Peyton Manning on arm strength: I am what I am

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No one would have a better idea just how much Peyton Manning’s arm is capable of than the Broncos and Brock Osweiler gave us a glimpse into their thinking when he revealed that the team would have put him in for a Hail Mary against the Falcons if the opportunity presented itself.

The only real conclusion we can draw from that is that the Broncos think Osweiler has a stronger arm than Manning. That doesn’t mean that the team is unhappy with Manning’s arm strength or that Manning’s arm strength has fallen off considerably since his Colts days, but it did mean that Manning got a question about whether he had enough arm strength when he met with the media on Wednesday.

“I am what I am, it is what it is. Whatever expression is appropriate for that,” Manning said, via Mike Chambers of the Denver Post. “So, I really don’t know what to tell you.”

All three of Manning’s interceptions on Monday night seemed to float before settling into the arms of Falcons defenders, although Manning blamed poor decisions and not his arm strength for the picks when he spoke to reporters after the game. Manning showed in the season opener and later in the Atlanta game that he can still make enough plays to lead his team to the end zone regularly.

That obviously isn’t making arm strength questions go away, but it could make them irrelevant if Manning can avoid the kind of disaster he put forth in the first half on Monday night.

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  1. From a down and out Chiefs fan in KC, this is such a non-story……really. Of course the younger guy can probably throw the ball farther, that is all it means. Even though Peyton sucked in the 1st quarter Monday night, he bounced back in Peyton fashion just like we all know he can……..just ask Jon Gruden!!!!

  2. I would be more concerned with the way he can surgically dissect a defense with quick thinking, preparation and amazing vision to find the open man. The few times per season there’s going to be a need for a blind heave as far as possible he can defer to the rookie.

  3. Brock Osweiler?
    I see that Peyton Manning has landed on yet another team that doesn’t have an adequate replacement in case of injury.
    That must be in Peyton’s contract; will not play on a team that has a backup who might play well in case of an emergency …

  4. Peyton Manning: I am what I am.

    Bill Belichick: It is what it is.

    One could only hope to one day become a master of saying nothing.

  5. don’t you dare challenge the great peyton manning and ask why he performed the way he did last week.

    it’s a slap to the face… give the man a break. he’ll be the first to admit that he’s incapable or retire as soon as he knows.

  6. Wasn’t one of Osweiler’s big strengths coming into the draft his arm strength? Manning never had a cannon. Evidently Osweiler does. No clue why so many are reading so much into this. If you need to throw a hail mary and one QB can’t get it to the endzone from there and another can, you put in the guy who can. Simple as that.

    Ryan Tannehill is 1-1 to start his career with the Dolphins. Brian Billick has some advice for Miami to get the rookie quarterback really rolling, among other observations through two weeks

  8. The first sign of decline of a great quarterback is his loss of accuracy in the long pass. Happened to Montana, Unitas, etc.

    The whole world saw it on Monday night. And this is a rag tag Falcons defense.

    McGahee’s heroics could not conceal Payton’s decline.

    It’s inevitable. Everybody’s physical abilities and skills decline. Everybody ages. These are the laws of nature.

    Payton Manning, whether you like it or not, you are on the way out!

  9. I’m a Chiefs fan, and I have no doubt that the Broncos will probably win the AFC West. The Raiders and Chiefs are terrible, and we’ve seen San Diego’s unparalleled ability to collapse in important games time and time again.

    However, I don’t see them getting far in the playoffs. Manning’s interception problem was already evident in 2010, and that was before the bulk of the surgeries. His ability to read defenses and call plays will get them far, but it won’t get them to the ultimate prize until/unless his deep ball gets better.

  10. After 3 games P.M. will have faced S.Lebeau,M.Nolan,W.Phillips,3 of the best D.C in the game no matter what happens P.M. will only get better as the season progress’s

  11. From an eye test it does look like he’s lost a few mph off his fast ball but just like an aging pitcher in baseball he will find ways around it and be successful, at least for a couple of years. If this happened at a younger age perhaps he could gain that strength back but older people don’t get stronger so he’s got a very limited amount of time to win, imo.

  12. I haven’t been a Peyton fan most of his career but I have respected his plight this year. He doesn’t appear to be the same physically, and while he wasn’t completely forthcoming when he was a “free agent” he hasn’t outright lied or hidden his current state. Good for you Peyton, you’ve had a great career now cash out as big as you can and take those suckers in Denver’s money! …. but not before passing your boss’2nd place spot for QB wins!!!!

  13. So its obvious he cant throw the ball deep anymore. I still think he would be an improvement over Tebow. I also think its time to jump off that Broncos bandwagon. They needed the Manning of 5 years ago to be a contender. Patriots and Ravens would have a field day against them. So would the Texans. Theyre probably still a playoff team but I wouldnt expect them to go far

  14. we’ll get to see what Osweiler’s arm is like on Sunday—old man peyton is going to get destroyed by the texans.

  15. Seriously… This is what is in question today? Of course that is the response he is going to give.

    Let’s break down what a Hail Mary is….. Usually a 40+ yard pass. What are the odds of completion on that? 1%???

  16. A golden era is comming to a close. Payton is all but done and Brady cant be far behind. Enjoy whats left while we still can. But soon it will be Griffin, Luck, and Rogers league.
    BTW why do we sayRobert Griffin the 3rd is there another Robert Griffin to confuse him with?

  17. So wait… week 1… everyone says Peyton is back, amazing, like he never left, then he has a bad quarter (an hour long quarter…. but still…) with 3 INT’s, and then he should have retired?

    He brought the team back to a one possession game, 27-21 was not a bad score to lose by, and definitely not a giant hole. If they got one more reception, Peyton or the hail mary back-up, they could have won.

    Maybe we should give the guy a few more weeks to decide if we should send him off to the nursing home or give him another super bowl ring? If we want to decide by ONE game, or better yet ONE quarter, should we force retirement on Drew Brees and Tom Brady, because honestly, Peyton is really outperforming them with his bad FIRST QUARTER….

  18. As a Texan fan, let me tell you. Write this guy off at your peril. Pretty nervous about this Sunday.

    If I was a Broncos fan, I would probably be a lot more nervous about facing the Texan’s D.

  19. When Yogi was asked about Peyton he said “It ain’t over till it’s over.” and “I wish I had an answer to that because I’m tired of answering that question.”

  20. This indoor/outdoor argument is as stupid as can be. Monday night was indoors so WTF?

    Peyton has been out for a year with a neck injury so weak arm strength is likely.

    Game outcomes reliant on a prayer are likely an indictment of team performance in most instances.

  21. He has never had great arm strength. He has great timing on when & where the reciever is. Pair him with a good route runner & you have a deadly combination. That was the Colts offense.

  22. I can truly say this.. As a die hard Seattle fan I couldnt be happier that Peyton didnt get on the seaplane when pete and the boys flew in to Denver. Not taking away from his exceptional mind and talent level I just see so much more upside in Russell Wilson then I do in an older, slower, and obviously weaker armed Manning.

  23. Peyton Manning on arm strength: I am what I am

    Peyton Manning on character: I am what I am

    manning is a con man who knew he was through last year. He fooled someone into paying him a fortune for what will be minimal results.

  24. I have been worried about Peyton’s arm strength the whole time. Just look at the film. He hasn’t thrown one tight spiral with zip through the preseason or reg season.

    Look at his film from a few years ago. You won’t find any wobbly ducks at all. I re-watched two games was almost 100 passes and all were tight spirals, like a lazer.

    Manning is getting by right now for 3 reasons:
    1) He reads defenses very well
    2)He has one of the quickest releases ever
    3)Anticipation of where everyone on the field will be

    Unfortunately, he can’t always anticipate right and he is going to throw a lot of picks, especially on the road. His arm is definitely not what it was and in the NFL, with such tight windows, that makes a big difference.

  25. peytonsneck18 says:Sep 19, 2012 7:04 PM

    and folks clowned Irsay for making the switch to Luck from day one

    But you didn’t and neither did I. Irsay knew the greedy Swamp Boy was done. And so did manning himself. He just wanted to con someone into giving him some big time guaranteed cash. And his agent has him in every other commercial on television. The Broncos will soon realize that they made a terrible mistake but they’re still in denial right now.

  26. Call me crazy but I doubt he makes the season. He was a great QB the best ever IMO. That said while the skills have eroded the make up of the man hasn’t. He still is and will always be a perfectionist. If he has another couple of games like that I do see him stepping aside. He is the consummate teammate, the anti-Favre so to speak, he is not going to let his loss of ability hold his teammates back for his own personal gain. I don’t see him as a guy in it to pad his stats or bank account.
    That’s just the mental aspect of it a lot of folks are quick to forget that he had a series of surgeries that leave most people on disability for the rest of their lives.
    If he can do it I have no doubt that he will but if he can’t I can see him stepping down before the end of the year.

  27. @dbara43
    That is exactly what I see the rest of the year teams are going to crowd the line and single cover the deep with a safety floating around back there to round up the ducks. Teams are going to give him good looks deep daring him to put it up and again I really think that once he realizes he can’t get it there and take advantage of what defenses are giving him I really think he walks. He is too much of a perfectionist to let that happen.

  28. f00sballfan says:
    Sep 19, 2012 6:08 PM

    “I’m weak to the finish, my neck’s made of spinach. I’m Peypey the sail em’ man.”

    I spewed a mouthful of beer at my comp screen when I busted out laughing while reading that, thanks.
    Beware of paybacks foosball.

  29. Kyle Boller had a great arm and proved that you can have a great arm and still absolutely suck as a QB. Peyton’s got a couple years left just based on his football IQ.

  30. I agree with your assertion that the first two passes fluttered, however I think the third miscue had plenty of velocity. Obviously, an int. is not good, regardless the speed, however it is only two games and perhaps he needs to get warmed up as the game progresses or is not quite where he needs to be just yet. Perhaps another assessment after game four or five regarding arm strength is warranted. At any rate, eventually he won’t be able to hide any glaring weaknesses, regardless the circumstances .

  31. In the immortal words of Yul Brenner. “Who’s your messiah now”? Make up your mind people. Either your on the boat or not. First week good, second week not so much. Sorry Tom Brady it appears the people have spoken. You got to go. Too funny.

  32. I’m not ripping on Manning, But I am gonna say all you guys that said oh all manning has to do is be average with the Broncos defense. Umm no you guys need to pay attention. Last year the Broncos was ranked 20th overall look it up and after only 2 games there not great in pass comPletions or run average. They are top 10 right now in INT but that wasn’t there defense it was manning threw 3 gifts there defense or CB didn’t disguise or come up fast they were thrown balls right to them. Than in QB pressure hits hurries ect very average there at 13 th and I know all the bronco fans think they have this great pass rush but you are 13th in what I stated above. That is part of dominate pass rush to cause pressure make the QB make bad decisions and no that’s not what happened with Manning watch the game he wasn’t under pressure any of those 3 picks but anyway and your big sacks your 9th in the league no big. Whoop there now yes only 2 games but miller got 1 sack Elvis. Has been silent I’m not saying they can’t turn it around but right now doesn’t make me think there anything special plus 1 more time broncos was 20th in league last year in total defense and that’s easy to look up they were the most overrated defense last year. But stats don’t lie they were 20th overall and they didn’t bring in new Free agents to speak of like they got terry porter an old average CB but with them not bringing anyone in and not haveing a very good D last year, Not saying cant get better but right now there not blowing anyone away. And with the fact they weren’t great last year. I’m not seeing this whole oh Manning just needs to be smart cause defense will carry them thing cause defense won’t at least not with stats from last year and what they have done so far this year. So I guess what I’m saying is don’t over hype your team. Pay attention and see that right now there average.

  33. Seriously?? Media going to judge and predict the outcome of the season being only the second game?? Next week we’ll here that Peyton is the old Peyton. If the Broncos pulled the last minute win off this wouldn’t be a subject of any conversation! Give me a break about arm strength.. Do the NFL’s elite QB’s not have bad games??

  34. Lotta ducks flying around in Atlanta on Monday. Be interesting when he has to go up against a real ball hawking defense.

  35. I think the game in Denver was a little bit of a fluke for Manning, it was high attitude the ball has a bit more travel so it looked like Manning still had that fast ball. In Atlanta not so much, it was pretty obvious Manning doesn’t have the arm strength he once had, not even close and by that I mean not even close to his last season starting in Indy. I think Denver will struggle on the road, really a home team warrior.

    Its not so much the bad game, but anyone that watches football can see that besides from the pre-snap, and the pocket characteristics this is not the Manning from the end of his Indy days.

  36. theres no questioning the guys football iq . its probably one of the best, but his passes are with no zip and you need zip in 30 yd plus passes . theres no way they go far in thd playoffs with just a run game , i highly doubt he plays his full contract, its actually kinda sad to see him play and not being able to make any kind of good throw past 20 yards … he should of retired, been a qb coach . hes rich off the commercials he has one ring. anyone who thinks this manning can win a superbowl is nuts, every superbowl team in the past 5 years in a qb league like it is now has to throw the deep ball

  37. liddogg33 says:
    Sep 19, 2012 8:18 PM
    I can truly say this.. As a die hard Seattle fan I couldnt be happier that Peyton didnt get on the seaplane when pete and the boys flew in to Denver. Not taking away from his exceptional mind and talent level I just see so much more upside in Russell Wilson then I do in an older, slower, and obviously weaker armed Manning.
    Wilson only looks good to you Seattle fans.

    You’ve been drinking the Kool-aid Pete Carroll has given you.

  38. I’ve been saying for more than a year that Manning is one big hit away from a wheelchair. I stand by that.

    “He’s lost something off his fastball.” He doesn’t have a fastball any more.

    I hate to say something nice about irsay, but he was right to release Manning. 2 reasons – with the o-line Indy has a 37 year old qb is sooner or later going to get demolished, and having Manning on the sideline watching his replacement was just NOT going to happen – Manning’s ego wouldn’t/couldn’t take it.

  39. Did anyone watch the game after the 1st quarter? Didn’t anyone see the ball that went through Deckers hands in the 4th quarter? It was a 40-50 yd, tight spiraled, on the money throw right down the middle of the field that if anything was overthrown a tad. Give the man some time to shake off the rust and get on the same page as his receivers. Not to mention, due to the nature of his surgeries, his arm strength should IMPROVE not decline. Chew on that for a while. In the meantime, do Broncos fans a favor and keep badmouthing him. Please…Please keep giving one of the most motivated people in the sport’s history more motivation.

  40. Yes, I am what I am….a flawed QB who performs poorly in the clutch..who never had a strong arm..and will be an INT machine this year. Teams now know that they can bait him into throwing picks. And the fact that they were going to put in the back-up to throw the final Hail Mary in the Monday Night game is really sad. If you think it is bad now, wait until the playoffs (if they even make it there) and the seperation and throwing wondows get even SMALLER….he’s toast…and no, he is not even close to being better than 90% of the QBs out there!!!

  41. mjkelly77 says:
    Sep 19, 2012 8:45 PM
    Peyton Manning on arm strength: I am what I am

    Peyton Manning on character: I am what I am

    manning is a con man who knew he was through last year. He fooled someone into paying him a fortune for what will be minimal results.

    I seriously, seriously despise PM but I don’t think he conned anyone. He’s said that he’s not back to where he wants to be and it was reported by several people (Mort & Schefter for two) before the season even started that the Broncos were aware there were several throws PM could never make again. If anything, Denver bought him high based on the hopes that whatever % he is, that will be enough. Whether they are right or not remains to be seen.

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