Griffin’s latest logo flap dies quietly


Before his NFL coming-out party in Week One, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III obscured the Nike logo on his warmup jersey, turning the swoosh into an “H” and finishing the word “heart” beneath it.  Griffin’s gesture flowed from the fact that he has an endorsement deal not with Nike but with adidas.

The story caught an unexpected amount of attention, with the NFL eventually explaining that it would have a conversation with Griffin about concealing the logo of a company that is paying the league a lot of money for the privilege of putting players in its clothing.

Before a Week Two loss to the Rams, Griffin used not tape but a plain gray T-shirt to conceal any Nike trademarks.  It seemed like a low-tech, passive-aggressive approach to logo concealment, so we asked NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy about the situation via email on Sunday and, after getting no response, again on Monday.

“No story here,” McCarthy said via email.

We followed with a request for elaboration.  Does that mean the logos on warmup gear can be concealed by simply wearing a plain article of clothing on top of it?  Or does the NFL simply not want to escalate publicly a potential feud with its hottest young star?

Two days later, no response or explanation has come.  So, apparently, it’s OK to cover up the Nike logos with cloth and not tape when on the field before a game.  But there’s a chance it’s OK only for Robert Griffin III or players of equivalent notoriety.

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  1. He’s a visionary and his confidence at his young age is inspirational. I can’t stress enough how proud Iam that he’s the QB for my football team. People who don’t like him are simply envious individuals.

  2. RGIII respects money, thats why he’s trying to give Nike the shaft, as if somehow thats gonna help the fact Adidas shoes simply are second rate compared to Nike (or New Balance or Asics for that matter)

  3. The entire thing is stupid, stupid, stupid…it’s almost like if you were for Coke you can’t drink Pepsi or if you worked for Ford you can’t drive a Chevrolet…Nike may be paying the NFL but Addidas is paying RGIII….

  4. But what happens when a player purposefully and with ill-will covers, with the aforementioned illegal tape…a birth-mark on his body in the shape of the Nike Swoosh?

  5. And without RGIII there wouldn’t be all these articles about Nike’s new uni’s in the news.

    I’m guessing the marketing folks over at Nike aren’t all that upset over this.

  6. cam newton can smile at someone somehow in a wrong way and it turns into a week-long media circus with every idiot on earth nitpicking his every move.

    rg3…don’t put yourself in a position to be scrutinized. sometimes the trouble isn’t worth the trouble.

  7. Does RGIII recognize, that under the current CBA, the players get 1/2 the money Nike pays to the league? In return, Nike wants their logos on the clothing. Seems fair.

  8. Nontroversy. Other than media hacks looking to start a flap, no one has ever paid attention to what players wear during early warm-ups.

  9. This seems like the kind of thing that should have been worked out long before it got to this point. Adidas knew full well that RGIII was going to be sporting tons of gear with the NIKE Swoosh given that NIKE is the main sponsor, if they didn’t want their man to be in NIKE gear they should have picked a different athlete. Since they didn’t they need to stop telling RG3 to do silly things to cover up a competitors logo that they knew he’d be wearing anyway.

  10. Yes he is a visionary. In fact he’s more than that. I have all of his posters on my wall. He’s immortal, he’s a super hero, why he is a god. Only because he plays on my team. If he played on another team he’d just be another football player. Or maybe if he played on another team like the 9ers then he would be scum…I gotta go now the voices in my head are saying things.

  11. You seem to have some odd reason/fantasy to keep blowing this non-story up. Even the NFL spokesman said as much. Maybe working/reporting for TMZ would be more satisfying for you.

  12. Visionary an inspirational??? Just last week you said even you were tired of hearing about RGIII and you said he is, I believe, over-hyped!! Now you say he is a visionary?? Nelson Mandela is a visionary. Ghandi is a visionary. People who use grass-roots startups to do things like feed the poor, build wells in arid places like Africa and other impoverished nations are visionarys and inspirations, not a rookie football player who’s 1-1 and lost to the Rams.

  13. At the Ralph last Sunday I couldn’t get myself to go back to my seats after warm-ups because I was all abuzz with what the players were wearing. Uh huh.

    OK, comedy routine over.

    While this is a great effort by RGIII to show his love for his personal sponsor, it is also a clear showing of the fact that he does not understanding the big picture: Nike is the NFL sponsor and the NFL sponsor trumps your sponsor. End of story.

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