Adrian Peterson might be getting more work soon

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Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s comeback from an ACL tear continues to go off without a hitch.

Peterson had 33 carries in the first two games of the season, more than most were projecting after he didn’t play in any preseason games, and Vikings coach Leslie Frazier says that Peterson’s feeling better this week than he felt after the first game of the season. That could have him in line for a bigger workload in the near future.

“We think he’s getting to that point where we can think about a few more carries,” Frazier said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “He’s getting close to that point, so we’ll see how he does this week in practice. We’ve been rotating him and Toby every other series, but we’re going to see how he does this week in practice.”

The only fly in the ointment could be this week’s opposition. The 49ers could well put the Vikings in a position on the scoreboard where running the ball isn’t the best offensive option, to say nothing of the frustration that many teams find when they try to move the ball on the ground against San Francisco. Peterson might be ready for more work, but there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll have to wait another week to find it.

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  1. Perfect time to run the ball more when your playing the best run D in the NFL? I like that, every time you run the ball against the Niners that’s another down wasted.

  2. 49’ers have a crazy tough D but Adrian will fight with everything he has to gain every extra inch on the ground. Gotta respect AP’s determination.

  3. Good news,AD makes things happen when he gets to carry the load. Percy needs a break once in awhile,,,been our workhorse

  4. What an absolute monster this guy is. Not a vikings fan. But you gotta love this guy. Wish he had the chance to play for a better team. who knows what he could do

  5. While I respect the 49er run D,lets get something straight 9’r Homers,,,,AD can truck anyone on the right play. Yes,even your beast Willis. Don’t underestimate Harvin either!!

  6. AD is a stud, but he is clearly not running as well as he did before the injury. Playing him more is stupid. Why are we risking him when this season is lost? Give him the time he needs to heal fully and save him for when we at least have a shot at getting into the playoffs. I’m very close to saying that Frazier should be fired. He is clearly mishandling this situation.

  7. Adrian Peterson and Patrick Willis were both up for Rookie of the Year with AP ultimately winning because he crushed the NFL record for yards in a single game. But when the 49ers and Vikings met that year, Adrian Peterson finished with 3 yds on 14 carries. Patrick Willis had a gang of tackles and a fumble recovery.

    The 2nd meeting of the 49ers and Vikings had AP getting 85 yards on 19 carries, (although half of those yards came on a long run by AP). The Vikings were definitely a passing team during this season and this was the infamous game where Brett Favre threw the miracle Hail Mary with no time left to Greg Lewis.

    This 3rd matchup will now be the one where we see who’s the best although it’s a friendly rivalry. Adrian Peterson said today that he thought him and Patrick Willis should have been drafted 1 and 2.

    I’m betting on P-Willis and the 49ers. Now that the Vikings don’t have a Brett Favre passing for them, the 9ers D will be able to resume AP-crushing.

    Should be fun either way though

  8. The Vikes haven’t really run that well against this 49ers D in recent years, and it will be tough to do so Sunday. I doubt the 49ers will play the same base D they did against the Pack and Lions (2 deep safeties) given the lack of a any Viking WR threat on the outside — meaning the run will face an even more stacked front. Gonna be a tough day for AP and the offense, but I hope I’m wrong.

  9. The unpredictable games of week 1, combined with the one-sided officiating in Indy makes it hard to know what the Vikings are made of this year. Everyone knows the 49ers are a contender (although I’m not a fan of them since they picked up a talented rapist in Parish Cox) I think we’ll know after the game against the 49ers how good or bad the Vikings will be in 2012. If the Vikings, without their top receiver (Simpson) hang with the 49ers for four quarters that will tell a lot of positives. I’d they lose 34-13, that will tell us that the Vikings need another year of rebuilding.

  10. thepvyharvin says:
    Sep 19, 2012 3:30 PM
    While I respect the 49er run D,lets get something straight 9′r Homers,,,,AD can truck anyone on the right play. Yes,even your beast Willis. Don’t underestimate Harvin either!!

    AP is a stud and a remarkable athlete. Easily the top RB in the league pre injury.

    Last time the 9ers and Vikings met, AP wasn’t rehabbing a serious knee injury and Bowman and Aldon Smith and Brooks weren’t on the field either. Aldon is very fast and has been setting the edge very well so far this year. Now granted GB and DET have abysmal running games right now so AP is always a good test. The 49er’s current corps of LB’s are amazing-not even debatable and their secondary doesn’t miss very many tackles. AP definitely has his work cut out for him this week.

    Willis seems to know how to manage AP so chances are slim that AP gets past the 100 yd rushing mark. But hey, you never know…any given Sunday….here’s to a good clean safe game.

  11. @sixjag,,,I do believe the 49er’s are #1 right now. Highly anticipating the game,will give me a better gauge of what the Vikings are made of. Will be a testament to AD’s greatness if he hits 100 with your run D. Coming off his major injury and no deep threat WR to accompany Harvin, will be a great challenge.

  12. Harvin is certainly a talented RB. I should have included Percy in my comments. The duo of AP and PH is easily one of the most talented backfields in the league. The 9ers will have their hands full. I dont think I’m going out on a limb in predicting that the 9ers will load up the box and dare the Vikings to throw on them. Hey we saw that for years under Nolan and Dingleberry and the garbage offensive plans or lack thereof that they oversaw. It gets better. Trust me it does.

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