Raiders sign corner off Packers practice squad


Raiders General Manager Reggie McKenzie came to Oakland from Green Bay and he reached back to his old stomping grounds for a cornerback on Wednesday.

The team announced that they have signed cornerback Brandian Ross to their active roster. Ross broke camp as a member of the Packers’ 53-man roster, but wound up heading to the practice squad after linebacker Erik Walden returned from suspension. Ross spent the 2011 season on Green Bay’s practice squad, which means McKenzie’s likely familiar with what he can bring to the secondary.

Just having a healthy body would be enough. Ron Bartell and Shawntae Spencer are both injured, leaving the team very short on the corners ahead of a date with Antonio Brown and Mike Wallace in Week Three. Ross, who wasn’t drafted coming out of Youngstown State, will fill the roster spot vacated when the team dropped long snapper Nick Guess.

The Raiders also added another defensive back to the practice squad on Wednesday. Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, a former Cowboy and Jaguar, is joining the team in case they find further need for secondary help in the near future.

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  1. You know a team is desperate when they start poaching defensive backs off the practice squad of one of the most dysfunctional pass defenses in the league.

  2. azr1988 says:Sep 19, 2012 2:41 PM

    You know a team is desperate when they start poaching defensive backs off the practice squad of one of the most dysfunctional pass defenses in the league.
    Do you mean the dysfunctional Packers pass defense that is currently #2 in the league and #5 in total defense? That dysfunctional Packers defense?

  3. RM is a joke. He’s about as good a GM as he is a speaker. What he has created is going to be a 0-16 to 2-14 team unless big changes are made. Signing guys with packers ties that suck. Give me a break.

    This team isn’t going backwards to advance anywhere. Every piece that worked is gone. The pieces that are there wont be because of age by the time this gets rebuilt. RM has done worse then expansion teams have done in the past. This team is 5 years away from doing anything now.

    This guy should just be fired. Now. Along with his “coach” and “OC”.

  4. Oakland = Green Bay West.

    Stick to the plan, Reggie!

    We are expecting to see Green Bay and Oakland in Super Bowl 50 — just like in Super Bowl 1!

    (With the same outcome, of course!)


  5. I hate to say it but unless we show some signs of offense, our defense doesn’t stand a chance and I can see us going 0-4 the first quarter of the year.

  6. Another bum. Plucked from green bay. Just like Patrick lee this guy will Aldo be knicknamed sift burnt toast. Do much of a talent evaluator mckenzie thinks that he is, I have never seen a bunch if useless corners a’s he brought in here. These guys should not be putting on a helmet in this league they are that bad, awful may be a better choice of word. Or maybe incompetent is the word I’m looking for with mckenzie. In wY over his heAd

  7. The raiders have been toying with micheal huff as cornerback this week so his college possition, he can be successful at this.

  8. makes sense, and have to think spencer injury is going to take time to heal…i wonder if chimdi is coming off practice sqaud and suiting up sunday.

  9. I dont even know what to say anymore. I had total faith in RM and his scout talent he used for green Bay but this? He has come in and seems to have destroyed everything Al was building. This is how we show Al( R.I P). how were treating his legacy?
    They have turned us into a laughing stock of the NFL and who the hell are these no names he keeps signing. Just when we think he is going to sign a good player they vanish into thin air, Just like this season. 0-5 ofter the falcons!!!!! season over!

  10. Now we look like a team trying not to lose instead of the pure dominance of the Raider mystique by taking the wins!The O was not our main problem. Our biggest problem was our D! and so DA ( D minded coach) comes in, hires CrappKnapp (ZBS and Al Davis fired) and completely flips over our power offense for this kind of play!?? come on guys lets be honest here! Truth is, were in serious trouble with Hansen or Coye in our backfield. They looked like they were just bodies out there. So sure bring in the practice squad Packer instaed of Checkwa as well. Our next 3 games while in this offensive scheme we are up a crick without a paddle. I don’t see us doing a damn thing against Roth,Manning and then Ryan in our next 3 games. So, that means what 0-5 and our season is over already? The players are not to blame in my opinion they are doing what they are told to do. They don’t have a choice. As sad as it is to say, the problem is RM for allowing DA to hire that stupid dumb ASS Knapp and allowing his ZBS to continue at 0-2 is the real crime here! Knapp needs to be fired immediately and we need to bring Al Saunders back in to do what he knows is best to exploit all this talent we have that is not being used.Otherwise, see ya next year!

  11. I’m sick of hearing huffs position a Texas was corner. He played 2 games there as a freshman. 2 games. That was almost 10 years ago, now he’s going to play there in the pros. This has the making of a complete disaster. Mckenzie is a bum, who will ruin this team if he didn’t do it already. He reminds me of obama. Took a bad situation and made it 100x. Worse.

  12. What else should we come to expect from yahoo’s 32nd ranked team on the power rankings…nothing new here people carry on

  13. Leave it to the Raiders to sign a CB off the practice squad of one of the worst secondaries in the league. I’m sure that tool villa41 already has his obligatory 3 paragraph soliloquy about how this will make the Raiders contenders…
    Commitment to excrement.

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