Still no talks between officials, NFL


In Week One, the replacement officials looked the part, acted the part, and sounded the part.

In Week Two, they didn’t.

So after Monday night’s debacle in Atlanta, the NFL and the locked-out officials are gonna work this out, right?  Wrong.

We’re told that there are still no talks, more than two weeks after the two sides made a late run at getting it done by the start of the season.  And now that each side senses wobbly legs on the other side of the table, no one will pick up the phone.

It’s a simple reality of negotiations.  Whoever makes the first move is deemed to be overly anxious to do a deal.  So the NFL will wait for the NFL Referees Association to call, and vice-versa.

‘This is not the NFL that we are used to seeing and we need to somehow light a fire under both sides to get back to the table, lock a door, and don’t leave until you have a deal,” FOX rules analyst and former NFL V.P. of officiating Mike Pereira said earlier today on The Dan Patrick Show.

But that’s the problem.  There’s no one to light a fire.  Perhaps more accurately, there’s no Moe Howard to clunk heads together.

The NFLPA possibly could give the league a kick in the butt muscle by filing a lawsuit or a grievance.  Congress could definitely get the league’s attention by convening a hearing (and then everyone complaining about the replacement officials would complain that Congress has better things to do).

The key will be for the locked-out officials to make the first move.  “These regular guys I know do want to get back on the field because they’re hating what they see now,” Pereira said.  That meshes with what NBC officiating consultant Jim Daopoulos told Peter King in this week’s MMQB.  “The officials want to talk. They want to be back on the field. To a man, they want to come back,” Daopoulos said.

And the NFL knows it.  And so the NFL will continue to hold firm, hoping that the next day, hour, or minute will be the day, hour, or minute when the phone rings.

The sooner the officials realize that and make the call, the sooner this will all get worked out.

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  1. They need to come back, the regulars did make bad calls at times, as everyone does make mistakes. While they may have a bigger effect on the outcome of a game or two. These refs are going to effect more than that this year.

    These refs make inconsistent calls, try to give explanations on things they don’t understand and gives me a headache.

    Then yesterdays game was slower than turtles racing in peanut butter.

  2. The NFL will not negotate with these greedy officals, the replacements are now the new officals. We will forget all this by next season and the new officals we be doing just fine for now we just have to deal with it. Listen to Steve Young “It Doesn’t Matter. “

  3. both sides actually have a descent argument to make, so its not surprising to see this go on, but as usual the losers in the end will be the customers.

  4. Roger Goodell needs to go. All he has done since taking over as Commissioner is make everything about him, not what is in the best interest of the league.

    It is not fun watching games on TV because the games are taking too long and there are way too many mistakes by the officials, and then you have to hear the commentators talk about it.

    Maybe I’m not the only one who thinks that and ratings will drop…who knows!

  5. Congress could definitely get the league’s attention by convening a hearing

    Seriously? I mean, come on…I know this is a game all of us fans enjoy and invest our time and money in, but government involvement?

    It’s a freaking game and this is a simple labor dispute. Remember that.

  6. How long can RG go without at least addressing the issue. I’ve always been a supporter of the commish but he’s dangerously close to losing all credibility.

  7. Maybe with all the money the NFL is making with the cheaper salaries paid to the refs, they will lower the price of tickets?

  8. So the NFLRA is being stubborn, despite blatantly admitting they view the game is being affected negatively. Most of the neutral observers find the offers they’ve received as absolutely reasonable.

    Yet they continue to stay away expecting to be blown away while having basically no leverage. People generally understand the NFL can’t just give out as much money as asked for in a labor negotiation in which they hold all the power and leverage.

    This is a two sided street, if the NFLRA thinks more strongly that things are being made worse then why besides $$$ are they not strongly pursuing an end to this?

  9. Hey NFL; it’s not that hard. Spend some money, negotiate in good faith, get the deal done.

    Week 1 was a feeling out period. Week 2 was pushing the envelope. Week 3 will be chaos and out of control games (player anarchy).

    Don’t let it get that far Roger, you’ll be sorry…

  10. The Refs don’t need to make the call. They know more and more fans, players, and teams are getting fed up with the replacements.
    I think you have it backwards, the Refs, not the league, are in the advantageous position now

  11. crisper57 says:Sep 18, 2012 1:54 PM

    Oh no! They screw up on a nationally-televised game and now everyone is up in arms? So shocking. They were just as bad last week, folks.

    Last week they were able to mask a bit better, I watched the 9ers Packers game, and it was terrible. During that time there were other games to watch.

    On SNF, MNF, and TNF its the only game on with more viewers.

  12. Hey officials… quit being greedy and stubborn. You had to know you werent going to get a nice fat raise AND get no peformance disipline of any kind. The NFL will pay you, no problem. They just want to hold you accountable. Is it THAT big of a deal?????

  13. Another weekend I won’t watch games. Last weekend was first time in 50 years. This weekend will be the second time. The game is crumbling and the owners are killing it.

  14. I’m not convinced that the league cares about player safety. If they did, they would get these guys off the field. These guys don’t have the instincts that the regulars have. They are slow to blow whistles, slow to throw flags, and have done a poor job of preventing fights.

  15. Last week they were able to mask a bit better, I watched the 9ers Packers game, and it was terrible. During that time there were other games to watch.

    On SNF, MNF, and TNF its the only game on with more viewers.


    Yep, and I am willing to bet the NFL is hoping these types of screw-ups happen on those hidden games. That’s why they will stack their “acceptable” crews on the national games and the rest of the league will be stuck with the terrible crews. Sadly, like you point out, even their acceptable crews suck.

  16. Goddel has to constantly be bullying someone in order to satisfy his massive ego. Integrity of the game?Player safety? Both irrelevant. Everyone bow before King Roger

  17. Anyone ever hear of COMPROMISE?? It is time the NFL and the officials COMPROMISED. I really thought this would get resolved for week 3, but it is looking like it probably won’t. Don’t kid yourselves, the replacement refs are not as good/quick/in control of the game as the regular refs, although I do agree they all make mistakes. I would rather have speedier mistakes and calls that can’t be completely swayed by players’ complaining. I think someone said it best, the replacement refs are being treated by the players like students would treat a substitute teacher.

  18. Remember, the league locked out the officials. So, lift the lockout, operate under the prior contract and continue to negotiate. Doesn’t sound so hard, does it.

  19. The REAL officials are just sitting there in their offices sitting at their desks at their real jobs laughing at the league. Bottom line, either the NFL gives into their contract offer, or we will see this non sense go on for the rest of the year.

  20. Thursday Night Football, not the replacement refs, is going to be the demise of the league. It waters down the need and urgency to see the NFL product on Sundays, a lot of people go out on Thursday nights and there are other things folks watch on Thursday nights.

  21. Goodell is on a power trip. If you were running a $10 billion a year entertainment company wouldn’t you make sure you put the best product out for the public? This deal should have been done months ago.

    Its ridiculous. They are expected to insure the integrity of the game when they are on the field, but Goodell does nothing to ensure it the rest of the time.

  22. Refs are like the proverbial deer in headlights.

    They don’t want to screw up, so they are making calls that aren’t there, or when players remonstrate they throw a flag. Home field advantage also comes into the equation.

    What a bad spot for them to be in…

  23. From what i’ve seen the officiating has been bad but it hasn’t been a factor in games yet. No one lost because of bad officiating. I think the refs will lose this one.

  24. The owners are a disgrace. Shows you that they don’t give a hoot about the fans but as long as us suckers show up to the games this is the way it will be.

  25. Ridiculous. As much as they charge for game tickets you’d think they would be doing all possible to put quality officials on the field.

    As soon as the fans start staying away then something will get done. Unfortunately, the fans are the last consideration in this mess……

  26. brutus9448 says:Sep 18, 2012 3:07 PM

    From what i’ve seen the officiating has been bad but it hasn’t been a factor in games yet. No one lost because of bad officiating. I think the refs will lose this one.

    Not yet, but at the rate they are going they might cost someone a post-season spot. They are extremely inconsitant.

    So it might not just be one call, but they way they call or lacking calls of an entire game, that may change the outcome.

    The crews that are so wildly inconsitant may cost one team 2 games, and that could easily be the difference between making the post-season or not.

  27. You wonder how people would feel about these refs it they didn’t have the loudmouths at ESPN like Gruden and Young constantly ramming down their throats what a terrible terrible they are doing.

  28. It boils down to the greed of the NFLPA. The NFL does not need these greedy part-timers. The part timers have nowhere else to go to but their full-time jobs and home. I say hire the best of the NCAA Division I officials for permanent positions right now. Let the greedy fat guys stay home.

  29. Now the the scabs have been exposed as frauds, the NFLRA needs to double the amount they are asking for.

  30. 2 things. First, let’s not forget that RG works for the owners, they are behind this. RG is paid to take the heat just like our President. Second, Unions are outdated, a drag on society and helped kill Americas Auto industry. Referees Union??? Really??? And one of the biggest hangups in this dispute is the NFL wants the authority to replace officials who are performing poorly and the “union” is saying no. Typical union bs. Protect the turds who aren’t performing at the expense of all.

  31. They deserve a fair salaries and medical but not a pension. They are part timers. . Once again we have another corrupt union trying to shake down another very successful business.

  32. Nobody has talked about how this whole thing is affecting the TV networks. It has become clear that all the NFL is interested in is their bottom line, and to hell with everything else. Maybe FOX, CBS, and ESPN should file suit against the NFL for these games lasting too long and encroaching on some of their other programming. When the precious Benjamins that Roger Goodell thinks are the League’s are threatened, he’ll make a move.

  33. I know I’m crazy for saying it (and I would like to see the regular guys back – if they agree to accountability, a modest raise, and a 401K like everyone in America gets), but I actually enjoyed some of the after play rough housing – reminded me of backyard football we all used to play – players actually getting emotionally invested in the games instead of it always being about the $ – Now I know the delay’s can get annoying – but that’s just more time to grab another brew and enjoy a longer game! Loving it!

  34. Games are way too long. Almost No pass interference calls, mostly holding. These people are horrible. Roger needs to get his head out of his ass. Bad all around.

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