Depleted Falcons secondary works over Peyton Manning

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Peyton Manning against an injury depleted Falcons secondary wasn’t supposed to be a close call.

And in the end, it wasn’t.

A group playing short-handed against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time came out with a decisive advantage, as the Falcons defensive backs owned the future Hall of Famer in a 27-21 win last night.

Playing without franchised-tagged cornerback Brent Grimes (lost for the season last week with an Achilles tear), losing his replacement Christopher Owens to a head injury in the first quarter and missing Asante Samuel for a part of the game with a neck injury, they still made Manning look confused.

Hopefully it makes a big statement throughout the league,” safety William Moore said, via Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “I wouldn’t say we were underestimated or underrated but I feel like we went out there and did our job. We went out there and played some football against, I would say, the best quarterback in the National Football League right now. It was excellent for our secondary.

“We haven’t been together long with Asante coming in, Brent Grimes down. We stepped up man.”

By the end of the game, the Falcons were using corners Dominique Franks (released in final cuts but brought back after the Grimes injury) and Robert McClain (a former Panthers seventh-rounder) alongside pedigreed talents Dunta Robinson and Samuel.

But it was the play of safeties Moore and Thomas DeCoud, who masked their coverages well all night, that had Manning reeling with three first-quarter interceptions.

“I think we were holding our disguises,” DeCoud said. “We were kind of confusing [Manning] a bit. I was kind of surprised that we had him on his heels. He usually has defenses on their heels. We stepped up with it and stayed the course.

“When you go up against a quarterback of the quality of Peyton Manning and you play well like we did I think it is a statement. You can go out and have one of the best quarterbacks in the game reeling a little bit and kind of on his heels, I think it does make a statement as far as the talent that we have.”

It wasn’t a statement many were ready to make two weeks ago, but after creating turnovers on four of the Broncos’ first five possessions, it’s hard to argue with their work now.

10 responses to “Depleted Falcons secondary works over Peyton Manning

  1. Last night confirmed it, Peyton Manning is on the decline, big time.

    His brain is writing checks his body can’t cash.

  2. Not gonna jump to conclusions after just two games but damn, some of those Manning balloons….er, passes were reminiscent of Chad Pennington. The post-surgical Chad Pennington.

  3. Real talk, not gonna bash my broncos but Peyton Manning and offense were simply outsmarted by the falcons defense. 3 INTs is unacceptable for any QB, no exception for manning but I envy the broncos for staying in the game til the end and manning didn’t lose his confidence. The defense stepped up and in my opinion, improved on 3rd downs until the end, don’t know how they didn’t expect the run on that last 3erd down. I do credit the falcons for their defense, they pretty much shut everything down in the middle and forced the broncos to make plays on the short dump offs. For right now, matty ice seems ole the real deal but I want to see this same poised in the playoffs. Roddy white and gonzalez came up big when julio jones struggled most part of the game until the big 3rd down conversion. The broncos had a chance to come back and win but when they punted in the closing minutes, I knew time was gonna be a factor and chances were gonna be slim. All in all, the broncos deserved to lose this game though it would have been spectacular if they’ve won and I’ll give my props to the falcons, they’ve deserved to win. Now let’s look at the films, get back to work, dust off those turnovers and get ready for the Texans to come to town.

  4. joetoronto says: Sep 18, 2012 6:22 AM

    Last night confirmed it, Peyton Manning is on the decline, big time.

    His brain is writing checks his body can’t cash.

    Last night didn’t confirm anything but the broncos being outplayed. Manning had one good game and one bad, it happens, its the nfl. Tom Brady had a good and bad, mark Sanchez had a great and horrible, big ben had a bad and good. Vick had two bad games and they’re 2-0, theres still 14 games left so too soon to write anyone off. Now the only question mark I have is manning ability to throw the deep ball, maybe he does need more rehabilitation to gain his strength back but he still can play and still gives the broncos the best chance to compete. Just because he has a big contract doesn’t means he has to go 16-0, just compete .

  5. peytons performance should focus into light just how elite eli manning really is. and im still completely shocked there hasnt been a full article on an amazing day eli really had. instead every giants article focus’s on the kneel down…im sure if eli had lost there would be plenty of articles bashing him and asking whats wrong with the superbowl champs..damn shame

  6. MegaHead has been famous for throwing wounded ducks his entire career…nothing new there.

    Unfortunately, some just happen to luckily find their target…but some also happen to fall from the sky waiting to be scooped up by the good guys. Those are the ones I like.

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