Eli, Vick are on pace to break Brees’ record


For the past few years, we’ve mentioned during the early weeks of the season the quarterbacks who were on pace to break Dan Marino’s single-season passing record of 5,084 yards.

Last year, two quarterbacks surpassed that mark — Drew Brees with 5,476 and Tom Brady with 5,235.

Giants quarterback Eli Manning came close to joining the 5,000-yard club, falling 67 yards short.  Through two games this year, he’s on pace to outdo Brees’ new high-water mark.

That’s right.  With 723 yards passing in two weeks, Eli Manning is on track to throw for 5,784 yards.

Of course, Eli had only 213 yards against the Cowboys.  A 510-yard explosion against the Bucs has put him on a record-setting pace.  To get there, he’ll need to have more games like Week Two than Week One.

Also on track to top Drew’s number is Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, who with 688 yards projects to 5504 for the season.  (He also is on pace to throw 48 interceptions.)

Of course, there are 14 games left.  But with two games in the books, a pair of guys are on track to potentially etch their names in the record book.