Calais Campbell takes NFC defensive honors


For his role in snapping the Patriots’ streak of winning home openers, Cardinals defensive end Calais Campbell has been named the NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Campbell had 10 tackles and two sacks in the Cardinals’ 20-18 win over the Patriots last Sunday, an effort that helped the Cardinals become the first team to beat the Patriots in their home opener since Gillette Stadium opened in 2002.  It was also the first time in 26 home games that the Patriots were held under 20 points, which makes the effort all the more impressive by Campbell and his associates on the Arizona defense.

Campbell signed a new long-term deal with the Cardinals after they gave him their franchise tag at the start of the offseason. He’s helped the Cardinals get off to their first 2-0 start since the 2008 season. They wound up winning the NFC that season, something that seems like a tall order for them this year but, then, not too many people expected them to pull it off in 2008 either.

It’s the first time that Campbell has been so honored, although he was recognized for his special teams work after flashing his kick blocking skills in a win over the Jaguars.

16 responses to “Calais Campbell takes NFC defensive honors

  1. Campbell had a great game, and deserved the award any other week, but this should’ve been Matthews. I watched both games, Calais had a great game but Matthews single handedly destroyed their gameplan.

    Not a huge snub, but I think Clay had the better day by a hair.

  2. Packers fans get out of here! You won at home against a cry baby QB.

    We (Cards) had a milestone win against a future Hall of Famer in a home opener which they havent lost since the inception of the stadium.

    Move along…

  3. Clay Matthews played against Jay Cutler and a division three offensive line at home. Campbell played against Tom Brady on the road. You don’t often see d lineman with 10 tackles in the game. Who was expecting Arizona to win this game versus who was expecting the Pack to win?

  4. Clay Matthews not winning it is more of an indictment of Webb than anything else. 10 and 2 for a 3-4 DE is pretty impressive really. I’ll have to look up the other nominees- I think Tramon Williams was actually more deserving than Matthews as well.

  5. I think there is as much evidence supporting the theory of Campbell taking steroids as there is of Matthews. I mean, come on, the man is gigantic, and his dad wasn’t a professional athlete.

    So, that would be zero evidence, if you are scoring at home.

  6. 3.5 sacks in a game and no DP of the Week Award ?
    What happens if the patriots kicker didn’t go wide left…. does Suh get the award… just down the list til people give Clay some credit.

  7. dino2997 says:
    Sep 19, 2012 2:04 PM
    “Calais Campbell deserved it. He didn’t take steroids like certain other players to perform the way he did.”

    Got evidence or you just part of the drag someone’s name through the mud cause he plays for a team your spiteful toward…?

  8. The Cards broke out the checkbooks and paid Campbell & LB Daryl Washington this year, and both guys have stepped up their already awesome games since. It’s refreshing to see guys get paid and not go in the tank (cough, Chris Johnson, cough cough). The Cards brass knew both of these guys are the real deal, and were VERY wise to pay the lads. If they could just find a QB and some help for the OL, they’d be a VERY tough team to beat, because that defense has quietly evolved into one of the best in the league.

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