AEG’s NFL plans are expected to proceed, despite looming sale of company


The fact that billionaire Philip Anschutz is interested in selling AEG necessarily raises questions regarding AEG’s ongoing pursuit of an NFL stadium in downtown L.A.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the plans are expected to proceed.

That’s no surprise.  After all, the next owner may want those plans to proceed.  But let’s be realistic.  If whoever ponies up the pennies to purchase AEG decides not to try to do business with a sports league that has amassed tremendous bargaining power — and always uses it — then the plans won’t proceed.

For those with AEG who want to finish what they started, the challenge will be to push forward aggressively, making the completion of the deal a foregone conclusion.  The wildcard, then, becomes whether and to what extent Anschutz will tap the brakes on this specific aspect of his eventually-to-be-former sports empire.

Regardless, the news of a potential sale by Anschutz does nothing to make the construction of Farmers Field more likely.

4 responses to “AEG’s NFL plans are expected to proceed, despite looming sale of company

  1. That’s better Mike. It’s AEG’s plan for the NFL in LA, not the NFL’s plan. Yeah, yeah, biggest TV market and all that. The NFL already enjoys that market without a team and sure would not want the subsequent blackouts once the newness of an actual team were to wear off. Remember they could not even fill the stadium when Dickerson was in his heyday, breaking records and the Rams were a playoff team almost every year. The owners will just keep LA around in the conversation for leverage, they will never move a team there. Expansion is the only hope and that ain’t happening either.

  2. Anschutz has said he didn’t want to build a stadium just to be a landlord. He wanted part of the team. If the NFL won’t expand, then which owners want to sell? Problem is there’s no pressing reason for owners out there to sell. Spanos want to sell off the Chargers? Unlikely. Jacksonville just changed hands. Bills? Raiders? I think Anschutz doesn’t see any short-term acquisition do instead wants to sell off AEG to have cash to invest toward a new team and/or companies.

  3. bearflag fan u hit the head on the nail… i know the spanos family has publicly came out and said they are not selling the team or majority stake! still if it happens all signs point to rams owner kroenke.he has buisness dealings with AEG in MLS and has interest in denver where AEG IS based. st louis dome stadium is not gonna be in the top 1/3 of nfl stadiums which will kick in a clause for them to move. also kroenke made a bid on the dodgers..writing is on the wall as where everything with the chargers,bills,jags,etc.. is all based on opinions and what not.. i could see the raiders returning as they definitley dont wanna share a stadium being 2nd fiddle behind the 49ers.the raiders could take the roski stdium deal in city of industry!

    there is a vote on the san diego stadium plan scheduled for next year in san diego! but they are deciding wether to make it a county wide vote like the cardinals did for their stadium since theyare a county wide asset.

  4. Couldn’t this just be a first step to Anschutz buying an NFL team to move to LA? The NFL does not permit its owners to own a team in another professional league, right?

    So the parent company sells the neatly packaged subsidiary that owns two teams and arena, and then buys an NFL team. Duh.

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