Gregg Williams’ NFL career likely is over

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The Commissioner may reinstate him after the 2012 season, but former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams most likely is done — at least at the NFL level.

Reaction to his September 14, 2012 sworn statement has been swift and it has been clear.  Per multiple sources, the feeling around the league is that players will not want to play for Gregg Williams in light of the perception that he “snitched” on Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma by signing a document claiming that Vilma offered $10,000 to anyone who knocked former Vikings quarterback Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC title game.

Some players have used strong and colorful language, so strong and so colorful that we won’t repeat it unless and until someone chooses to attach their name to it.  The bottom line, as we explained last night, is that no NFL players will follow or trust Williams, especially in light of that ridiculously over-the-top “kill the head” rant from the night before a January 2012 game against the 49ers.

The bigger offense comes from giving up a player, for something the player did within the confines of program that Williams created and administered.  The fact that Williams made the situation worse by lying about it in 2010 will make players more likely to believe Williams should have taken his medicine and not implicated any of the men who played for him.

Williams remains, technically, the defensive coordinator of the Rams, who have not replaced him.  But it would be a major surprise if Williams returns — especially since it will make the current players upset (at a minimum) and it will make it harder (and at a minimum more expensive) to sign free agents.

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  1. I’m sure RG will twist some teams arm into hiring GW, just like he twisted GW’s arm to get information HE needed.

  2. Yea right. Jeff Fisher will give him his job back whenever he’s reinstated because it’s his best friend, which trumps everything in getting those jobs in the NFL.

    Furthermore, “ratting out” Vilma is hardly big news since he has a history of throwing up bounties back to his college days as he was prominent in the Shapiro mess from the University of Miami.

    If anybody needs to “take their medicine” and stop dragging it out, it’s Vilma. He was involved, everyone knows he was involved except blind Saint fans, and he’s just dragging them through more embarrassment by prolonging this whole thing.

  3. Here’s what I don’t get – Gregg’s declaration says that he ran a pay for performance pool that did NOT encourage injuring players, and Vilma somehow ran afoul of that when he offered the $10K. So does the NFL think he is untruthful about the “it wasn’t pay to injure” part of his declaration, but they believe him when he says that Vilma did this?

    They apparently are picking and choosing what is truth and what is not. GW’s declaration about it being pay for performance does not fit their narrative, so they will disregard that portion of the affadavit (unless they decide to “free Sean Payton”), but the part about Vilma fits what they want to be true, so they will take that part as truth.

    The NFL has completely screwed this up – where was this affadavit back in June when they were using a freaking Times-Picayune column as part of their evidence?

    Also, Vilma has 9 people who testified under oath, under the same penalty of perjury, that Vilma did NOT offer the money. This includes Joe Vitt. What happens if this all goes back to court and you have contradicting sworn statements?

  4. The real issue is that Vilma seems to have lied in a court of law. Other players who signed similar documents that were given as evidence. No wonder they are mad. They are being outed as degenerate scumbags.

  5. Williams will be dropped by the Rams and enter the NCAA. These kids graduating high school won’t care about what he did at the NFL level, they will just be happy to be playing for a high profile name. He’ll build relationships with many of those kids he coaches and eventually most will forget about his huge mistake and focus on the skills he brings to the Defensive table. What he did was horrible, but I don’t think he should be punished for life from it.

  6. sportmentary says:Sep 18, 2012 9:57 AM

    The real issue is that Vilma seems to have lied in a court of law.

    Vilma and 9 other people…? People seem to forget Vilma had others testify on his behalf in court as well. People who have much less incentive to lie than Williams, a guy whose career lies in one man’s hands. In his statement, Gregg Williams conveniently mitigates his responsibility and intentions in the whole thing as he throws Vilma under the bus. Does that really sound credible to you?

  7. realfootballfan says:Sep 18, 2012 9:54 AM
    He was involved, everyone knows he was involved except blind Saint fans, and he’s just dragging them through more embarrassment by prolonging this whole thing.

    You say Saints fans are blind – obviously we are biased, but we’re the only ones asking questions. The rest of you are just taking what the NFL spoon-feeds to the media as gospel. Why is it that you ignore the fact that Vilma and others testified that this isn’t true, but the minute Gregg Williams, a guy who you’ve all denigrated and hated on for months, says it is true (for the NFL, who holds in his future career in their hands), you are very willing to believe that it’s completely true. Also while ignoring the fact that Gregg denies a pay-to-injure scheme in the same declaration where he implicates Vilma. I’m betting most of you haven’t even read the affadavit. I am willing to bet a lot of Saints fans are way more educated on this and have read more information and legal documents on this case than the majority of you, who just use the NFL’s statements as your base knowledge.

  8. Vilma has 9 sworn statements saying that he didn’t do it. The league has two statements that say he did, but contradict each other in other areas.

  9. I’ve yet to see any real evidence that Vilma did anything and I hope he sees this through the entire legal process. Greg Williams is a liar and scum and his integrity is zero. I wouldn’t hire him to mow my lawn. The bottom line here is that Goodell created evidence in an attempt to put the Saints in their place and in a demonstration of his power. The day that the word of a disgruntled ex-employee Cuelo who was fired and has made threats against the organization is taken seriously is pretty scary and this entire drama has seriously disfigured “the shield” that Goodell talks all the time about protecting. Williams son also works in the NFL and if I were that team would scrutinize him closely for fear “the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree”. Fisher is a creep and he and Williams would probably be very happy together—the Rams deserve better!

  10. In my judgment, Greg Williams’ declaration is powerful. If truth is a complete defense to a defamation action, and if Williams is indeed telling the truth, then his declaration may possibly be the legal equivalent of a torpedo amid ship slamming into the side of Vilma’s defamation “lawsuitey.” Not surprisingly, those advocating for—or sympathetic toward—the accused players will attempt to impeach Williams’ credibility. But one fundamental question remains unanswered here: What motive would Williams have to be less than truthful?

    Of note, Williams’ declaration at page 2 of 7, paragraph No. 5, states: “At some point during 2009-2011 (and I do not remember when), AT THE REQUEST OF ONE OR MORE PLAYERS (emphasis added), a category known as “cart-offs/knock-outs” was added. Does the league know the name(s) of that(those) player(s)?

  11. Fisher will give him back his job, or the next affidavit will be on the topic of Fisher’s defenses when they previously coached together with the Titans. Goodell does not want that either, because the isolated one team narrative diverts all responsibility from Goodell.

  12. What I don’t understand, is how all these people can still be fooled by Goodell after everything he brings up gets shot down. The same people they called liars they believe them when it fits what they want. But thats ok the Saints will be back to normal next year, and they will go back to getting beat by them. The only reason the Saints hatters can’t see the truth is because they are hoping to maybe have a chance to win (MAYBE). It’s sad how fans will wish bad things for a team just so there team has a chance to win

  13. IMO Williams’ defenses weren’t all that terrific to begin with. Certainly last year’s Saints defense won’t go down in history as one of the greats.

  14. Williams wouldn’t be cooperating with the league if he thought they were going to ban him.

    What he did was wrong but he will get another shot with St. Louis and he should. You don’t see Vilma getting banned for life.

    The league has sent a clear message and made their point.

  15. Notice how the players are mad that he “snitched” rather than accusing him of lying? That action right there tells us that the Saints players did it.

  16. Listen, I believe in Omerta, though I am not Italian. My rules for this are simple enough:

    If your hands are totally clean and you get blamed/charged with something of which you had no part but know who did then sing like a jay bird. No reason to do punishment for something you did not do.

    If you get blamed or charged and your hands are dirty, meaning you did it or were a part of it but not smart/lucky enough to get away then keep your mouth shut. You were dirty, and you got caught. If someone else got away with it and you didn’t then take your lumps.

    Gregg Williams should have taken this time to fall into the #2 category but it didn’t. His hands were the dirtiest. It was a program he instituted.

  17. Bottom line, We all know that Vilma had this going on. We all know it was under Gregg Williams. Vilma will lose, Williams already lost. Vilma isn’t fighting the case because he didn’t do it. He is fighting the case because he knows if he misses a year of football that no other team would want him. He is getting to that age where it is imparitive that he doesn’t miss a season and lose his step. He just needs to accept the fact that he lost, its over.

  18. Goodell is manipulating and twisting the facts on purpose…Ray Charles can see that, he told Greg “Slime” Williams to sign this decleration stating Vilma did put up 10k bounty on favre and if you don’t than I will not lift your suspension to ever coach in the nfl again, but Goodell in the beginning says the 10k bounty was on kurt warner…Goodell has another affidavit on the whistleblower (ex former employee of the Saints) contradicts GW affidavit and this was done 4 days ago sept.14th Goodell is a scum commissioner who is constantly creating drama in the media and dragging this bounty crap for 6 long months with no evidence but he say/she say b.s. GW career is over in the nfl…he decided to lie and put his nfl career 1st over a player who believed in him and his defensive schemes…yep, this article is dead on correct that no player will want to be coached by him.

  19. Hasn’t Goodell sat back at some back and asked himself what on earth he’s doing? Why devote so much in the way of resources and attract so much attention to this issue? Why not just make it clear that it’s unacceptable and save a little face — and then get back to doing the actual job of running the league.

    Does he think the casual NFL fan really cares about Williams’ affidavit?

    Meanwhile, the scab refs are making a mockery of the game and Goodell is declaring “all is well!”

    I can’t imagine that RG’s 30 bosses are particularly happy with this guy.

  20. granadafan says:Sep 18, 2012 11:12 AM

    Notice how the players are mad that he “snitched” rather than accusing him of lying? That action right there tells us that the Saints players did it.

    because Saints “fans” do not word their frustration well enough to suit you “proves” that the players did it? WOW, You sound soooo smart.

  21. rhodeislandpatriotsfan says:Sep 18, 2012 10:43 AM

    But one fundamental question remains unanswered here: What motive would Williams have to be less than truthful?

    You can’t think of one big reason? What motive do the people who testified for Vilma have to lie in court? They haven’t been banned indefinitely like Williams has.

  22. He’ll go to the NCAA for a few years until all of this dies down. If he coaches a winning organization at the college level, he’ll be able to come back to the NFL.

    As coach Madden said, “Winning is the best deodorant.”

    It will take some time for Williams to put some distance between himself and all of this mess, but if he establishes himself as a winner he’ll be fine.

    Even if he storms out of a press conference saying, “You won’t have Greg Williams to kick around any more!” he’ll still be back.

  23. At this juncture, it would be interesting to actually hear what GW would say about the whole fiasco at a press conference or in some exclusive interview with a reporter. But Roger has likely prohibited Williams from making any statements “if”he wants to work in the NFL in the future. The fact that Williams hasn’t been heard from publicly lends credibility to the possibility that he’ll be returning in some capacity, if only in his own mind.

  24. One other thought: GW could always retract whatever signed statements he makes now if and when he gets hired back as an NFL coach. He just says he was under duress.

  25. Bingo.

    My immediate thought was Gregg Williams just committed career suicide by signing that affidavit under penalty of perjury. How could he possibly have thought he’d ever get the player loyalty and commitment that are requisite to competing in the National Football League.

    Man, dude should have just fallen on his sword, rode out whatever punishment the NFL meted out – and came back as a conquering hero. Now, I can’t see him ever leading an NFL defense ever again.

  26. Sean Payton should be banned for life, as should Vilma.

    As far as Williams goes, who didn’t already believe this anyway? Even if no one can truly come out and say it (even Goodell). No one will want the negative PR that comes with hiring him again.

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