s INTs? Stop with the lazy arguments. The Broncos had momentum on that drive, regardless of Peyton’s terrible first quarter performance. If it had happened to your team you would feel the same.

    Crappy officiating should not be tolerated even if it benefits your team–it’s simply nothing to be proud of.

  27. This is a totally bogus and inaccurate summation of this game. The true summation is the Falcons took the pedal off the gas (like many teams do when they are up, inexplicably) and played prevent. Otherwise, this game would have finished 37-10. Why do teams do this? They were dominating the Broncos and took their foot off the gas. Stop kissing Manning’s butt. He was terrible and it is blantantly obvious his arm has nothing left!!!!

  28. Sorry, but even if the refs have proven to make a ton of mistakes, I have to give them the benefit of the doubt on the fumble.
    1. There was a Bronco and a Falcon fighting for it when the pile started.
    2. The refs that were pulling apart the pile are the only ones that could see even somewhat what was going on in the pile.
    3. Just because a Bronco came up with the ball after the pile was pulled apart does not mean he was the one with it IN the pile. Once the call is made the Falcon’s player may have just let the Bronco have it.

    I have no bias toward Falcons or Broncos (Seahawks!)
    But in my humble opinion the Falcon’s defense tore up the Bronco’s offense.

  29. The officiating was just BAD……PERIOD. For both sides! Don’t forget Broncos fans who are saying Atlanta was gifted from the refs, on your TD drive Manning to Thomas, you were given 6 extra yards on a penalty. While you were on the Falcons end of the field.

  30. Donkey fan blaming the refs instead of their savior Tim Te…er, umm I mean MegaHead is typical behavior for Donkeyville.

    They wouldn’t know a forward pass if it came up and bit them.

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