Garcon practices on a limited basis for Redskins


Last week, the Redskins didn’t have receiver Pierre Garçon for a game the team lost in St. Louis.  They could have used him.

They may have him again for the home opener on Sunday against the Bengals.  He practiced Wednesday on a limited basis.

Garçon injured his foot in Week One against the Redskins.  Coach Mike Shanahan has said that Garçon’s ability to play is a matter of pain tolerance.

Also practicing on a limited basis was safety Brandon Meriweather, who has been out for the past several weeks with a knee injury.  Cornerback Josh Wilson was also limited, with a head injury.

Of course, the biggest injuries aren’t on the injury report because the players are on injured reserve.  Linebacker Brian Orakpo (torn pectoral) and defensive end Adam Carriker (torn quad tendon) are out for the season.

20 responses to “Garcon practices on a limited basis for Redskins

  1. The Bengals are gonna get throttled. Home opener, angry team looking for redemption, weak Bengals defense. Redskins win by at least two TD’s and a big day for the RGIII to Josh Morgan show. HTTR.

  2. voiceofreasonsays says: Sep 19, 2012 8:33 PM

    The Bengals are gonna get throttled. Home opener, angry team looking for redemption, weak Bengals defense. Redskins win by at least two TD’s and a big day for the RGIII to Josh Morgan show. HTTR.
    Voiceofreason: Thanks for speaking the truth and having faith in your team. Your obviously a true Redskins fan and not a fair-weather fan. F the haters, Go Skins!

  3. garcon is gonna always have that next to his name, questionable or limited….42 million dollar waste!!!

  4. >>>Garçon injured his foot in Week One against the Redskins. <<<

    Really?! Garcon injured his foot in a game vs. the Redskins? MMMkay

  5. defscottyb says:
    Sep 19, 2012 8:47 PM

    Absolutely. Thank goodness another Skins fan gets it. Why shouldn’t I be able to brag and be proud of the new Era Redskins? Alot of other Skins fans get mad at me and want me to be cordial with other teams’ fanbases…nope. Oh and I have copycats and haters who speak in my name, but know that my trueself has always been consistently to voice just how proud I am of the Redskins rich past and present and that will never change! GO REDSKINS!!!

  6. voiceofreason not a fair weather fan? The guys is a joke, this is what he posted in the article about Rak and Carriker going on IR.

    voiceforeason says:
    “Guess I’ll have to give up on the redskins and go for my real favorite team…. the 49er’s. Nothing finer than a forty niner Brother!!!”

    He’s literally the biggest disgrace on this website. He just jumped on the Redskins bandwagon because of RGIII. Like I said, quit posting in Redskins articles you chump. Redskins don’t want fans like you.

  7. How does someone brag about RGIII and Redskins in every article then as soon as we lose two guys says he’s going to root for his “real team” and then keep bragging about the Redskins? I think he’s a sociopath.

  8. @daknight93, @Peytonsneck18:

    If you guys don’t want Garcon, we’ll gladly take him back. Kid was a hell of a player for us, despite some untimely drops early in his career.

    -Colts fans

  9. RG3 isn’t a chump by any means, but something that will be interesting to watch in upcoming weeks. How he will perform on grass and how he will perform vs a good defense.

  10. As soon as the Snyder takes a serious step back and we may a huge step towards respectability we are throttled w crippling injuries. Have faith we will get it done at home this weekend. HTTR

  11. “Garcon is injury prone and not a reliable receiver who can stay on the field”

    Garcon played on all 16 games last season.Played in 14 games each of the last 3 years before last.

    You are not a reliable source for information.

  12. The Rams D is improved- They held Detroit down pretty good.

    The Bengals D is getting throttled thus far. Weeden smoked them for 300 blunts and “Flake-o” looked like Aaron Rodgers against them.

    RG3 is the best QB they’ve faced so far. A game like this could determine if the skins are legit or just wannabees with a young QB.

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