Moss goes “next question” on question of his playing time


Plenty of 49ers fans have been talking about the lack of playing time for receiver Randy Moss.  On Wednesday, Randy Moss didn’t want to talk about that topic — on a rare day that he was willing to talk to the media at all.

Talkative at first, Moss got terse when asked if he’s concerned about the amount of time he’s on the field.

“No, I’m not,” Moss said, via Matt Maiocco of  “Next question.”

Later, after several more next questions, he was asked again to explain why he wasn’t interested in talking about his playing time.

“Because it’s really not up to me,” said Moss, who had only 16 snaps in Week Two against the Lions.  “Like I said, I come out here and practice every day and when called upon, I just go out there and try to make a play.  It’s not up to me.”

So while coach Jim Harbaugh has said Moss isn’t concerned about his playing time, saying “it’s really not up to me” suggests that he’s not playing as much as he wants to.  As long as the 49ers are winning, Moss will at worst be passive-aggressive.  If he’s not playing much and the 49ers stop winning, it’ll be a problem.

One way for Harbaugh to avoid having it become a problem will be for Harbaugh to unleash Moss in his return to the Metrodome on Sunday.

76 responses to “Moss goes “next question” on question of his playing time

  1. Non story. Reading the tea leaves or between the lines when there’s nothing there is a nice fishing expedition and everything but it doesn’t add up to journalism.

  2. Moss, come on man. You are one bad dude. But just keep your pie hole shut. You get out there and make plays when they ask you to make plays, and you will get more playing time, and you will get more chances to make plays. Don’t say it’s not up to me. It is up to you. They make the decisions of who is going to be on the field. It’s up to YOU to make them feel like it’s you that needs to be out there. Shut your pie hole. And I mean that with the deepest respect. You da man brother. Show them. Don’t talk about it. Do it.

  3. “”So while coach Jim Harbaugh has said Moss isn’t concerned about his playing time, saying “it’s really not up to me” suggests that he’s not playing as much as he wants to. “”

    Clearly Moss is lying. I mean, what professional football player would want to practice tirelessly to play more than 16 snaps? A fool. That’s whop.

  4. Moss seems fine, Harbaugh too…..When you are asked the same question over and over, and then get asked it in a different way, from a different angle, you get grumpy about it.

    Seems like the media is making it a big deal, trying hard at it.

  5. Moss has still got something left in the tank (unlike TO and Chad) but not enough to be an every down type receiver.

    I imagine we will see him more and more of Moss as the season progresses. And don’t be surprised if he takes a 50 yard bomb against his old vikes this weekend.

  6. Hows he supposed to answer that?? its not up to him, ask the coach. ridiculous, dudes tryin to not be a jerk and still hes made out to be a jerk, good job florio

  7. It’s a stretch to say moss’s response means he’s not playing as much as he wants to. It’s more likely the case that Moss understands the game the reporters are playing and isn’t willing to play that game…. Next question.

  8. Again, he is a very effective WR, the season is young, he has been out of the NFL for a year, opposing teams game plan for him, Alex Smith averages around 225 yards per game passing, the Niners run the ball a lot (and use the TE), and they are winning. This is such a non-issue. Moss, by the time the playoffs come around, will be a major factor in this offense. Once he goes off for 150 yards and 3 TDs, all the critics – the press – will be silenced.

  9. Unlike the other diva wr’s this guy right here is the smartest one. Great to see Moss saying/doing the right things and ending his career on a good note.

  10. Ha ha the media loves looking for a story when there isn’t one. You guys are waiting for Moss to blow up so you will actually have a story to write about. I can do your job, just cut and paste or write at least a 200 word paragraph speaking out my anus lol.

  11. Here we go again with the media trying to stir up a bees nest with their idiotic assumptions and instigation.

  12. I think the passive-aggressive one is Harbaugh: He praises the guy’s work ethic, leadership, etc., during the off-season, then leaves him [mostly] on the bench when it counts. Perhaps the only ‘The Guy’ Harbaugh wants on his Team is…’The Coach’!

  13. For once maybe he is just willing to accept his role, and really is fine with being called upon as needed. It’s the reporters job to make it into something it’s not, an issue. Please keep your head on randy, and realize you have a job, and be a good teammate. Exactly, if your team is winning, that’s all that matters… Please stay calm. These coaches know what they are doing. Wes welker, now that’s a blackball case if I’ve ever seen one….

  14. Yeah but the media clowns are looking and trying to get him to go on a tirade. It’s what you do, you try to make stories by pressuring the athletes into saying things they don’t want to say. Whether they are true or not.

  15. This is why players hate reporters. He answers the question exactly as he should, and yet they still make a story out of it saying he’s “not happy.” EVERY player in the NFL wants to be on the field no matter who they are.

  16. I have to agree that the 9ers should release the cracken on the the vike’s but the rest of the story looks like your just trying to make something out of nothing… Must be a real slow wednesday.

  17. I always felt Moss got an unfair rap for being a bad lockerroom guy.

    Does he take plays off? Yes…..but i dont really think he’s a bad locker room guy…….as a jets fan living in Mass i never thought he was a problem in New England, just his time had passed and NE wanted to switch to a more TE/long possessions based offense

  18. Once again the media creating something out of nothing…Moss has been nothing but a model team.. mate as of yet..He had a touchdown in the first game and didnt play alot in the second game and people are already asking him if hes unhappy…Now I see why Moss acts the way he does with the media.

  19. This is an offense where not a lot of guys are going to have huge stats at the end of the season. True team concept.
    Everybody will get a piece of the pie. Vernon, Frank, and then Crabs will get the biggest slices.

  20. A question like that is just an effort to bait Moss into saying something wrong. Moss answered it exactly right. If someone wants to know about Moss’s lack of playing time, ask the coach. If they are asking Moss, they are fishing for a controversy.

  21. Not worried about Moss while he’s standing next to Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, and Patrick Willis.

    Worst case scenario, Justin Smith takes him out back and pounds some sense into him.

  22. Sounds like he’s being badgered by the people asking questions. What did they expect him to say? “Well…I’m not the same WR I was 4 years ago so it’s probably a good thing that I don’t play as much?” I’m sure that the second he becomes a problem, if it happens, he’ll be released. He’s not likely to rock the boat while playing for a Super Bowl contender.

  23. Moss hasn’t changed one bit. It’s still about him, and it always will be. His diva ways are no longer worth it. 49ers got something special going this year and they don’t need the unneccesary headaches. If he becomes a problem, 49ers shouldn’t hesitate to cut him asap.

  24. It would make sense to limit Moss on a per game basis. The idea should be to keep him healthy and fresh so that he can rock it down the stretch. As to it not being up to him, that’s 100% correct. It’s up to the coaches.

  25. Perhaps “it’s not up to me” means that it’s not up to him. Perhaps playing time questions should be directed to the people who determine paying time. Of course the reporter asking the question has no real interest in the answer. They are attempting get a reaction.

  26. Moss knows it’s either this or nothing. If he says anything wrong, he’ll be gone and no one will take him. Having a chance at a Super Bowl should keep him motivated.

    You can’t read that much into what he said. Every player wants to play more and it isn’t up to them. To me that’s a textbook answer. If he’s frunstrated it’s with the media for trying to get him to say something emotional on the topic.

  27. Wow the guy says the right thing and doesn’t bad mouth his team and you still criticize him. Pathetic. Yeah everyone on that team wants to play as much as possible, thanks for telling us. Reaching for a story here huh? I know it’s tough without TO and Ocho but come on man.

  28. media will blow this up and make a story out of nothing just to get ratings, moss knows he only has at best 2yrs left, I believe he will do anything to win, I don’t think he cares how much he plays as long as he wins.

  29. Moss decided not to complain, and asked for the next question, and it’s a story.

    If Moss HAD complained, and talked about wanting more snaps, that would be a story.

    It’s almost like the media has already decided Moss’s snap count will be a story one way or another, even if Moss refuses to complain. And it’s a shame.

  30. Lovin all the bitter hate from the lions fans. Your tears taste like candy. Oh and I love the one delusional vikes fan as well. Yeah sure they will upset the 49ers after losing to the colts and squeezing by Jacksonville while making both QB’s look all world. Ponder is gonna get frustrated quick and AP is below 3 ypc career against SF. Last I checked the D hasn’t got any nicer and AP isn’t 100%. At least their fans will take the classy road like Green Bay and unlike a certain other divisional rival that came in with nothing but excuses as usual

  31. And he also said he was a 49er 6 times in that interview too.

    He is helping a team win and he has a coach that is honest to a fault and also wants to win more than him.

    This is exactly what he wants at this stage in his career.

  32. Niner fans are backpedaling more than defensive backs who used to face Moss. USED TO FACE MOSS. Used to. Then he got Harbaughed. Then he blew up the chemistry. Just wait. It happens every time with this guy.

  33. Sounds like the media trying to bait an athlete into a controversial response if you ask me.

    I’m pretty sure Jim Harbaugh previously stated he wouldn’t be playing a ton of snaps. I think Harbaugh said he’d get 20-30 snaps a game.

    So why is the media hounding him? Surely they wouldn’t be trying to instigate Moss into saying something that can be construed as detrimental to the team right?

  34. Patience is a virtue, Moss will be unleashed in due time.

    Only one ball for so many playmaker. We still have yet to see Brandon Jacobs or Lamicheal James get a touch or even Ted Ginn return a kick & the offense looks pretty good!! And lets not forget the 1st round pick Jenkins can’t even dress on gameday due too the overwhelming depth of this team!!

    Thats what makes this 9ER TEAM good because, stats take a backseat to the W’s!!!! It’s whatever is best for the TEAM!!!!

  35. is moss upset about his lack of playing time? most likely. but when he signed onto the 49ers he knew they were a running offense who was already pretty much set on recievers. but if he is mad at anything its probably the media “poking the bear” and antagonizing him trying to get him worked up and second guess the team. maybe he is happy right now where he is on this offense who am i or anyone else to say but i promise you that when you constantly ask him the same question its gonna be irritating for him

  36. @mjkelly77 says:
    Sep 19, 2012 10:20 PM
    It won’t be long before Moss causes an unraveling of the team. Hairbough’s head is going to explode.
    I’m sure you are hoping for that after the ass whoopin the niners put on your lame cats. Coach schnoz exploded after that.

    Where your partner in crime, voiceofreasonsays?

  37. His snaps will depend on the opponent.

    The first two teams the 9ers faced were teams with high powered offenses. So the goal offensively was to limit the amount of time those offenses had on the field by minimizing the risk of turnovers and long steady drives down to field to control the clock.

    Against lesser offenses the 9ers will be able to take more chances and attempt some deeper and risker passes.

  38. I’m assuming that Moss isn’t playing more because he jogs 90% of his routes. Actually “jogs” may be overstating it. A lot of the time he just kind of walks off the line and meanders a few yards downfield.

  39. Why do the media continue to push the question of Moss’ playing time? It’s comical to watch them attempt to instigate a blow up, because collectively they’re tired of waiting for it. I really wish the media would cover the team and the stories coming from it, as opposed to imagining/creating internal team issues where none exist. Tabloid journalism at it’s finest.

  40. Randy’s response was a perfectly reasonable answer to a perfectly reasonable question. I wouldn’t expect him to be happy with 16 snaps; I also think that it’s a fair question given Randy’s past.

    All of you jumping on the “media” really need to grow up a little. It’s not their job to protect players from themselves, or be cheerleaders for the local team. Do you guys really want the type of journalism you see on game broadcasts, with questions like, “Randy, how does it feel to be so gifted?” Sports stars are coddled beyond belief, and you guys want them to be fed a continuous diet of stupid softball questions….don’t get Randy mad with a question about playing time, he might say something stupid! If he does, it’s Randy’s fault, not the reporters.

  41. Huh? Let me see if I understand. Moss said his playing time is not up to him and you draw he is passive aggressive. Why is this even a story? Of course Moss wants to play more. I am sure he wants to play every play. I do not get it with these lame brain stories at times. SMH

  42. If he was in every play, 16 snaps as about all he’d give 100% effort on anyways. When he ‘takes plays off’ he can really take those plays off! It works out perfectly.

  43. It’s getting to the point that it’s not worth listening to reporters questions since their apparent mission in life is to create problems and promote ambiguity. It can be CNN, FOX, ESPN or any other local guy trying to get recognized….it is getting sickening. Sure he wants to play more if he didn’t he would be like all the other people in the world who want to get paid for doing nothing. I respect he wants to play more, end of story.

  44. Moss has done nothing wrong. But if you want an example of the media creating stories rather than just reporting on them, look no further than right here.

    Florio predicted Moss would be “unleashed” on the Packers in Week 1. He flat out said Moss could be the same player he was back in 2005 when he torched the Packers in the playoffs. He wasn’t predicting “Moss can still contribute” he was saying “Moss will be the Niners best player.” But reality didn’t go along with his take, so rather than admit he was wrong, it’s time to create some controversy and claim that the Niners are conspiring to hold Moss back for some reason.

  45. Some reporter poking the man with a stick so if he jumps, the reporter can make a name for himself.

    Here are the facts: (1) who is second among the team’s WRs in yards — Moss; (2) who is first among the team’s WRs in yards per catch — Moss; and (3) who is first among the teams WRs in TDs — Moss.

    Who cares about how many snaps he gets when he is so productive when he’s on the field and the team’s undefeated?

  46. @theandy59:
    so asking a professional athlete if he wants more playing time isnt a stupid softball question? where’s the journalistic value in that question? how much time did it take to formulate such a comprehensive question? the problem with the sports media is that they arent after a real story or journalistic value, they’re after gossipy, stir-the-pot quotes that they can parse and create controversy. it’s not journalism. it’s lazy and needs to stop.

  47. If Moss plays? All will be fine If not He’s cancer to the 9ner locker room. And only time will tell!! And as far as him (going off) on the Vikes he might make some catches but not deep!

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