Report: Brian Waters turned down raise offered by Patriots

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The flurry of Patriots roster moves on Tuesday wound up with tight end Kellen Winslow and wide receiver Deion Branch joining the team after they said goodbye to three players.

Branch’s return and the remaining open roster spot likely had some people thinking about another reunion with a player who wore the team’s uniform last season. That would be guard Brian Waters, who had an excellent season starting on the right side for the Pats after signing a two-year deal with them in 2011. Waters was absent from the team all offseason, which didn’t raise too much concern since he missed all of camp last year and played well. Bill Belichick wouldn’t address his situation, choosing to focus on the players who were in camp, but there always remained a feeling that he’d return to the team eventually.

That feeling started fading away before the start of the season and it’s all but evaporated now. Shalise Manza Young of the Boston Globe reports that Waters turned down a “significant” raise over the $1.4 million he was due to make this season. Young refers to the offer as a “last-ditch” effort to get Waters back on the team, which would suggest that the porch light has been turned out because it’s hard to see Waters making his way back this season.

Waters will remain on the reserve/did not report list unless the Patriots choose to cut him loose. Since there’s a fair chance Waters would wind up with another team, perhaps staying in his native Texas with the Texans, that’s not a likely outcome for this story either.

8 responses to “Report: Brian Waters turned down raise offered by Patriots

  1. What!? I thought players would gladly take a paycut and follow BB through the gates of hell for the chanch to play for him. May be time to find a new way to cheat BB.

  2. Under contract, fails to show, offered a raise – wants to stay home and play for the Texans. You just sandbagged yourself for the year.

  3. So Waters wants to stay close to family–I think everyone would understand that but….

    He asks the Pats if he can miss practice and they say, sure. He asks the Pats for a pay raise and they say, sure…

    Doesn’t want to leave home…but then says, if you give me another pay raise on top of what you already offered, I will think about it…hmmmmm, interesting..

    Enjoy the family Brian………..

  4. That’s kind of surprising and certainly disappointing. He was by far, the best guard on the team last year and arguably, in the entire league. What he did last year coming in last minute, was really impressive.

    It seems that he really is all set with playing football. In this instance, it seems the Pats were trying to give him every opportunity/reason to return and beyond. I can’t fault them in this instance.

    Coach Scar has his work cut out for him this year. I thought Marcus Cannon was better as a guard than at tackle…I’d certainly put him there when Vollmer is taking 100% of the snaps at RT.

  5. I really don’t get it. So he’s not retired but his plan is to return to the NFL next year after his contract expires in New England? At the age of 36 or 37, when not long ago he was basically sitting on the scrap heap at age 34?
    And why’d he sign a two-year deal so far from home if being away from family was such an issue? I just don’t get it. Seems to me he’s announcing his retirement.

  6. It would seem to speaks volumes about Waters’ reputation that the immediate reaction isn’t “So he wants an even bigger raise then?”

    But just because people aren’t saying it doesn’t mean it’s not the case. Why would he sign a two-year deal as far away as NE if being close to home was such a consideration? And if he was retiring, why wouldn’t he just say so?

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