Chargers have more than 11,000 tickets left for battle of unbeatens

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The Chargers had to hustle to sell out their home opener against the Titans, which featured a tribute to the late Junior Seau.

The Chargers have to hustle again.

The team has announced that more than 11,000 tickets remain for Sunday’s showdown between between the 2-0 Bolts and the 2-0 Falcons.  If the non-premium seats aren’t sold by 4:05 p.m. ET on Thursday, the game will be blacked out (barring an extension of the deadline).

The Chargers, who were coy about their deficit in Week Two, wrote the announcement in a positive way, explaining that anyone who buys tickets to Sunday’s game will also be able to buy tickets to the next home game on October 15, a Monday nighter against the Broncos and Peyton Manning.

Which means, of course, that plenty of seats are available for that game, too.

56 responses to “Chargers have more than 11,000 tickets left for battle of unbeatens

  1. why dont they just move the chargers to LA?

    how do the browns sell out every home game when they put a horrible product on then field week in and week out, and the chargers cant sell out at home when theyve been consistant playoff contenders every year?

  2. We go through this every week. I think it’s just too darned hot in the stands this time of year. Fans would rather go to the nearest sports bar and watch it in the air conditioning and drink beer and eat pizza.

  3. Surf’s up this time of year water is still warm- why watch the Bolts?
    Plus the fans still seem confused that the Bolts are 2-0 after several years of slow starts…

  4. What? You mean a team besides the Bucs are gonna get blacked out. To read this site and the comments you would think Tampa Bay is the only place in the world that hasn’t sold out a sporting event!

    Take away the Chargers NFL card, they must have the worse fans in the world because the team doesn’t rule their existence.

  5. It doesn’t help that the weather, for once, isn’t all that great – last weekend saw triple digit temperatures.

    San Diego has the “median” stadium size (it’s literally #15 or #16) and plenty of alternative activities besides getting gouged at the Q. Frankly, i’m surprised we sell out more games than we don’t.

  6. And in the home stretch of the Los Angeles NFL Football Derby, it’s the Chargers coming up fast on the outside!

  7. To all of you idiots who are using lines like “chargers dont have real fans” or “real teams sell out all home games”. The unemployment in so cal is 1 in 8, the cost of living is way more than the ghettos, hick towns, and trailers most of you live in. Why spend 200 bucks to see one game when I can pay my high def cable bill for two months and watch 8 games for the same price? Id rather spend the money on my kids or donate it to charity, why feed the billionare beast that is the NFL and they cant even pay their refs.

  8. Bills got hammered 48-28 against the Jets in week 1, but their home opener was sold out. I was there and made as much noise as possible. It’s a shame that they are implicated in a relocation to LA when teams like Jacksonville, Miami and San Diego have all these empty seats

  9. Novel idea: supply & demand pricing. The tix here are too damn expensive. Go to the Chargers website and look up pricing. Regardless of what level you’re on the tix are the same price in the endzone as on the 50 yardline…who does that? A team that doesn’t want to sell tix. I just searched for 2 tix to the lower level and got Plaza 55, row 20, seats 6&7 for $214. At Lambeau, same tix (roughly) $144 for the same seats at face value (not that you can get them)…the point being the Chargers are asking fans to buy tix at face they can get in the parking lot on game day for $20 or on Stubhub right now for $30 including fees.

  10. Well considering that you can get land in most of america for dirt cheap except on the coasts, it doesnt surprise me that coastal cities arent selling out. It has nothing to do with the fans. Mix in horrible stadiums, people working weekends to get by, the economy, and a $2700 mortgage and its very understandable to want to watch the game at home.
    My cousin is a hairdresser who makes $400/week inOhio and pays $800 mortgage on a huge house. We pay a lot for our weather and sometimes a game isnt in the budget.
    Oh and its laughable for ANYONE to think that one side of the country has better fans than another side. Its a joke statement. But the raider fans still suck. On million thumb ups for me!!!

  11. All the talk about an LA team is laughable. NFL football failed there twice. I envision some team (Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Diego) moving to LA and in five years they’ll be wondering why fans aren’t showing up their stadium for the $175 seats and $40 parking fee.

  12. So if you buy a ticket to this home game, you can buy a ticket to the next home game too!?!?!…..Mmmmmm. Guess that beats trying to market to the visiting team.

  13. Here’s the reality: San Diegans have lots of entertainment choices, because unlike anywhere else, the weather here is ALWAYS nice. Moreover, don’t berate us just because we’re not so stupid as to spend $100.00 or more a game, plus $25.00 to park. Want to fill up the stadium? Reduce the damned ticket prices and maybe people won’t feel like they get bent over every time they go through the turnstyle.

  14. dude1988 says: Sep 18, 2012 8:31 PM

    why dont they just move the chargers to LA?

    how do the browns sell out every home game when they put a horrible product on then field week in and week out, and the chargers cant sell out at home when theyve been consistant playoff contenders every year?
    Hype fatigue. True contenders come through eventually. The Chargers do not.

  15. West Coast is weak?Even when the Niners were terrible they sold out every game San Diego is a week sports town if they play the Niners or Giants(baseball) theres more bay area fans in their stadiums than SD fans..Move em to L.A.

  16. @chargersdiehard

    I am one of the “idiots” you are talking about. I do not live in a ghetto or own a trailer but I do live in a hick town. Hell yes I support our team because sad but true before the COLTS came to town this city was known as India-no-place. Now it is one of the greatest sports towns in the country. The owner,city,and the fans all realize we are in this together. So we chose to be awesome together. So I have a bit of advise for the guy whose goal is to pay his “hi-def” cable bill in order to watch 8 games. How about turning tv off and playing with your kids and teach them some geography. Let them know that everyone outside So-Cal doesnt live in the ghetto,hicktown or trailer park. Peace out homey.

  17. True Bolts fan here. The problem isn’t just the price for tickets. The parking and traffic are atrocious! If you don’t get there at least 2 hours early, you’re not getting into that parking lot and you’ll be stuck in bumper to bumper on Friars Road not moving.

  18. Ignorance is bliss once again on a Charger topic..Everyone of you hick-town living,sister kissing fans of teams in these so-called great sports cities would move out of your mothers basement to have a chance to call San Diego home…That goes for the pathetic Norcal fans as well…San Diego fans are just smarter…..For the smartass Colt fans that say that Indy is one of the greatest sports towns in the country.I was in your dumpy staduim listening to fans boo and cry about the Colts getting lit up by the Chargers(again)…Stop being jealous of the Chargers!!!

  19. The only city worst than SD for pro sports is Seattle …Both cities pretty much dont deserve pro sports..Bay Area supports Niners Giants As Warriors Raiders and Sharks…SD and Seattle are small markets…Only LA could support pro sports.

  20. Gave up my season ticket last year after the collusion bs of 2010 now this year the owners give you flag football league refs? Steve Young is right, they dont give a sheet about anything but the bucks! NFL is a joke now because they know a bunch of clowns will buy up seats and watch on tv, that said I’ll be at the SDSU game sat night and back to the Q in the am if this ones blacked out because Im one of those dumb clowns who just wont stop coming back. 40 year habits are hard to break no matter how much the greedy bass’s treat you like sheet.

  21. LMAO at a norcal claiming the bay area supports the raiders,warriors,a’s etc… how mnay blackouts have the raiturds had over the last 10 years????? alot..warriors games dont sell out as that franchise has be irrelevent since 1993.the a’s only sell tix when they are winning! pac bell sells out cause its a great experience and venue i will say that! 49ers games didnt sell out on a reg basis over the last decade either while they sucked. until 2 years ago the chargers had sold out all home games on a reg basis from 2004 till 2010..

    cali in general has problems selling out games in all sports unless its a rival game or a playoff game etc…. cali has the highest taxes,gas,cost of living etc… in this country..the economy has been getting worse n worse.. lots of teams are having problems selling out on a reg basis.oakland,cinn,miami,jax,tampa,SD,stl,detroit(up until this past year) now they are winning, yeah teams will sell out home openers but in this economy you have to cut out the things that are not a neccessity. cost of living is MUCH MUCH cheaper in states like indiana,wisconsin,ohio,tennesse.. in san diego’s deense there alot of DIEHARD chargers fans,but whats more important? feeding your kids or paying for football tickets.. before alot of you all spew at the mouth before doing your research you make yourselves look stupid and mis- informed! san diego county has roughly 4 million is home to the largest naval base in the world and home of the pacific fleet!home of the marine corp lots of transplants and fans of other teams as well !

    got news for the rams fans talking smack too! there is no way in the next 1 1/2 yrs the edward jones dome will be in the top 3rd of the league.kroenke is in cahoots with AEG on alot of other buisness ventures in MLS and other arenas. the only way AEG will build a stadium is if the can own part of it or a majority.. NEWS FLASH the chargers have come out publicly and said they ARE NOT selling any kind of a majority stake in the team.. now there are rumors that anschutz who owns AEG is gonna sell aeg for billions raising the possibility of no stadium in downtown LA.. lamo ill post link on AEG next post!

  22. Possibly no stadium for los angles now!!!!

    AEG also cant get any team to sell them a majority stake in a team as well.. i lmao people claiming chargs going to LA.. never heard that before or the other handful of teams going there! give it a rest! chargers are not for sale thus aeg wont court them …thus this prob why he is selling controlling interest in AEG for billions. RAMS FANS BEWARE CAUSE IF KROENKE BUYS CONTROLLING INTEREST IN aeg which he is already a minority to an extent then the rams will be bolting from st louis back to LA!

    ANOTHER TIDBIT TO WHICH i have heard rumore chargers will not go up to LA (spanos family has come out and said they dont want to leave san diego for LA, their families are rooted in san diego and have grown up here for decades too) is that the spanos famly would be scared of causing a domino effect in going to a heavy raider territory and already not having a home field advantage in LA that the raiders would counter by possibly moving to san diego since they cant get anything done in oakland. atleast in san diego there is a vote scheduled for a new stadium. thus if the raiders moved to sandiego then the chargers would be a completely lame dyuck team in LA where its majority raider fans and then san diego would be a raider territory thus the spanos family being up the creek w/o a paddle!

  23. I love when football season comes up so it can give every kook from every dump town the reason to actually be happy for something for 16 weeks..See ya in SD when you take a vacation…

  24. In hot weather, the eye candy and tailgating in the Qualcomm parking lot is worth the price of admission.

    In you haven’t been, you don’t even know.

    10K in two days is a lot. Doesn’t look good for those that want to watch on TV.

  25. san diego has a vote setup for the stadium scheduled for next year by the way!!! spanos family is not selling the chargers!! LA has been used as leverage on many nfl ciies to get their stadiums and chargers will be the next to use LA as levrage! houston did when getting expnsion team in texanshaving a stadium plan in place while fumbled the ball with no stadium plan,minnesota is getting its stadium now,the chargerswill be next to get it done leaving the raiders and rams with stadium issues.raiders and oakland arent even talking barelt and there is no design for a stadium either.. and no vote as well! san diego has two designs and a vote already set!! much further along than oakland is and than st louis is as well! even though st louis stadium is newer kroenke says he will leave if its not in top 3rd of league after next season.that aint happening.. the georgia dome already needs o be replaced and falcons want a new stadium as nfl says no more superbowls for the ATL till u get one!

  26. If I were in Sunny SD, I would be at that game in a heart beat! Talk all the crap you want Chargers Haters, but there are loyal fans (just like you to your team) out there that don’t want to see an LA move.

    Just because we’re not the #1 all time best team blah blah blah whatever doesn’t mean we’re not a competitor. Hate on the team if you don’t like them, don’t hate on us True Fans, we’re not the one you’re losing to.

  27. SD is my absolute favorite city to visit. I have been there many times for both business and pleasure. No one denying it is a great town. It just so happens to be a town that does not support its NFL team. That is a fact. Use the economy, ownership, great weather, so many other things to do or any other lame excuse you can think of but it is a fact.

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