Fred Jackson won’t need surgery, will run soon


It appears Bills running back Fred Jackson has gotten some good news.

Jackson said after his television show on WBBZ-TV, via the Buffalo News, that tests showed his strained lateral collateral ligament didn’t need surgery.

If his rehab continues to go well, that would put him on the earlier end of the three- to eight-week time frame coach Chan Gailey mentioned when he was hurt. Jackson also said he expects to begin light running soon.

The bigger question is what they do with him when he comes back.

C.J. Spiller has been a revelation, with 292 yards on 29 carries (typing that just feels strange, like it can’t be right).

So when Jackson comes back, Gailey’s going to have to be at his creative best, to get work for Jackson while riding the hottest hand in the league. Spiller’s at a pace which can’t last the rest of the season, and he might tail off before Jackson’s ready to go again. But then again, having too many offensive weapons isn’t a problem the Bills have had to worry about for years.

17 responses to “Fred Jackson won’t need surgery, will run soon

  1. On one hand I hope F-Jax well. On the other hand, I’m riding CJ Spiller to victories in all my fantasy leagues, so I hope F-Jax has a great recovery that allows him to be a solid back up…

  2. Spiller was a top 10 pick, and is playing like a top overall pick. We all love you, Fjax, but Spiller has arrived, and he must be let lose.

  3. I like Fred Jackson, but he just got Wally Pipped.

    C.J. has taken the full time job, and Gailey should never give it back to jackson.

  4. Two great backs has to be better than one…CJ has been a wonder…but F-Jax is too good to be a back up….Chan has the great problem of fielding two awesome players…but I bet he’s not losing sleep over it…

  5. Gailey doesn’t have to find work for Jackson at all. He could be on the inactive list. This isn’t peewee flag football, it’s the NFL. If Spiller doesn’t slow down, don’t force him to slow down.

  6. Having 2 good backs has rarely been a problem… Spiller is more versitile in that he can line up in the slot, or split end, so you will see both on the field quite a bit. Plenty of touches to go around so fantasy players don’t panic.

  7. Everyone’s acting like 2 backs isn’t a normal NFL move… 1/2 the teams in the league have had 2 solid backs for years… the only reason this is even a story is because Spiller looked like a bag of crap last year and has had a hot start.

    No matter what happens with Spiller they will split time when Jackson comes back… it’s a pretty simple, and not very “creative” conclusion

  8. “Spiller looked like a bag of crap last year” – finfavin

    did you check the stats on that one sir? he averaged 5.2 yrds a carry for the season after taking over for fredx in week 8.

  9. Lol, I was just telling some friends last night to watch how fast Fred Jackson gets healthy since Spiller has been playing so well.

  10. Sort of off topic, but Laron Landry needs to tone it down a bit. He hurt Jonathan Stewart by diving at his legs on his way into the endzone on a meaningless preseason TD and he hit very low on Jackson’s injury. Definitely within the rules of the game but he should tackle with better form to prevent hurting other players. He just seems to be playing nasty and that’s not good for the game or the health of the other players.

  11. Hard to say if the hit was dirty or not, but I know that if it was me, and I had badly hurt 2 different guys’ knees in one game, I’d change something about my tackling style.

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