Rex Ryan says media won’t drive Tim Tebow’s playing time

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Tim Tebow hasn’t decided if he wants to run for office, but Jets coach Rex Ryan said Wednesday that the team won’t be swayed by campaigning on Tebow’s behalf for more playing time from the media.

Ryan, who has fielded a lot of questions this week about Tebow playing three snaps on offense against the Steelers, said that he and the rest of the team’s coaches are the only ones who will determine how much Tebow plays in a given week. And he also said that Tebow’s usage will always remain under wraps until the team takes the field because Ryan wants to hold onto the element of surprise.

“We control it,” Ryan said, via Conor Orr of the Newark Star-Ledger. “The media’s not gonna drive it and the opponent, they’re not going to have any idea what we’re going to do with them. I’m certainly not going to let them know hey, by the way, Tebow is going to play 50 snaps this week. I’m never going to give you a legitimate answer. I know the answer but I’m not going to give it to you.”

Tebow has 33 yards on six carries, including a 22-yard run against Pittsburgh, and hasn’t attempted a pass on 12 offensive snaps in the first two games, which means that instances of people talking about Tebow playing remains far ahead of instances of Tebow actually playing. We’ll see if that changes this week as Tony Sparano draws up a game plan to face the team that fired him during the 2011 season.

10 responses to “Rex Ryan says media won’t drive Tim Tebow’s playing time

  1. If the Jets continue to score on offense like last week, Tebow’s presence won’t be driven.

    It will be self-propelled.

  2. …Ryan wants to hold onto the element of “surprise.”

    That’ll be the first time in Ryan’s life it it happens.

  3. If he wants to hold onto the element of surprise he needs to stop yanking Tebow in obvious passing downs. Against the Steelers, Tebow was yanked after three plays, the last of which was Clark blowing up Greene for a six yard loss, making it second and 16. When asked why he pulled Tebow (who had a run of 22 yards and handed off for another 11), he said the play dictated it. In other words, if it is an obvious passing down we have to pull Tebow because, you know, he can’t pass.

    Seriously. Dude, you ain’t surprising anyone. Tebow isn’t a legitimate starting QB and you won’t let him come near a pass attempt unless it absolutely is a surprise (a trick play, in other words).

  4. Could one week go by without hearing Tebow’s name. He made one play Sunday against the Steelers, the flare pass was a missed tackle and the third, running back caught in backfield. His two semi blocks on kicks was fun to watch…he was pushed back into the kicker twice. So lets start him.

  5. ghjjf says:Sep 19, 2012 5:55 PMTebow is their only hope for a winning season.

    That makes a lot of sense since Sanchez’s first two seasons he made the AFC championship game and last year had an awful year and still didn’t have a losing season but Tebow is the only chance. Too many idiots on this site…

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