The new CJ2K is making his mark in year three

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The performance of speedy Titans running back Chris Johnson in his first two seasons surely made the Bills more willing to spend the ninth overall pick in the 2010 draft on another C.J.

And while it’s taken C.J. Spiller a while to get rolling, he’s rolling now.

With 292 yards in 29 carries, Spiller is the first man since Jim Brown in 1963 to average more than 10 yards per attempt through two games.  And Spiller joined PFT Live on Monday to discuss his hot start — and whether it will continue.

I also asked the new CJ2K whether he’s faster than the original CJ2K.  I could tell you what Spiller said, but then that wouldn’t be a very good tease, would it?

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9 responses to “The new CJ2K is making his mark in year three

  1. He could have had 250 yards on Sunday if Chan hadn’t decided to reign him in. Spiller is the most dynamic back in the game at the moment.

  2. I for one hope that he makes it. The NFL needs players like this to come out of no where (Spiller did the end of last year) and bust onto the scene – see Foster in 2010. Its great for the NFL, and great for it’s fans. The RB position is losing relevance with each passing year, but I for one enjoy watching games won in the trenches as much as games won in the flats. Just my thoughts.


  3. I was referring to the style in which he rose, mvpolamalu.

    He was a first rounder – but backing up Freddie Jackson leaves little room for opprotunity. Jackson’s injury at the end of last year, and his injury early this year, has given Spiller the chance he needs. To say that he is seizing it is an understatement..

    The kid can ball.


  4. C.J. Spiller looks awesome. He surely looks way better than Chris Johnson who you’re now referring to as the old CJ2k. But let’s not get a head of our selves here. CJ2k got the nickname by rushing for 2000 yds in a season, and no matter how bad he is now, you can’t take that away from him. Rushing for 2000 yds in a season is an amazing feat that is not accomplished in two games so let’s not give “CJ2k 2.0” his nickname unless he does it. Being on pace for something is much easier than doing it. Consider this Mike Vick who has been lambasted on this page for the past 2 weeks is on pass to break the all time record for passing yards in a season. That’s right with 688 yds in 2 not so good performances he’s on pace for 5504.

  5. In his last 8 games (essentially his only starts of his career), the thriller has 738 yards rushing (6.4 per), 259 receiving, and 8 TDs. He’s the real deal haters. The best part about him is how humble he is. Still refers to Fred Jackson as “our leader” and I’ve never heard a professional athlete refer to “humbling experiences” more in their post game press conferences. He looks much more patient than last year and when Jackson is back, the Bills will have the best running back duo in the NFL. A duo which will have the pleasure to run behind the best O-line in the league. Is anyone gonna sack Fitzpatrick this year? Keep it rolling boys #billsmafia

  6. @tharoostah

    Did CJ2K 1.0 ever average 10 yards per touch though? Spiller has 34 touches through 2 weeks, and has 350+ yards, that’s insane. He was dinged with a questionable fumble in week one, but other than that, has been flawless. He’s taking what he can get, shows enourmous burst, and has even broken tackles. I don’t seee a game this season where will average less than 115 total yards, he is the ultimate dual threat. It was said perfectly on a local readio station this week, if it wasn’t for the fact that Freddie is such an emotional leader, he would have a hard time getting on the field when he gets healthy. Don’t get me wrong, Freddie just makes this offense that much more dangerous, but they can’t limit Spillers touches if he continues to be explosive. By the way NFL, this is the real Bills team, not those imposters week one. We were stuck with the Jets scoring a seasons worth of touchdowns in one week, and not knowking we could run on the Jets. I think Sunday showed what this division is made of. The Pats are not invincible, and Tom Brady still hates taking hits, the Jets will be QB’d by Tebow the next time they meet the Bills, or maybe Greg Macelroy, and the Dolphins are a team that will go as far as Reggie Bush can carry them, and I forecast week seven will be the week his body just breaks down from carrying the ball 20+ times a game. Still a long road Bills fans, but we are headed down the right fork for once.

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