Romeo Crennel says wearing two hats isn’t a problem

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The Chiefs’ 0-2 start has been met with disgust and puzzlement about what’s gone wrong for the team.

One of the questions posed to head coach Romeo Crennel was whether the poor performance of the defense in the first two weeks could be blamed on the fact that he’s handling defensive coordinator duties in addition to his head coaching responsibilities. Crennel doesn’t think that he has too much on his plate this season.

“I’ve done both jobs before. “I haven’t done both of them at the same time before, but I’ve been a defensive line coach and a defensive coordinator before,” Crennel said, via Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star. “So I’ve done dual roles in the past, so I understand what it takes. Going forward, we will get better. If we play the play the way we need to play it, then you wouldn’t even be asking the question.”

That last part is certainly true and two of Crennel’s players — safety Abram Elam and linebacker Derrick Johnson — agreed that the players have been the biggest issue. The issue is getting the team to play it the way they need to play it, because there have been far too many breakdowns in the first two weeks for the Chiefs. If it is simply miscommunication, that could be ironed out in time to get moving in the right direction.

If not, anger will likely trump puzzlement as the leading response to the Chiefs season.

21 responses to “Romeo Crennel says wearing two hats isn’t a problem

  1. Hey, if you can stink it up at one job, you can stink it up at two.

    Is there a Belichick “disciple” who hasn’t been a bust as a head coach? Crennel, McDaniels, Cheeseburger Charlie…

  2. The worst thing about the Chiefs start to me is that, unlike last year, there aren’t any excuses. Last year, the lockout hurt the team’s conditioning and the three torn ACLs in three consecutive weeks could be cited as reasons for the poor start. This year, a group of really talented individuals are collectively playing like garbage, without any identifiable reason.

    Cheers to another 0-3 start and another lost season.

  3. wait, so he’s done both jobs before just not at the same time. Hmmm, what the heck does that matter? that’s like me saying I have slept with women before and i have spanked the monkey just not at the same time. whatever

  4. When your QB would rather fall to the ground than try and escape a potential sack. PROBLEM FOUND, Cassel needs to go, he has no fire, no drive, no desire to be a good QB. When your own QB won’t even try for that extra yard, why should anyone else on the team. Cassel is a cancer.

  5. The ATL game we were flat out under-manned. 5 starters on D is more than anyone could overcome. As for Buffalo, no excuse. Fitzpatrick is awful but we refused to take advantage. CJ Spiller is the real deal. Very fast and tougher than people think.

    As for moving forward. I still believe KC has enough talent to win games. However Crennel IS trying to do too much. AND I’ve never seen a team less motivated to play. It sickens me the lack of “pop” this team has. Have you ever seen the Giants flat with Tom Coughlin? How about the Steelers with Mike Tomlin? NO.

    The interior of our young Oline isnt off to a great start either. Hudson will be fine, but has missed a few blocks. I wouldnt write Chiefs off yet, but I also wouldnt pick them to win the west.

  6. I was excited about Crennell after the way he coached the team to end last year. Obviously I was wrong. The first thing I would do if I were him is turn over the D Coordinator duties to Emmitt Thomas and focus on being a head coach. The 2nd thing I would do is sit half my starters who aren’t playing worth a damn. Maybe if they are embarrassed by being benched, they will get a kick in the ass to actually try.

  7. Being a head coach and defensive coordinator at the same time is an entirely different beast than being the defensive coordinator and defensive line coach at the same time.

    It may not be difficult for some folks – but for Romeo it’s clearly a challenge. The KC defense stunk it up…again.

    Short of Deon and Eli showing up with their fairy wings and convincing Romeo to shuffle the defensive coordinator duties – I don’t see things changing.

  8. Belichick himself has gone into seasons without a named coordinator on both offense and defense.

    It’s not a big deal. He assigns someone the de-facto job to coordinate but is more involved than he would be if he had a true coordinator who had earned his trust.

    Doing what Belichick and Crennel have done makes more sense than naming someone Coordinator who hasn’t earned their trust or the position.

  9. Chiefs hsould have kept Kyle Orton…..Pioli will NEVER get rid of Cassel….EVER. Cassel might as well start building his retirement mansion in KC because he ain’t going anywhere.

    Basically if you played/worked for the Patriots at any point in your career then the Chiefs will hire you.

    When will people realize that it was all because of Tom Brady’s greatness and not these stupid coaches? Just ridiculous……..

    Clark Hunt doesn’t even live in KC, he’s sitting down in Dallas in his mansion counting all the money he saved on not buying good players for his team.

    It’s pretty easy to see why Jeff Fisher and Peyton Manning stayed the hell away from KC…….very poor work enviornment

  10. “Romeo Crennel says wearing two hats isn’t a problem”; that’s right, he’s equally inept wearing either! Seriously, how do guys like Crennell keep getting jobs in the NFL? How many times do you have to prove yourself a failure before owners get the message? How could he possibly be employed ever again after the way things went in Cleveland?

  11. 1. Romeo Crennel says wearing two hats isn’t a problem

    2. Crennel doesn’t think that he has too much on his plate this season.


    1. Romeo Crennel says wearing one pair of pants is a problem

    2. Crennel never thinks that he has too much on his plate in general.

  12. The Chiefs and the Raiders…
    If it weren’t for the contrasting uniforms, it would be impossible to tell the two franchises apart.

    I think I speak for the entire universe, when I say: Ughhh.

  13. j0esixpack:

    What, what, what are you talking about.

    Bellycheat has hardware, and his team winds up playing in every other SuperBowl.

    Camaro Cornell? Well, I guess he’s got the whole expressionless Art Shell thing going for him.

    So, yeah, pretty much comparable guys.

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