Josh Morgan gets death threats after penalty costs Redskins

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Redskins receiver Josh Morgan’s 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct on Sunday cost the Redskins 15 yards and took them out of range for a game-tying field goal. It also resulted in some ugly messages coming his way.

Morgan told reporters today that he got messages on Twitter such as, “I will kill you in your sleep you autistic [expletive].”

“I heard everything, especially when they got you on Twitter and they start sending the death threats and wishing bad on your family and your first born and things like that, you see it all, you hear it all,” Morgan told the Washington Times. “You don’t got no choice but to see it all and hear it all. But you never let it get to you, especially me being from D.C.”

Morgan said he’s not scared by the threats and doesn’t take them seriously, but they do reveal a disturbing fact of life for pro athletes or anyone who’s in the public eye. Athletes like Morgan 49ers receiver Kyle Williams, who got death threats after fumbling in the NFC Championship Game last year, have to deal with a lot of idiots.

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  1. Yes they are idiots and cowards. They would never say such a thing to an NFL player’s face let alone actually try to complete the task they promise to execute.

  2. It’s a game people, death threats. Seriously!!!! If you had money on the game. That’s you’re fault for betting on the Redskins. I’m dead hard Skins fan and know better than to bet money on them.

  3. There are morons in every fanbase. Myself, well I was initially upset but as I looked at the film again, the game should have been decided long before that play. Defense let us down. We’ll throttle the Bengals this week and all will be forgotten. Stay strong Josh. HTTR.

  4. REAL Redskins fans everywhere universally and unconditionally condemn these fake chumps. They do not speak for the quality and content of our character, so let’s cut short all the “keep it classy Redskins fans” posts. You all have idiots cheering for your teams as well.

    Internet tough guys are the bane of the web.

    And Morgan speaks the truth, growing up in the District will quickly teach you to separate the real tough guys from the ones who just run their mouths.

    Get out there and make some plays this week Josh, we got your back, just please keep your cool.

  5. I’ve said it before but the only disappointing thing is that he didn’t do enough. I would actually give the man a medal if he had thrown the ball at Cortland’s head.

  6. Hey, I’m a life long Niners fan. Seeing Kyle Williams fumble away the chance for #6 in the Championship game last year after following a terrible team over the last ten years…it hurt. I was pretty bummed.

    But anyone making death threats based on a football game needs a lobotomy.

  7. I hate people sometimes. I really do. It is a game, and I would feel strongly (not this strongly) about cheaters. I remember a couple years ago Bills CB Leodis McKelvin had his lawn vandalized after a fumble caused the team to lose to the Patriots. Kyle Wilson got death threats after last year’s playoff game. The saddest thing is these people feel totally justified in doing what they do.

    You wanna be mad, then be mad. You want to throw something, make sure it is a down pillow. I truly wish they could/or would arrest those people who make twitter and other kinds of violent threats.

    It is a game, and as mad as those people are for him losing it I guarantee you he is mad at himself. When Giants RB David Wilson fumbled he cried. Why? Because he let his team and the fans as well as himself down. Fans need to let it go after the game. I am a life-long sports fan and I know that. I wasn’t even for the Browns trading Byner, but I am likely alone in this way of thinking, or at least I don’t have much company.

  8. Given how easy it is to trace a tweet back to its original source, you would think that those responsible for these death threats are at least moderately concerned that they could ultimately be arrested and charged with a felony (depending on the state from which it is determined they “tweeted” their alleged death threats).

  9. This has been going on for years, twitter and the internet just allow for new and faster ways to do it, example Mitch Williams and the 93 World Series.

    I feel for Josh, and any family that has to endure that crap.

  10. So why aren’t people prosecuted for making death threats online? It wouldn’t be very hard to track down the person responsible.

    When people start paying for such stupidy, threats of this kind will decrease.

  11. I’m not saying its ok but “death threats” in today’s world don’t carry the weight that they used to. How many times has something happened on the field and you were like I could kill him? Only Now you can jump on twitter and tell that person in the heat of the moment. Not to say take all threats with a grain of salt but that’s the world we live in. I seriously doubt any of those fans would actually try to kill him.

  12. Please, this is the Redskins we are talking about. One more loss isn’t going to effect your 4-12 season. They got spanked anyway. You aren’t going anywhere. Get real!!!!

  13. silverhornet says: Sep 19, 2012 2:32 PM

    Couldn’t that be traceable on Twitter? Couldn’t the authorities get involved?
    I was gonna post the same thing…Idiots who make death threats deserve jail time.

  14. These people should be prosecuted. It’s sickening to see all these punks with keyboard muscles, I wonder what they would have to say if they met Josh Morgan face to face. I doubt it would be very much.

  15. As a Skins fan, I was mad about the Morgan play but to threaten him is crazy. It happens!Maybe whoever wrote that will meet Josh in a dark alley one day and get stomped out! Im more concerned with the corner from the rams gettin a nice large fine or suspension for his dirty hit on Davis.

  16. Morgan is a stout player and is already paying dividends.

    He goes over the middle and has already caught a bunch of key passes. He guy will flat out level you if he gets a chance and his run blocking is impressive.

    Yea, he lost his cool and Finnigan played him to a tee. Live and learn. For those who doubt this post. Go back and watch the Garcon 88 yd TD and see who sticks his arm out just enough to alter the incoming defender’s stride which freed Garcon for the break away run.

    It’s a long season and Morgan is key for the long haul.

  17. Pathetic…no matter what the circumstances are…truley pathetic! I’d be the people who are threatening him are low-life scum bags that placed bets on the skins. NO ONE who threatens a player of a team that ‘support’ is considered a fan in my book. Grow up people.

  18. golonger says:
    Sep 19, 2012 2:50 PM
    Please, this is the Redskins we are talking about. One more loss isn’t going to effect your 4-12

    That’s being kind. 2-14

  19. Obviously most Redskins fans don’t think that way. It’s just a few ruining the Skins’ fan’s image.

    Morgan is a great player so far for the skins and I’m sure he’ll do much more good than bad. I think he was a great signing and everyone can learn from their mistakes.

    Skins fans should be mad at Rams players for cheap shots and the refs for not calling em before they get mad at Morgan. He’s a good dude and this was out of character, but the Rams/Refs finally got to him.

  20. I could tell all of you for certain that this Giants’ fan here was not the one who sent the Twitter threat. I did however send him a thank you card.

  21. 1.) it’s the second week of the regular season, it didn’t even cost you a trip to the playoffs or Super Bowl for that matter. Not condoning it to be right by any means.
    2.) The kicker would’ve still had to hit a 47 yard field goal to TIE the game. The kick was no guarantee seeing how he missed a chip shot to go to the SB last year and still could’ve lost in Overtime.
    3.) if you want to threaten someone (don’t seriously) call out your horrid looking defense for giving up that many points to maybe the worst offense in the NFL!

  22. arryboodry says: Sep 19, 2012 2:53 PM

    silverhornet says: Sep 19, 2012 2:32 PM

    Couldn’t that be traceable on Twitter? Couldn’t the authorities get involved?
    I was gonna post the same thing…Idiots who make death threats deserve jail time.

    I was wondering the same thing… better than jail time, make the ones who made the threat meet Josh Morgan and have them make the same threats to his face….. Lets see how tough they are to his face

  23. You know our civilization is on its way down when grown men are threatening other grown men on the web…and are only allowed 140 characters.

    I wonder how much these clowns e-bench.

  24. As a Niner fan who has watched Joshua play for a while, I can tell you he rarely does stupid things, you are gonna get a lot more good than bad from this guy. Have patience Skins fans, and beat the Cowboys.

  25. There is an article up on the main yahoo page right now about a guy that got arrested for making death threats on an article about LeBron James sneakers. I would guess if Morgan felt threatened he could have it investigated or maybe twitter would have to get involved.

  26. soldierofislam says:
    Sep 19, 2012 3:06 PM
    …..BTW, RGIII is the best QB in the Division.

    Anything other than a Thumbs up means you don’t know foot ball or you’re a hater.


    I hate to be the one to break this to you (ok, that’s a lie, I actually enjoy being the one to break this to you), but your above statement clearly shows that you’re the one who knows nothing about football. The facts are its just impossible to make that sort of claim with 2 games as the body of work you have to go off of. And saying “if you thumbs down this you don’t know football” is just a moronic and childish attempt to bulky people into accepting your ridiculous point of view. Thanks for giving me a good laugh….I needed it.

  27. How many of you think it was “voiceofreason” who sent them all from a bunch of anonymous addresses? You know, now that he has jumped on the 49er bandwagon since the Skins lost?

  28. Wouldn’t you love to see the demographics on the death threat crowd?
    100% drunk losers, at least 75% pissed more because they lost money on the game rather than that the Redskins lost…

  29. It’s brutal someone would send him death threats. You’d think they would realize that playing for Washington is already a fate worse than death.

  30. I was kind of hoping young Bobby G. would have come out and thrown his reciever some support. It would go a long way because there will be a time when the roles are reversed. The rook will do something stupid ( all rookies do )and he will appreciate the support when that happens.

  31. That is so childish .. My team lost a professional football game my life is over .. Wait lemme just send a death threat on twitter that will suffice for my pain and suffering .. Bunch of clowns

  32. You can use the, “It’s just a ________,” for anything as a reason not to get upset about it. It’s not just a game, or else people wouldn’t get emotionally invested in it, and people wouldn’t be getting paid lots of money to play it, and networks wouldn’t spend lots of money to broadcast it.

    However, the people lashing out with threats have more serious problems. Their reaction to a football game is probably one of many things in life that wace red flags over their heads. It’s good that these psychos are identifying themselves, however, it’s too bad they can’t get a free psychiatrist with each tweet. They really need one.

  33. Redskins fans, you just got played by Josh Morgan.

    NFL players have lots of tricks up their sleeves. This trick is called “death threat”.

    Josh Morgan was an idiot and his penalty pretty much lost the game. Dropped passes are bad, but stupid penalties on game winning drives turns fanbases into lynch mobs. How do you reduce the heat?

    Tell the media that you are getting death threats. All of a sudden the lynch mob gunning for your head (due to your own stupidity) becomes sympathetic to the clear injustice of a death threat.

    Excellent play Josh.

    From persona non grata to bona fide martyr in just a few hours. The power of the press.

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