Jim Brown calls Trent Richardson touchdown catch “impressive”

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Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga wasn’t the only person won over by Browns running back Trent Richardson’s performance on Sunday.

Jim Brown liked what he saw from Richardson as well. Brown created a tempest in a teapot when he called Richardson “ordinary” before the Browns made him the third overall pick of the draft in April. Brown said he’d apologize if he was wrong about Richardson, something he isn’t doing yet but he’s started to see some of what others saw in Richardson heading into the draft.

Brown told Bill Livingston of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he was impressed by Richardson’s 23-yard touchdown catch in Sunday’s loss to the Bengals. Richardson turned a short catch into a touchdown by weaving through several would-be tacklers on the way to the end zone, showing moves that left Brown impressed with the younger running back’s moves.

“I only saw highlights of the game, but the one he scored on the pass showed an ability that they drafted him for,” Brown said. “I said, ‘well, they’ll tackle him now,’ but they didn’t. Then I said, ‘well, he will go down now,’ but he didn’t. He kept doing that. It was impressive.”

If Brown watched the entire game, he would have seen Richardson making an impact on the ground as well as through the air. It might not have been enough to get him to change Brown’s mind completely, but it was certainly a good start toward that end.

18 responses to “Jim Brown calls Trent Richardson touchdown catch “impressive”

  1. I know Jim Brown is a Legend…but there are times when his arrogance overwhelms his intelligence. However, I will apologize if ultimately proven wrong.

  2. Though Jim Brown is from a school long since past, but the school was much tougher when he was there so his opinions of those playing today may seem harsher but I understand. He excelled at playing the position so criticism of running backs I can understand as well. As a singer I can relate. Singers of today have nothing vocally on the singers I grew up listening to, and the writing leaves much to be desired. I’m only 35 but I can go from Jackie Wilson to Marvin to Chris Brown and say that recent singers haven’t shown me much.

    That said, he can come around. And, if Richardson keeps performing like he did on Sunday then he will make a believer out of the league as well as the great Jim Brown.

  3. we all acknowledge JB as one of the greatest to ever do it. with all due respect don’t really think his opinion matters one way or another on this. keep running Trent.

  4. Here’s hoping Richardson can average 5+ yards a carry and 100+ yards a game to get that Jim Brown appology.

  5. Trent Richardson doesnt have anything to prove to Jim Brown, none or validate himself to him. His sole responsibility is to his team and himself, to continue to get better game in game out.

  6. So, let me get this straight-the greatest football player to ever lace ’em up should keep is opinions/observations to himself, no matter how qualified he is, but every hack, wannabe “journalist” that starts a website, and every tom, dick and harry that visets those websites, and opens a wordpress account(myself included) is given free rein to spout all of the unqualified comments/observations that they please? Ok….

  7. Enough of Jim Brown. If he was playing today, he would be a top running back, for sure, but he wouldn’t be the legend everyone proclaims him to be, with the title of best NFL player in history. I went to Pro Football Reference and double checked his weight and the weight of the O and D lines of the day. He was a solid 230-235 lbs and the LBs, Ts, and Gs of the day were around the same weight. No wonder he racked up so many yards in his time! With O and D lines that are well over 300 lbs, on average, he’d get put in his place and his numbers would fall back to Earth.

    WAR Barry Sanders!

  8. you people are getting this all wrong. it’s not like Jim Brown called the media and said issue a statement saying I think Trent Richardson is impressive. somebody probably ask him and that’s what he said.

    at the same time, I can care less of what he thinks. he’s irrelevant

  9. “I onlynwaw highlights of the game…….”

    So in other words, Jim Brown will give you a compliment T-Rich, but he doesn’t want you to look too good! He should have just kept his comments to himself! He is self righteous, and I couldn’t care less what he says!

  10. wait so this man keeps pestering the browns orgization and players, and doesnt even watch the games? are you kidding me? you dont call out players and staff and not watch the games to prove or disprove your previous statements. i mean for all you know richardson was a complete bum all game minus that highlight (not true i know, but a hypothetical). this guy needs 2 never speak ever again unless he plans on watching the games to see every snap and how he operates from 1st down to 3-4th down.

  11. Jim Brown’s welcome is so worn out at this point that I don’t want to hear from him even if he’s saying *good* things about the Browns or their players. Just go away already.

  12. jim brown has been sucking off the teet of the city of cleveland and the browns for so long, his entitlement attitude speaks for itself. Hey jim, just shut-up already, nobody cares anymore except you.

  13. Not everyone cares what Jim Brown thinks but still the best running back ever. Calculate the average # of carries by yds per carry by a sixteen game season. Some people don’t remember the man played in 12 and 14 game seasons. One writer says he was bigger than all the other players. So what. He caould only play against who was in front of him. I really don’t care about what he thinks of Trent Richardson. Someone shoves a mike in front of him ALL the time so he says what his opinion is. I don’t think he went out of his way to make that comment. One game for Trent. That does not equal a career.

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